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Chapter 1061 words crushed you the voice said: the abusive, and I had the thing tonight is recorded in the register, you can always let the storyteller, Mr. repeatedly every day stresses on paragraph 10 has been speaking decade, clear to all of you tonight all the evil acts under bridges! The entry security text after all, is not particularly idiot young satyric excessive, but the encounter such a scene, he was aware of how to do things today: To suppressed, the best way is to make this chatter guy Always shut up! See Liang Xi at the moment, the King Wen Xiang Paul text attention Chu war instrument body, so quietly toward Shiqie behind winking. The concubine understand the items Paul mean, Station to the Chuan Songzhen before drilling out. Schomburg double his eyes aim at items ensure the movement, to see him a concubine secretly slipped out, the small girl Minzui smile: has disappeared. Hall even if it is the the Liang Xi have not noticed the sudden disappearance of the Schomburg double. the land of the Prince's actually scolded the people of our state of Chu dog, princes Chuguo Chen is also China, This is what I am afraid you curse inside it, but why do you not angry, but pretended not to hear like ? , or why he yells at you dog curse your dad is a dog, curse your eighth generation of ancestors are dogs, but you reaction at all to do so? even the most basic dignity is not it? After all, the king of the location of the next Ren Zhendong competition has come to a white-hot stage, Chu war Miriam impossible little action. Tonight he invited Yang Metropole so many influential young people to, on the one hand, in order to show their contacts and ability to Liang Xi, on the other hand want to win over the next two big countries of Prince Edward and Princess, so that they support become Zhendong Wang. So many prominent identity of people gathered together, in accordance with the intention of Chu war instrument, with many short his eloquence and promised benefits, will be sufficient to so many people to win over to their own arm. But I did not expect all this carefully prepared even to do a wedding dress for Liang Xi, the limelight now, but him, and he seems to have seen their own purposes, and how this can be is good! Chu war instrument heart is a mess, suddenly feeling all flustered up, slightly pale complexion burst. Chu war instrument face slight changes in natural not been able to escape the beam eve of his eyes, saw the other side look of panic, the Liang Xi hearts day cry and said: colluded with the dregs of other countries, as a sense of justice bursting paladin,the north face, how I can not sit idly anyway and Chu super instrument relationship so well, better to send a gift to him. flash Chu war instrument,Canada Goose Snow Bunting Cheap, riveted panicked heart said: The following ideas, the confident Liang Xi said: even wished to push their compatriots into prostitution them as your stepping stone, I say to you Qishangmanxia, ​​humiliating, colluded with other state-owned wrong? around a long table, thud scared Chu the war instrument and item Bao Wen jumped, the table in front of them instantly as the litter of crushed crushing flying in the night wind,UGG Kensington Boots. Enlightening remarks, as if the sound of drums beat in the heart of the war Miriam Chu Chu war Yee pale, and booming in the mind at the moment, how could not believe yourself how you became a few words of the other heinous sinner. Looked at Liang Xi Chu warfare instrument the weight of the trace of the momentum did not like, ring-tone colors as usual, the hearts are set off towering waves: more! Originally they took a little keen on pleasing the mood onlookers Liang Xi Chu war instrument quarrel, but they never expected their feelings and emotions even be a sentence affects each other, sometimes angry, sometimes sad, sometimes bitter. The other seems to have a strange magic, can influence the human mind. Liang Xi's stature at the moment in the eyes of all, do not know how many times larger than Chu war instrument and item security text, it looks as though even glowing glittering. Chen Zi Han tears long, could not, like broken beads generally slipped down the cheeks, eyes full of admiration. To see him grinning to say, they all thought he was joking, but at the moment it seems no one able to do better than he had before. ...... Of Yuyu Qionglou peripheral alley, a white silhouette of flash into a residential Shortly after residential sounded burst of metal crash sound. This pier is seven or eight pounds of granite piece of carved and even by this brawny knife on like tofu, split off from, how big enough to appear to his pen. House like this brawny, there are at least twenty one with obscene eyes in the front of this white woman glance on exposed skin. One of the white woman is the security Shiqie, living in a group like the brawny as the robber, she is like a pack of wolves the camouflage from in the lamb, but she did not fear, just lightly: heavy and be rewarded. small silhouette of an eleven-year-old appeared in the firelight, inclined her shadow behind fire very, very long ...

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