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December 01 [Sat], 2012, 10:06

> Do not care about playing with the own fingernails Road: must be done to my hands! beat him half to death; while they like it hot, and even most of the night went to his house to se lure him. Although he is not an honest man, but it is not a good goat, of course, is sternly rejected Da see se induced fragmentation kicking to him, he almost did not play Duanzaijuesun. So popular back in spite of his all life-threatening to escape, to avoid premature death at the hands of The Devil Wears Prada. Chu Guihong see Da Zhang language between the atmosphere is not quite right, the moment came to Radha has been in front of Chen Sheng said: Chu Guihong stepped in, and Italy helped Zhang language, could not help but cold under her face: Big Brother will pipe this manner. Chu Guihong feelings have always been deeply she do this thing and Big Brother, or some she did not dare. But she Radha has lived so long is not lived in vain, not to mention she has always been the fox cunning than known, his eyeballs turn laps there idea. Radha has re Perfectionist a chuckle: not found. Also promised so readily so happy, Is it really such a big Chu Guihong the face of Big Brother,UGG Women's Noella Shoes. But anyway, the Raven still very happy to finally be able to escape the Witch palm, unhappy, although therefore owe the Chu Guihong a human, but he owes willingly. Raven at the moment to feel some call the shots feel like the poor peasants emancipated, if there are so many people, especially witch still, he should be happy to jump up. Radha has suddenly smiling so one,Women North Face Gore-Tex Clearance. Mirage and Zhang language heard this, and immediately know to be bad dish. Any experience, He finally can not bear too strongly stimulated, fainted. Radha has finished. Blinked seemingly innocent eyes Guihong Chu said: bucket,North Face Massif, before how did not find Radha can such a downtown, but also irritating he did not know how to say to language and Phantom Black Spirit with sympathetic eyes to see Raven has fainted,ugg womens, and then look at I do not know how answer Chu Guihong get into such a witch, to stand sits so a sister, I really feel sad for them. Half a day, Chu Guihong finally Biechu one sentence: said he does not believe, the presence of the brain will not believe. Can be chosen Radha has yet answered firmly incomparable: I feel she is lying, and in the end her statements is true statements is false, Zhang language really matters. Radha been, you listen to me, such a thing is not take a joke ... I decided to do, who advised no use! Hear her say so, with her to do the Millennium siblings Chu Guihong which also do not know, now Radha afraid of nine cows dragged back. But he does not think that Radha is really like Raven, just now, then just for an excuse to find a pestering Raven fills her real purpose was afraid just to find someone to play, boredom. More than Chu Guihong, language and other people think so, too, like a man, after all, is not so casual. Chu Guihong bow thought for a moment and said: Fox: appearance, with boneless hand patting his chest, just a pair of eyes, smile betrayed her true inner thoughts, wanted to come to her Zhang language of strength is seen not as their own, why they so brazenly . This is similar to the provocative behavior of the face of Radha, Zhang language at once some displeasure, tightlipped authentic: the wolf demon fox spirit, that is still possible, and whom you want to have a try? coat No wind, a shape of a fox flame surfaced in her body Zhou Road flame temperature at outrageously high, on a hundred thousand times higher than the general red flame temperature, even with Radha front air are grilled have distorted it. Zhang language provoked Firelight, naturally refused to show weakness, immediately waved issued an enchantment, Raven guard ourselves coma enchantment, cut off from the high temperature of the transparent flame. The two men met each other no see eye, and now the war between the two is imminent, but the language seems to forget a little, once hit, and regardless of the outcome, the battlefield of her house is ruined for a wait until then, it is estimated that when she cried not know the folk singing or bel canto. However, this case, in the end, did not happen, say foxfire so overbearing things are put out, you still have not looked down on my big brother? The more bad, not a word we should hands. He knew that if Radha true and Zhang language of life and death meet, it must be dead students, four sacred power he witnessed Radha has this strength, even to the sacred stick to your teeth enough. Of course, Zhang language certainly will not be true under the ruthless hand look at their own face on. But Radha has such a willful temper If they are the master, is bound to suffer, so he say we should give her to suppress a few Caixing. the top of her head, and then drill into it. The Chu Guihong with never had shouted sternly: dead, give I changed wayward temper, do not casually hands, and others, otherwise, I now notice the father so that he will you then go back! Unnatural eyes suddenly flashing the two, of course she knew that if big brother told the father she here, I am afraid the next moment she was his father caught back, balance, she bitterly stomping and said: I promise you it increasingly fierce, big brother! What I have guessed, do not say anyway, as long as she does not mess with me, I will not go move she wants a Road The Raven ... it let him to solve it. Black Spirit at the moment, have not been plugged in, then worried that he was as dumb to sell, and quickly they must attack the authentic: righteous right, after all, Hunger breeds Well, it is as a good monster public, of course, hungry, they should eat. The language of the original is not think. Now it says, really feeling a bit hungry. Via just a toss of her lazy cook-by patting the black spiritual in his head and said: do not feel bad, and not a bit distressed. is wearing a jacket and whispered: dinner ah did not say to thee, but Raven is definitely with me to go, you have a skill you do not talk to few he woke, then greeted with him to dinner, Raven, of course, will not object, able to leave Radha moment of him is a good thing ah. See Rui Wenning with this woman to go to dinner, do not want to see their own hearts Radha has gas flourished, hands a plug waistline angrily pointing Raven Road: nod, small Jizhuo Mi nodded Raven heart coursing that Radha has finally Kenfang himself, but Radha next, then immediately he hell. Raven little face pale, exclaimed: Chu Guihong Zhang language laugh the two really accuser, they also can not understand why an Italian Radha has to want to hang on Raven, the total will not really fancy him. Now that you have a deal, and so what, put on a coat to go outside to eat it, wear The Raven clothes temporarily Zhang language father before leaving clothes down fairly fit, stay in the Phantom do not want to join in the fun a home together, no go. <

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