addition to the numerous stone pillars

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 15:29

> The new year absolute force, like to see the dig registered to add favorites Oh! ============================= Divider =================== ========== Pan scared cloud dragon Satsuki see my heart scared straight, his head cold sweats, she always impossible to see that what I thought, I want to soak small shadow sister and small Chang sister, this is not yet action Well, Is she this can see that. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm inside, simply do not understand how it is. Depressed said. Small Chang said you just demeanor, and a small shadow master simply exactly the same, I just did not pay much attention to you and then come up with just air out my look at. The Pan scared cloud face left touch right Qiaqia,UGG Australia Short Dylyn, an incredible look. Pan scared Cloud finally relieved that this was what ah, but just to make demeanor Pan scared some distressed cloud, he was simply just some thoughts feelings, now it feels to say he does not know just what it was like, how can we work it out. Pan scared cloud was thinking, when the stage has heard the voice of Hu Chang, this woman some idiot,UGG Uptown, but the sound is very appealing. jade clues friends can also come to us, we will be entrusted with the re-thank. finished, Hu Chang to the audience bow a bow, and walked and then go out into their own box. . seems really not very good, he quickly explained. sat down, scared into the Pan cloud look away. askew portrait, learn like that to put on a sour - faced, facing Long Satsuki and Hu Chang shook. Ugly dead, not, not when you daze really just like most of the senior sister apprentice master,North Face Sale, now do not even like. make strange kind of scared cloud, shook his head. Oh well, I did not expect you have this hand. Saw Pan scared cloud tragic, Hu Chang could not help but Wuzui giggled and laughed the two peaks are trembling, Pan scared cloud painful apart, but fortunately, the burst of the absence of the eyes,North Face Targhee. Long Satsuki very angry, Pan scared cloud turned in front of her molested Hu Chang, how she can endure, she was going to increase the punishment, so Pan scared cloud remember this lesson, and at this moment the door is the sound of the knock on the door came. Pan scared cloud hearts of a move, do anyone have Gang Lan Yu came to the door? Hu Chang has opened the door when a long beard monks came in, people face serious, some very elderly demeanor, Pan scared cloud inquiry and control his repair, this guy has built the base interim monks in the blue-pointed star that, but very rare. After this long to be monks came in, looked at the three, the last eye fell upon the body of the Pan scared cloud, revealing a trace of a smile on his face, was very cordial voice came from his mouth. your consideration will allow me satisfaction, I can be considered a piece of Gang Lan Yu transfer to you. visible in the blue corner star practice how difficult. When I heard he comes to a palm-sized Gang Lan Yu, Pan scared cloud face exposed uncontrollable excitement color, the so big Gang 蓝玉 enough to do three exploration astrolabe, he forced back excitedly said: something reasonable, we will accept it. with, I'll tell you something, you give one hundred thirty million Lingshi piece Gang Lan Yu yours. Perhaps you will feel a little more expensive, but you know, Gang Lan Yu is very rare , if you miss this opportunity, perhaps no chance. also did not immediately agree, that the other side may feel that their bid is too low, perhaps it will make go back on the things out. long can not afford. to be priests shook his head and a look Having turned to leave. Bodao You, first walking, Well, it began with one hundred twenty million of one hundred and twenty million began it, we do not want around tossing the Gang Lan Yu Can carry around Known to be priests to go Pan scared cloud can be a little anxious, and quickly agreed. joy. Pan frightened cloud at this time can not wait now to get piece of Gang 蓝玉, which can not promise he immediately nodded. Xuan Qu City for more than two hundred kilometers, when they go to a Shifeng near here surrounded by quiet on the ground in addition to the numerous stone pillars, stone, and other things. Along the way, Pan scared cloud constantly with God trieth surgery probing around, rarely found in the presence of the breath of life, but now he felt something was amiss, he obviously felt the six breath quickly near side and six breath are all built the base for the repair of the medium-term, Pan scared cloud immediately dignified air up. in. But this time, Pan scared cloud surprised that Boyi still flew forward, but the speed is significantly faster, at the same time he released a mask and protective instruments used in body care. Long Satsuki also has seen Boyi not normal, her face showing a sneer. His calculations indeed very good, even I have been that he lied to later, even pretend to be so much like, evidently used to do such acts, but unfortunately, he most deadly was incorrectly estimated the strength to seven building the base strength in the mid-wanted against us, is really the kiss of death. should be vigilant, and even lost, did not even suspect him. ============================= Divider =================== ========== unprecedented avatar system coming soon, absolutely wonderful, independent innovation, no two! Oh, a little prop. <

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