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November 30 [Fri], 2012, 12:43
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAfter dinner, Li routing and as water ,Cui Yingying three people sitting in the living room watching tv .
TV is a twenty-one inches color TV ,projection screen and beating the colored dot let Ann know water eyes hard . Don the ... ... This TV set is still good ,the original electrical activity, take home the old color television can sell it for cash ,I find shopping malls to buy those recycling second-hand television .
.. ... It has a history of nearly twenty years ,in those days but also good stuff ,the inside of the electronic components are of good quality ,especially the capacitance ratio ... ... Li routing saw as water staring eyes, know girls on this appliance is not interested in ,Lee routing will not then say that because there is no money to pay cable television fee he used clothes hanger and can making antenna story , go and take a shower .
Let . Cui Yingying stretched himself said , I will go to bed early ... ... Tomorrow morning to go to work . So you know that the water and Cui Yingying go to take a shower .The bathroom door has a lot of gap ,stood at the door without the eye to the past can vaguely see inside scene ,Lee routing sitting in the living room can hear the sound and voice in the bathroom ,the thought of the bathroom white two body ,warm water from their body which ran in the shed ,clouds of steam appears to be more beautiful ,Li routing is some do not sit, but he did not go to steal ,he just went into the yard and showers .
Li routing in the kitchen to fetch a pail of water ,wear a pair of shorts went into the yard ,the winter he isn afraid of cold .Out in the yard North Face Hoodie Solid Thicken Jackets Outlet,Li routing saw outside seems to have figure in the rock, went over to see it was Xu Xiaocheng father Xu city .
Boss Xu you in the depth of night ,the outside my house around is what? Li routing frowned and said, for Xu Xiaocheng and Xu Cheng and his son ,Lee routing is a bit of good have .Li route does not need other people ,but he felt he should have compassion ,but Li routing and Li Banzhuang life is hard ,two are difficult to fill in belly a year best hope is the sale of jackfruit ,Xu City push prices to only normal purchase price of six, and the in the weight method .
The businessman pursues is nature ,but they forget the basic moral and character ,it is Li route .Xu Xiaocheng is not to mention, is a pure punk hooligans dregs . Li routing ... ..
. Your body is really good ,the winter is a cold bath . Xu Cheng said with smile ,this time not more than the former ,has no one dare to offend Li routing ,many previously took Li routing bully firm are in hiding ,faceless ,lest Li routing and settled accounts with them .
You want to say . Li routing no and Xu City at all . Is this ... ... This is the last town that thing ,you see in Xu face ,come on . Xu Cheng hey hey laugh, big town folks ,take care of .
What Li routing cannot think of it at the moment . You see your personnel more ... ... It is the last town naughty, arrogant ,with the friend to come and you said ... ... He later don up .
UGG Suburb Crochet Tall Cheap.. ... Xu Cheng looked at the Li routing, the attitude is not willing to face ,he again bent . He imprisoned ?I should say evil ,that is he go there ? Li routing sneer ,turned out to be this thing ,it is the what relatives after Lee routing house ,Xu Xiaocheng led a group of people to play the demolitions ,the results are Li route to hit into the hospital ,did not think of the last Xu Xiaocheng was imprisoned ,later it was Lee routing is not care about .
What you say is ... ... Xu Cheng nodded ,t have any losses ,small town also know is wrong ,he was sentenced to five years ... ... Let him stay in it for five years ... ...
In prison, behave well ,can the commutation . Li route gave the most realistic suggestions . Li routing ... ... Xu Cheng can wait ,that ,which father saw his son being locked up can not worry ?Moreover, Xu Cheng does not think this is how big things ,but Lee routing background abruptly hard up ,with a jail ?Be so big boys during ,before or on their house in order to live thing ,now rode to his head ,Xu City repressed anger heart inside , you gave Xu Boyi a face ,you said you and your sister from small to large ,no less subject to me to take care of it, every year I receive you fruit .
.. ... Xu Bo for so many years is watching you grow up ,you like as his children ,town and your brothers ,now this thing ,even if the bar . Is it right? You think that a piece of cake ? Li routing are too lazy to think why Xu Cheng can naturally to such words ,it seems that he is really quite take care of Lee brothers and sisters .
I know that the town should not provoke you, but you don have a thing ?This will let it go ,put the whole jail ,some hard . Xu Cheng was under the eave to bow ,but always have not put Lee routing in the eye ,now there are still some not at heart ,she said ,you can to began to show a temper .
Ha-ha. Li routing laughed , I don .I did nothing ,but if I the defenseless Li routing ?My house is Xu Xiaocheng removed, then I and my sister will be displaced from their homes ,the homeless ,maybe even fail to get compensation .
.. ... If I beat them, then lying in the hospital who is me ... ... Forget ,I have no money ,the hospital is not received no money for the wounded ,I finally fell a homeless situation ,dragging down disabled body ,can only be a beggar ,and then by the gang beat me and hooligans continue to bully abuse ,had to leave their hometown .
.. ... You know ,Xu town do is die without descendants of the wild things ! Li routing smile ,but Xu Cheng can to step back ,he can feel li routing in this matter of anger and resentment ,completely out of Xu City by surprise UGG Kenly.
Xu Xiaocheng is not able to make me ... ... But you think he was doing so, there is not much I can do. ?He does not have this kind of mind ,he didn what I do ,so he did .As such ,he is the living dead ,I don ! Li routing lock gates, spit slobber , five years, maybe he came out on a point .
Xu Chengqi trembled ,in China ,the vast majority of people if the prison ,is equal to the life is destroyed ,although Xu Xiaocheng five years later it is still very young, but the girl is willing to marry the man in prison ?Unless those mixed social chatroom ,also worship Xu Town ,but as a daughter-in-law ,Xu City will be satisfied ?Look at Li route turned to begin to shower, Xu city like fierce kick kick gate .
d better not want to kick the door of my house ... UGG Australia Adirondack II... The fact of the matter is generally not so strict processing .Xu Xiaocheng now .Simply because i ... ... So if you believe that ,I don Xu Xiaocheng ahead of it, but you behind me nothin ,to do little tricks ,I have the ability to let Xu Xiaocheng go out not to come .
Li routing said calmly ,cold water from back flowing ,bitterly cold ... ... In this world there are many such people ,only more apathy ,otherwise they will be bullied Hello ,Li routing warm need only for those who care about him ,he cares about a man .
Xu Cheng quickly retracted the raised foot ,did not think of Li routing is it right? Head eyes UGG Australia Sundance II,just born mind can out ,he seemed to need to carefully examine ,before Lee routing have not had that watched him buckle scales can only bear the children the gas secret .
Lee and Xu Cheng said a while routing ,bath after going back ,A Tomomizu and Cui Yingying is not washed, pass by the bathroom ,but heard as water exclaimed : Yingying ,I saw Li Luyou walking from outside ! You see him ,he can see you .
Cui Yingying was suddenly startled her scream . But ... ... But I could see him ,he can see me ... ... You know that the water was to hold the towels and clothes to cover the door ,she simply did not pay attention to this problem .
he always want to see you shy ,what jin . Cui Yingying smiled and said .You know that the water had several large gap to block ,hide in the behind Cui Yingying breathed a sigh of relief ,is it right? Said Li Luyou you deliberately broke the door ? He is so bad ?Not to mention that the door was .
.. ... He also does not know you here tonight to live ah ,ain keep is peeking his sister ? Cui Yingying Lee explained for routing .Li routing listened to two dialogues ,just not to blend, so as the water screaming shy ,heard Cui Yingying ,though is to help him, but the feeling is so depressing ? Yingying you .
.. ... You know that the water also feel ,Li routing may not do such an awful thing ,he would join her and at the time the idea of trying to bully her ,but do not do so ,as at plum things as water is no more care ,the more impossible, you know that the water diverted attention ,some weird looking at Cui Yingying , Yingying the girl below Maomao ,is it right? So strange ? It is very normal .
Cui Yingying could not help but can . But I saw three girls without ,plums ,show the princess, and you, are not ... ... You know that the water can to put his hand over his long full Maomao position ,quietly said -- today is the army day ,but also the Princess a year, Sun Yang won the 400 metres gold medal ,good night ,mark .
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