all potential lock 4 or more human

December 14 [Fri], 2012, 12:35
The 584th chapter fist Granville Dong long ... ... Dong long ... ... At the end of regular rings acoustic vibration ,the ground gently swaying ,ups and downs, deep underground, like hiding a powerful monster ,always worn surface burst .
After Meng Xiang left the samsara ,immediately by the array of dry moved to scare .The distance to remain unbroken gunfire sounded ,Zoro send cero attracted Saiboting computer company almost all power .
The enemy even if struck, most also like that sent warplanes ,then ,the ground noise what is an object ? ... .. Long tens of meters from the transmigration of person ground suddenly dehiscence ,a similar mining cave shield machine from digging out .
From the ground to drill out the shield machine, only to the bottom base of research and development of a fish escaped through the seine .Especially in this occasion ,they are enemies . All of them at once to the shield machine attack .
Party and shouting ,his hands were not idle ,the left hand hold halo sleeping John ,right hand from space bags remove a plasma bomb ,dropped the last shoot . Bang bang bang ... .
.. Infinite elastic hair minigun and grenades to throw the past moment of shield machine ,even if not Jie trickle seriously injured ,but the trigger is still some strength ,she will minigun flat on the ground ,then fell on the ground ,with only the remaining arm to pull the trigger ,to shield machine bombing .
Whoosh smite evil gun out ,its power far beyond companion weapon . Rumble ... ... Shield machine immediately blasted out ,fire ,smoke rises ,the whole car shield machine as well as around tens of square meters area was blown into pieces ,the LORD God of acoustic cues have sounded .
A total of 5 new mankind died in the transmigration of this round of attacks crazily rotten fried . ? .Behind the magic shield behind the Gu Long eyes on eyes dim paste a piece of smoke .
Party Confucianism turned green ,constantly . All of them at once fighting Confucianism to unravel the potential lock 3, insight than the others are strong ,sensitive to him, unaware of the inside, 2 shadows swoop in and out .
.. ... Meng Xiang in a cluttered road running, Saiboting computer company had been destroyed by the periphery as received a meteorite strike ,firing of the guns and Zoro cero explosion ,the area devastated as end week rags .
Distant ,Zoro cero has fired ten seconds ,suggests that he cannot close hand-to-hand fighting with the enemy ,had to shoot a cero captive .The Zoro force to the copies,UGG I Do Bailey Boots Sale, only the potential lock 4 even 5 new human .
Saiboting computer company all staff returned Saiboting computer company ,Zoro into the Saiboting computer company 3 kilometers ,is now being cornered fight ,cannot retreat .In a place where there is no one Xiangru Meng ,deep 2 kilometers ,and the science and technology Empire has now become a messy ruin ,many-storied buildings and dense buildings almost collapsed ,leaving only the bricks remaining rotten tiles linger .
Distant ,constantly with armored vehicles and infantry gathered ,they destroy the place, dozens of shadow flicker ,covered with gunshot wounds ,bloodshed of Zoro alone ,in the moving shadows stably erect body ,a virtual flashed out ,set off a series of explosions .
Zolo was a spent force ,every shot a cero ,be equal to press his vitality .While the shining figure ,at least 20 people have excellent outbreak force ,their speed to achieve very high degree ,Zoro cero ,completely unable to shoot them .
Potential lock 4 or more new mankind .Only in this way the transformation of people, will be forced to Zoro breath . Zoro ,protect yourself, here I am . Meng Xiang in the battlefield yelled out ,along with Saint gas eruption, spirit launched for poly ,ground shaking ,tearing ,burst open, the entire battlefield biological ,in Meng Xiang this drink ,stop attacks .
Whoosh Meng Xiangfei grazing and spirit ,Men's Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody,poly outbreak overflow energy fluctuations ,with high levels of general attack, ground by energy surges, instant collapse into the sand ,UGG Over Knee Twisted Cable Sale,the whole ground, leaving a many meters deep pit pattern .
This is Meng Xiang in the horror film since, after several battle to reach the realm of ,although had not broken through to the depth into the order ,but the attention degree has infinitely close to the atomic level ,light is launched spirit poly overflow energy fluctuations ,it is sufficient to have destroyed the surrounding biological .
Supersonic flyby ,directly through the periphery of the armored vehicles and other conventional weapons ,the infantry ,most are just ordinary people ,they did not respond ,on the Meng Xiang body by passing within the overflow energy fluctuations scrape into a pile of meatballs .
Titicaca Titicaca four the sound of broken bones sound in Meng Xiang channeling to Zolo when in the rear ring ,his speed ,and even the voice behind ,his hands ,was carrying 4 bloodshed .
Potential lock 4 new mankind . Zoro ,thank you . Meng Xiang calmly hands head drop ,cold eyes straight out, sweeping the periphery of the ,a chill to the heart . new men .
.. ... More than 20 potential lock 4, itt resist . Meng Xiang through the way of insight ,and determine the presence of a new human strength . These words later ,just call and Confucianism ,the ground seems to drill a tunnel boring machine, 2 potential lock 3 above the level of the human and confront them .
Zhuo episcopic n color said gravely .Sorry. Meng Xiang is startled, and then reluctantly sighed : so ,we first retreat . No, you stay away these people .You noticed ? new human beings seems reluctant to defense, if we do not haunt them, they will follow ,they never tried to Saiboting computer company .
As a trap ?Special led us deeply Saiboting computer company ,then turn to bay ? Meng Xiang angrily rips ,suddenly a cold : far away and have 5 shadows flee to ,strong momentum, is a potential lock level 5 new men .
potential lock level 5 new human beings at atomic level detail, than Meng Xiang attention more deep ,in the imposing manner to determine potential Peng made when the lock 5 strong and the potential lock 4 preliminary detail order overmatch is not difficult .
Yes ,maybe this is their trap .So I would like to withdraw, as party and said, we cannot always like nanny that protect them, they also must battle . Zolo took a deep breath ,spirit pressure rising again .
Meng Xiang of course understand Zoro mean ,if he starts a spirit of poly ,seconds can be back to the companion ,but in doing so ,they have to face the powerful new mankind to kill ,this is equal to the beast to companions ,let peer situation more worthy .
The meaning of Zolo ,was by him back to help the companions ,as Meng Xiang ,just as planned ,to now already gathered here new people were done in one vigorous effort kill . Well ,you first removed ,however ,I also want to help you a helping hand .
Basic spirit poly started again ,hundred shotgun Reiki directed at Southwest enemy ,Meng Xiang is now in an Ling poly state shot shotgun Reiki aura ,speed and power are comparable to a small bullet ,each one ,more powerful than the missile .
bang ... ... Southwest explosion constantly ,energy fluctuations in general and a powerful hurricane ,blowing into energy ,direction within 1 km of all infantry ,in this array of energy fluctuation to scrape into the minced meat, all armored vehicles ,such as the leaves were blowing everywhere tumbling .
Only this one ,all the enemy after screening, the remainder of the enemy ,all potential lock 4 or more human ,fully 18 ,the rear of the 5 potential lock 5 also swoop and .Zolo rapidly promote the spirit pressure ,make every effort to the South West biao .
New mankind certainly will not easily let Zoro leave ,have twist head ready to catch up ,Meng Xiang was moving ,follow closely behind Zolo ,blocked all new mankind . Want to kill ?The first me .
Meng Xiang launched a preliminary spirit together ,imposing manner, in the presence of all the ,can be overcome by one back again and again .All. Kill for me . Potential lock level 5 new mankind as leaders ,including a tall new mankind side .
Come ,side issue orders left and right ,his fist in the Meng Xiang eyes ,like a dilatation of the heavy hammer ,flesh outside, contains hundreds of square meters of large range atomic tear attack area .
Spiral Meng Xiang microsecond near the issue orders left and right potential lock 5 ,speed fast ,almost let the presence of the could not react, his right palm of condensate made a diameter of more than 3 meters large spiral pill ,spiral pill inside the rotating light wave ,with near atomic level with attack power fluctuation .
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