Cui multi-tired decisive

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 16:29
"You're welcome, after what difficulty, get help from them on it!" Cui multi-party contingent pointing their preaching. "Yeah, what's going on, to tell us that our son will definitely help you!" Cui multi-face respectful, handing me a bowl of fragrant porridge! "I really have a good ah!" Old man hands trembling took porridge, still face was wet with tears of gratitude, think about their children's lack of filial piety, think now the party contingent care, he regrets how their net raised supercilious wolf? "Son, I, I Wang Huaibin, I'm young, but it can only be a coolie to earn some money, but also to support the family, I was really tough, usually breakfast are reluctant to eat, you can let me drink a bowl of gruel it? "one brawny embarrassed to go out. "Of course, all the suffering of the poor, are the object of my relief, As long as you need to, I can always appear behind you!" Party contingent generous sermon. "Thank you, thank you son, you are my life, encountered the best of the people!" Wang Huaibin face grateful to porridge go! "Son, I the two Gouzi, I work slow, his wife suspected I earn less, do not give me to eat breakfast,Mens Timberland Hiker Boots, I was able to drink a bowl of porridge?" Immediately, a thin Han stood out,Canada Goose Baby Snow Bunting Sale. "Yes, go!" Party contingent same nodded, he did not have the right to go to multiple people's family, but once again hear such snobbish woman, his heart is colder! "Son, I ......!" One by one over and over again, a poor man came to the side of course complained a square What, then turn them away enamored listen to proper persuasion some repetitious boredom, the slightest never too these poor! Poor people living at the bottom, as if all of a run around in the ocean of suffering, as they more or less, have encountered this or that difficult, unhappy life so that their wrinkles climb early in the forehead! Listening to their stories, watching their resentment, they have no choice but to look to the party contingent seemed to understand the true meaning of compassion! I am the Buddha of compassion, precisely because of such suffering tempered crowd, the compassionate Buddha was born, he has to save the world with compassion, mercy eternal enjoy eternal happiness, the world! "Oliver bounds, repent and be saved, my Buddha of compassion, Sadhu Sadhu Yeah!" Party contingent unconsciously hands together even compassionate face to the crowd to see. Po phase solemn, square natural body, a sudden burst of strange, from the face to the body, a hint of gold suddenly emerged out of the Fo Guang Bao now, the meaning of compassion, is somewhere probation from the crowd, secretly elimination their resentment of life, their perennial deep wrinkled brow, get a certain stretch! "Huh, strange party contingent, Do Buddhism, how Dharma so profound?" The proud plum in the next, to see it was greatly surprised and bewildered. "Everyone has Buddha's heart, I was fortunate to get the compassionate Buddha attunement awakening earlier.!" Square contingent faint explained. "Oh, if you are willing to become a monk, improper eunuch can!" Ao Mei did not think of. A chill, party contingent sigh, is untouchable this chick, he continued to show concern for these poor, touch the Buddha that micro is not visible,Timberland Classic Cheap, hanging over them, so that they feel a rare compassion of the God of Italy . At the same time, party contingent surprised to find that, in addition to struggling, never of their useless relic of compassion, finally happened some changes! At this point, it seems to feel the inner side ran compassion, it is no longer struggling, but stay chaotic Figure distributed from the touch of Buddha, Fo Guang mild and mellow, they lit up the square then know the sea, making it more of reinforces! 'Zizi ......' Fo Guang irradiation, the Linghai the spirit water droplets to start quenching change up the slightest tiny solid start in the center of them generated. Mental strength began to really condense, party contingent suddenly a hi, he was promoted again, to the realm of spiritual condensate! 'Hissing' sunlight square natural inhalation body, re-strengthening to shape up the body to enhance make spiritual power generation metamorphosis, the same, with the transformation of the spirit, the body can also get instant sublimation! 350, when the party contingent feel the force there really can not help but feel surprised! Adventure and extraordinary exercises, let him have a comparable peer realm master, three times the power at a time when, after the merciful the Buddha relics compassion Italy inspire the strength of his power, even to 50 per cent more than expected ! Sigh compassion relic extraordinary party contingent decided to play its role to carry more! "I am the Buddha of compassion ... blessing often carry, lying Ann, Cox Security, but not a nightmare, day care, human love, is not toxic, not soldiers, do not lose water, the fire is not mourning, in the resulting dead liter Brahma ..." square, actually spoke the small mercy by the contingent facing many poor! Small mercy by Beyond Words, even the scriptures, the Buddha nature is not touched, and still not be able to practice, not to mention the small mercy by the concept of party contingent, not entirely, he will not be something important leaked! Mercy ancient classics, party contingent upon the the Buddha intended thicker, everyone for him, more grateful! Buddha Italy, somewhere there is a mysterious force them to eliminate the suffering of the poor knot, it seems to them away from the abyss of misery in general, so that they get a certain detachment of spirit! "Hey, the original the Datang Kyoto, there are so many poor people!" Ao Mei seems to have been some infections, listening to all the tragic story, she is no longer Xianggang begin as interesting, but there have been some Poor mood! "Come on, we lined up, did not eat, but also can lead bowl!" Ao Mei joined the ranks of the charity initiative, her figure is so taken for granted, there is not the slightest affectation! Gruel soon finished, eat almost no second bowl, they are drinking the porridge, the feeling about the party contingent Buddha Italy, hurriedly went to busy life went! The second pot of porridge cook timely, but many people can not wait to leave, they do not have time for a bowl of porridge consumed. Feeling of sadness in their eyes, the party contingent under the command sermon: "Cui multi you tomorrow more than called some people over, support ten big pot!", Son! "Cui multi-tired decisive, but but face hi Italy. Benevolent, all good people, have a compassionate heart, see the hardship involved poor, their hearts are not conscious of the pain! "Side of course, they say you are a good man, you talk about the good guys in the end is how is it?" Taking advantage of an empty when Ao Mei can not help but doubt face up. The "good guys, hard to define it!" Lamenting party contingent faint sermon: "I tell them, they think I'm a good guy, if I'm not good for them, then they think I wicked!"
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