blue Phyl is naturally catch Lin

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 13:08
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter 1008th :Demon spirit blue Phyl arrival ,let Lin Chen helpless, hand blue Phyl peerless beauty so that all male X ì ngcannot stop will be attracted to her, this is from the male X ì nginstincts ,like NV people see a handsome guy will be attracted the same time .
But ,originally a peerless beauty NV ,raised the eye is a very good thing UGG Women's Ansley,but the blue Phyl on Lin Chen is too open ,from time to time and let Lin Chen some be unable to resist sustain the blows .
Hear Lin Chen himself say hello ,blue Phyl affectionate past came to Lin Chen side ,one arm around Lin Chen arm ,Xi ō ngprior to full pressure in Lin Chen arm ,let Lin Chen can feel her amazing play x ì ng.
In addition to Xia Lu ,Lin Chen also is not being hugged ,while the arm is amazing soft and elastic x ì ng,let Lin Chen could not help but almost m í lostin them, however ,Lin Chen but not the natural minor struggled ,trying to put his hands from the soft local ch ō U.
Feel Lin Chen action ,blue Phyl is naturally catch Lin Chen arm does not let him ch ō uout ,while the next Xing et al ,but just see joke generally looking Lin Chen and blue Phyl between things, and does not have any representation .
Feel Lin Chen struggling scope is more and more big ,blue Phyl whispered to Lin Chen said : Lin Chen, you know exactly what happened here ? .Oh? Do you know what just happened here ? Hearing the words ,blue Phyl ,Lin Chen slightly surprised, struggle is stopped ,even next to Nino ,some of them ,but also the curious stares at the blue phyl .
Read with me H U Nh ú n* H U Nh ú n *small - say - net please remember just what happened North Face Kids Down Jackets Outlet, only a handful of the earlier people should know ,Murphy blue Phyl is one of the first that one of a few people ? Well ,just happened here a battle ,it is a sacred do battle between ,and they fight to the end ,is to .
.. ... , see Lin Chen et al are curious eyes staring at her, blue Phyl nodded and said .But here ,blue Phyl slightly up, watching everyone by their own words to arousing curiosity when, blue Phyl whispered a laugh ,left hand holding the Lin Chen arm ,the right hand is teasing x ì ngprovoked by Lin Chen Chin , Do you really want to know ?Want to know if you kiss me ? .
.. ... , for the blue Phyl words ,Bayashi Chi Deputy distressed appearance, headache ,although these days are so blue Phyl ,Lin Chen should have become accustomed to ,but ,for the blue Phyl so flirt ,Lin Chen really could not get used to .
Originally Lin Chen is a bit male chauvinism ,it was such a great s è NVand beauty ,this let Lin Chen very helpless ,the other NV ,perhaps Lin Chen can find amusement when the occasion arises a ,but blue Phyl her ,she and you find amusement when the occasion arises ,she instead become aggravated more bold ,Lin Chenshen to suspect ,they even is stripped off her clothes directly as the embodiment of the wolf ,she won against .
Well UGG Bailey I Do On Sale,from male X ì ngperspective, such a vast s è NVRenjun picks beauty ,it is a very good thing ,but Lin Chen but must be circumspect ,because this blue Phyl on his attitude before and after the change is too fast .
Lin Chen although not inferior ,but no arrogance to think blue Phyl so vast s è beautyNV themselves to fall in love at first sight ,say ,the NV people, the strange to our dear ,Lin Chen natural circumspect ,Lin Chen motto is that :the sky will not ,will only drop trap .
t say ... ... Although ,for exactly what happened here ,Lin Chen was very curious, want to know ,but the blue Phyl liberties ,want to sacrifice their own s è phaseis cost, Lin Chen is refused to succumb ,shook his head and said he would rather not know good .
Alas ,your little friend ,forget it ,I will tell you, just remember ,you owe me a w ěn ,heard Lin Chen refused ,blue Phyl resentment at Lin Chen said ,although Lin Chen does not want to kiss w ěn himself,but blue Phyl or what happened here told Lin chen .
In fact ,is a sacred nine Mozu ,steal the Imperial Majesty of the demon spirit ,so was the Imperial Majesty sent a fallen angel family most Nickoloff and this time ,we test Midafu adults to kill .
Fallen angel family best ?And this time ,we test Midafu ? , to hear blue Phyl words ,not just Lin Chen, even next to sing them, face s èis avariable .Did not expect ,so this thing is the two sacred nine Mozu go after another ,but in the final analysis the reasons ,to the so-called demon spirit .
the demon spirit is what ? , curiosity ,Lin Chen continued asked ,sacred nine Mozu ,presumably in the well-known figure, he can understand sin against the demon emperor Satan will be what kind .
However ,he still dare to do so ,Lin Chen also very curious ,the so-called demon spirit is what, was able to make sacred nine Mozu so crazy .Hear Lin Chen even on Trinity soul knows ,blue Phyl surprised look on his face, but think ,Lin Chen even the insects and all these things do not know ,so do not know the demon spirit there ,just sad white Lin Chen glance ,seems to be in the schematic Lin Chen this is the second question .
Demon spirit ,has always been the tradition Neumel Short UGG Boot, although we the living are evil ,however ,Inferno doesns magic ,the same ,the protoss do not mean that God ,but legend, just won the demon spirit ,you can become a true magic in the magic rumors ,even in the face of true God ,demon soul owner ,also a fighting force .
Magic !? Hearing the words ,blue Phyl ,Lin Chen et al being at a loss what to do ,especially Lin Chen even I lose ,the world has God Lin Chen did not feel surprised UGG Women's Dylyn Tall Boots,but did not think ,even the magic that has .
But think of the false god exit ,the Lord, he is God of evil and evil beings are ,to some extent, he is just like a magic .s a funny story ,but in Lin Chen et al for the legend and lose time, next to the Nino Dean is funny shook his head : did not think of sacred nine Mozu ,would believe so uninhibited absurdity legend, if really can let a person become the magic words ,why the devil king Satan himself without ?Does no one thought of that ? .
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