the walls also have cracks longer invincible the armor

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Elf priests of this article content online 31 chapters, if you like the the online Wizard priests 31 chapters, the collection online wizard priests 31 chapters! First in Chapter 31, the captain of the trials (c) re-giant's strength, weakness, even if is again hard, the walls also have cracks longer invincible the armor also have fragile strength of the source, this life angel heart the latest chapter. to that dark warriors invincible armor, Xu Danli thought Alaves elders remind the immediate is invincible armor. Longer invincible armor fragile source of strength. Xu Dan has not had time to carefully observe something that warrior has filed ax, leaping high cut over millions of brides: police officers, please stay for a full reading. The other belongs to what level of monster black fog obscured, but see this attitude that mighty extraordinary. Xu Dan, not powerful master, but it was a two-year-long FY game, some players in general do not have the mental quality. Clearly feel and experience, and it was not able to say a few words. Most recently, he felt that their ability not only did not decline, it seems there is not a small improvement UGGs Noella Shoes. About this and he always used a leveling. He did not back dodge necessarily doing all they could to sprint forward, lying on the floor to get out far. The pair of giant ax on the ground, and immediately there is a frightful, like the endless waves of anger to break up, Xu Dan Zhenfei the few meters away. A climb up and Xu Dan shoot a the spiritual fire tentative character, after the hit that dark warrior, there are only 1 point of damage. His wah-wah cool, ranging from dark warrior rushing to give my own a stealth character, hiding in the corner of the observation that the dark warrior. Immediately behind him stranded in the dark warrior, found behind the armor have a black gem. All dark fog and light are spread out from that gem. Day of light, artifact! Xu Dan almost ejected nosebleed. Brief artifact surprise after Xu Dan began to consider how to do, That may be understood literally, artifact-level black gem is the source of strength of this set of armor, in order to win, the first to be deprived of the power of this gem. This is going to help them? The sword pierce it? Imperial jianjue! Xu Dan suddenly woke up, pinched on Imperial jianjue aligned jewel on the issue Legend huanglong The only mage Baoyan surgery can be compared. Only mage attack skills many priests but only so. Only compared Baoyan the technique, Imperial jianjue speed quickly Feijian shot from the sword box to go immediately stabbed in the sinking, black stones, the other book club watching: Imperial Group: mistaken provoke efforts to reach the large and small The full the square read Gurkha bang, black stones turned fragmentation in half black armor on black fog then recover the gem broken apart. The fog and the dark warrior finally emit a red light a symbol of high-risk, his body armor faint glows green. Xu Dan's heart remains cold to very cold, the dark warrior still the boss level monster, simply beat. This monster, originally designed to at least 10 individuals squad need to cooperate in order to also killed. There is no small hole to drill? Xu Dan ran a few steps to give yourself a stealth character, viewing environment everywhere, hoping to find that he fled a small harbor. Even the doors of the shrine, where there is shelter. This is how to kill ah? Xu Danche bottom some silent. to think back to these words, I hope to find out a way to deal with the dark warrior from the inside. Good, and then the great strength and weaknesses, the dark warrior may fear an attack. Then again hard walls have cracks ugg tall boots, and what does that mean? Xu Dan's line of sight around looking for the entire house of God, and all of a sudden, he saw those weeds and blossoming orange flowers of Ono. Cracks, cracks! Xu Dan's eyes turn, finally see a wall behind weeds - green grass difficult and dynamic growing out from the Shek Pik cracks. This is the flaw can be hiding places! Xu Danming white over the game design is always to give players a way out, otherwise, it is better to put up players spike. He pinch on Imperial jianjue a Feijian fired that weeds thud Baoxiang blew open a hole in the thick rock walls, even a cave at the back of the cave, watching other book club: Mahogany president do not play omnidirectional reading his spell will be exposed, from time to kill over again and so that the dark warrior, Xu Dan has rushed into the cave, front foot into the back Pizhong warrior ax. Fortunately, the game, or really to be cut into two sections. Xu Dan secretly glad sigh loudly, thanks to this game, to give him such a wonderful, normal life can never experience the fun. He hid in caves that dark warrior no longer be able to attack him, only the wall with an ax hacking UGGs Starlit Boots. This time, he was not as good as Xu Dan so lucky. Xu Dan himself cast a Heal size by Heal the light * ugg australia for cheap, found here, just to be able to accommodate one person, one more will not work. Hiding * samurai body just exposed, he was aligned with the key on the past with a silver snake sword stab his sword down, 10:00 harm caused by this dark warrior. Crash ah! Xu Dan, just some silent, this dark warrior too strong, this level boss how thousands of points of blood that sword 10 points were not enough, he reply it. Again the tremendous strength and weaknesses, the big elders Alaves words and how to understand it? Xu Dan in mind pondered. All of a sudden do not understand, Xu Dan try other attacks, try a spiritual fire breaks, Ling Lei Fu, breeze swordsmanship, he did not find the attack. , but in order Druid design. Hiding in the corner of the summoned creature to attack the dark warrior, is it not in order to Druid designed? Elf career ugg australia, but certainly very bleak, Mage Arcane Missiles, archers Magic Arrows, really found * to break the black stones, kill clearance is not a problem, spend much time clearance hard to say. Wizard priests Skip speeding provide online of 31 chapters read the full-text collection of online games Wizard priests, if you are like the online Wizard priests 31 chapter 31 chapter!

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