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February 04 [Mon], 2013, 16:37
The 678 regression group war ended * level cumulative breakthrough: Kenpachi, the Ten Commandments, Chapter punishment, peaceful route to reach. * Above the level of death: Xu Qian, Azeri devil Ryan, Elsa, heterogeneity district leadership, Zheng upbraid sick Chinese, the reservations of those who died there an ancient Beamon did not know the bloody route they be considered in conjunction reached a. A team battles * Level master was killed eight the rest of the trash fish without breakdown, this war is really quite a luxury. But no matter how this three day war finally to curtain time, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief to go home and sleep. Seen from a sun Miles No., the node the door urban ruins pretty state team does not know when to open, positive Yiu Yiu brilliance, waiting for their return. Marked greet appointment with some of the details of the future to meet Zhao Mo Yan for these very bold aesthetic ally has little demand for them, the best plan is probably the "figure". Yepiao Ling last cast teleport, all teams are pretty state, rose corporation, nervous group of people together to return to the air hotel. But to everyone's surprise, here obviously have been tidied hall again become a mess, or I should say is the start of a bit-plane in the defense mechanism hall becomes a mess, obviously here in World War when the mouth of their own and other people here and not been idle. Just obviously all enemies have been Xiandao the table Is wanted man counter-attack? Everyone was shocked to have stepped up the pace of saw where seems to have just given birth to a large-scale nuclear explosion, land H down to a few tens of meters deep, broad, such as the plains "room" where there is a diameter of nearly one thousand meters spiral-shaped pit. Not as good as the bomb explosion on the high temperature of millions of degrees melting glassy rocks formed, such traces of the explosion seems to be another mystery. Both, Catherine, Red the Taro pot girl and others at the moment are surrounded by a small semicircle standing on the edge of the pit, a bunch of the woman in a red-eye man is especially eye-catching, not playing the the entire task sauce Long Shuai and Who could it be? Behind the movement seems to hear, dragon someone turned uncharacteristically do not do exaggerated movements, only his face muscles twitching, seems to be in the barely controlled some strong emotions. His sight only concentrated in the body of the Qing Fen. Foreboding hanging over the head of the Green person, step by Zongyue almost jump over that which is the head of a few people, I saw the circles in which purple freesia lying on the ground, gauzy white sleeved robe stained with the blood , printing and dyeing with that dress and bright red. Small appearance of purple freesia and did not much change, but inhuman breath again obvious reveal today with the past, she has the same red pupil, as they are not, such as Pu Lisi gem red but with eyes bright as blood, vampire identity has no doubt. But these are not the key, the key is lying on the ground, she is constantly vomiting blood, although only a small population of small mouth, but blood is all the vampire clan, hematemesis simply the harbinger of death "Do not worry Do not worry, things have not "Watching the face of the Green Fen discoloration to the point of irreparable Long Shuai quickly not dare to play with what deep, fast explain antecedent with a the comparable machine gun language:" In simple terms, the armed group go but also left a bunch of machines to continue with their Cyborg plan, then the plan by Lan Lan now interrupted. pile of machinery cornered come up with a "Dragon Ball" Lisha Lu as the semi-finished products of immediate concern to the base to seek fit way to the Rose group that Wudu eaten, then again when other people want to eat here, small lamlam chasing traces came all the way to rescue under other people to play with him again. then just this juncture I and the last time that together with my kid gets into Zhu Xian array successfully corrupt prison guards, that kid is Jedi seventh type of power of temptation and depravity Magic, rebels in the simian version of the Star Wars world. and claiming Sargeras preparing to invade the world. Okay, I admit and small mechanical man, to induce him to do it, in short, we are down to the line re-opened the portal Sargeras adults ready the transmission burst only Legion over. results opened the door I saw the play turned upside down ... take good here, I make a long story short, the In short is my Lingji design, to let charroux hit Sargeras incomplete Cyborg is clearly not dark type VII fencing opponent, but also took the opportunity to let us detonated the portal, those three guys are bombed back to the Star Wars simian version of the world go by, but there is also blown into this looks like everybody else 6 both medical support fast recovery of the fighting and explosions caused by trauma, but the very special circumstances of purple freesia, usually means the treatment does not apply to a vampire, and now she needs blood, blood filled with a lot of life " This easy to handle, suck my imagined Green the Fen picked up a purple freesia her mouth on the side of his wrist, the the latter eyes looked already begun blurred proliferation, but seemed to smell blood in the blood vessels Pentium flavor, instinctive Minato up Zhangkaixiaozui the two hidden under the lip fangs sharp Qing Fen pierced the skin, start greedy sucking. Logic and reason can not say what this atmosphere Puli Si feel right, even instant death of the sad news from Hu Xiaoxian sober him. Personally seen the miracle of the resurrection, the death of her companion blow has been greatly reduced, and now the reality of the living than the dead, more worthy of concern. Is the opposite of that red-eye man, look sinister strange strong for decent shape, but be able to tell at a glance is definitely not a good person is more important is that she felt the taste of the conspiracy that vampire girl who, although she now Vice dying look, but breath distinct with its own original calculations Qing Fen when exactly the same as "hello" and finally decided to comply with intuitive, the Pu Lisi step approached wanted these strange process interrupted, but only just hesitate then the moment of effort was too late blood entrance, originally the purple freesia blink dying between has restored Nenhong face, although the vampire vitality was strong, but it also is too fast to be outrageous, right? And it is even more crucial, Green Fen did not feel his blood loss how much vitality did not lose much. The kinship is again high blood utilization, there is no reason to be able to vitality become a ten-behaved plain honest man still confused and looked at the ground then climb up purple freesia, behind the skull, has been washed up the Puli Si Hen Henqiao down. "Stupid in sets of and she clearly deliberately installed injury and then you play tricks on a fast self-examination is not signed what strange deeds worthy have done the same thing, keen in this regard is really ordinary people comparable, behind other people are still half-Mongolian half guess she has a moment to seize the main points of the things. "Hmmm, only now it was too late," purple freesia exposed never some kind because small Conspiracy triumphant expression, poked with a finger poke the victim's wrist, where conjures up a square , like stamp lines. "That is imprint of Xuenu, vampire bite only three results. One is to accept the other drop of indigenous blood into descendants, the other is a vampire sucking blood essence become a dead body or no reason zombie permanent activities beverage cans can become the third is in the case of consensual Xuenu become the vampire ... it should be said? "dragon someone to see Conspiracy, the sneaky Coushang come to doing OTC explain Pu Lisi heard this, he was furious, waved his hand puppet silk traction under sin someone suddenly like straw fly out. Do not have to do extra explanation, certainly things with the Private Eyes almost the ultimate puppet contract. "Well, young brother after my slaves, others not even think about playing his mind" purple freesia grabbed by combat excessive looked somewhat trance Green Fen arm estimated his heart now think that I'll never believe that a woman like as if you want to identify their own belongings generally pull in the side. "No,Canada Goose Banff Parka Outlet, he is my puppet away from him, you are the" no sign of weakness, Puli Si could puppet strands back can be taken manually, Green Fen so like prime-time Korean drama The male pig two girls pull to Chequ hit over-look the callous. Others seeing just a farce have laughed together, this scene in quite a state team has fast become a daily up and seem to have become increasingly popular trend, while tense battle may well be a little entertainment easily. Really looked at the others unhappy things, they will be very happy. But it seems to make up for the since thirty-four days of clouds clouds, joyful thing is far from over. Not everyone want to sit down and watch the play, and 6, both are ready to return to the control room Hotels liter back ground segment Philippines is ready to remind you have not found a Amoy Catherine are surprised want Pulli strands came over and asked her serious? At this moment, a hint of the child the sound of the female voice suddenly appeared behind him in the crowd. "Huh? Dad are you doing? Puli Si mom and purple freesia mother how they quarrel?" This voice was like a bolt of lightning split in Qing Fen's head, afraid of what the original own situation can always be worse Green Fen has sounded tears Why not be bounced back to their own time and space do not want to ask, and even ask the dead girl. In addition to people outside of the Qing Fen together looked back, I saw the outside hundreds of times came in a little beauty,Canada Goose Kensington Parka Outlet, do not have openings to ask or experience what dna, just look at her appearance already knew who she was. "Purple freesia mother?" Pu Lisi mother? "Titles seemed to not accept the two women pulled stare the other one and then turned around and glared at the ground like Dou's green person. "Oh, you will not like this. Now you noisy, slowly you will get used to," as if his father lay the 18 layers of hell must be reconciled, green kid must be green Fen various tease bully so now clutching each an opportunity for revenge. "After the father's side of the woman and children thanks to a number also countless I remember once he was alone a go traveling shipwreck boat to turn the results encountered at sea, he came to a small island in the direction along the high tide Caves, and the results met a tied here left the world of the country the bereaved families because of prolonged incommunicado only kin marriage, though they do not how much an idiot but fertility from male to female ratio is increasingly biased when dad to get there, the last man in that kingdom also died, leaving only three thousand beautiful, so my father to live in a country in the cave for three years, and then after a few years, our family often claiming father and their children to receive a visit "three thousand?" pretty state or roses or nerve pant together exclaimed again. Saying that killing a person is a bandit, kill a thousand people are male, originally thought to kill thousands of people is male in the male blue someone just general womanizer unusual beast reprobate, and now this figure is greatly subvert the idea of ​​all , both men and women was stunned, which has unusual beasts of the realm, completely beast beast "You really are my daughter? you are not my enemies sent to play dead I right?" Qing Fen two cold teeth woman standing on the ground, struggling Shen Zhaoshou toward green cry. Killed that he did not believe he was capable of such things to. "I am green heaven, said every word is true, if the word bubble, I, Ah Teng Teng pain, my mother let go" Originally bristling three fingers are solemnly swear girl suddenly interrupted her soon Tonghu Affirmation, a slightly some pale and obviously slender body is not very good hand grasp from behind her ear. Do not look back to her own ears the whole world only one person know so twisted. "Oh, also know pain, and it seems not so silly home, ah, what nonsense here, I entered the room to go to" sitting in a wheelchair Chien-I do not know what time has come where hall, just all green Fen future daughter that attracted shocking story did not even noticed her. Handedly twisted daughter skilled abnormal ears, completely unlike the first time to do this thing, Chien pulling green And he went to his room to go around passing Qing Fen gave him a signboard smile, like laugh like anger, Qing Fen just felt her whole body hairs are erected, this is probably not what gadgets you can coax back the mother and daughter was about to leave the room so paragraph Philippines took a deep breath to prepare again remind everyone there are individuals not gathered, Mo Yan Zhao saw her expression does not intend to re-dragging, she just felt extremely negative elements energy fluctuations, no one under SMS surgery Contact and Zhang Yi Amoy made the communication, to know that he'll be able to back to base. Just seems to whip all the way from the deck to catch up was also really did not speak with the paragraph Philippine opportunity wide heart was going to speak, that phrase is not surprising dead over the little girl and throw bombs. "Huh? Just did not see you, sorry I did not say hello ah paragraph Philippines Mom" ​​Philippine ... Mom ... moment nine days mad Longxiao, thunder and thunderbolt bombers paragraph Philippines blown flushed Qing Fen also scared chin has been dropped to the floor and even purple freesia and Puli Si are scared at the same time shrinking feet, looked at each other, looked at the ground people, and then looked at the paragraph Philippines, confusion in his eyes, was completely not organized at all. Air hotel where momentary silence, everyone's heartbeat became the only sound. Gradually from shock to wake up, look at all non-parties to the Qing Fen's eyes have not contempt or admiration, they have been transformed to a "you finally have done this kind of thing to the" expression looked. "No, it is not the case, I am innocent, Chien you have to believe me ah Qing Fen now finally know the guy who is in jail knew so shouting Why not have what use is still unable to control this action will do the This moment the Shenma reason are clouds, called End can instinct. Chien is more hope this man does not go back more than a push wheelchair pulling the future daughter all the way Dayton not the Dayton Wang Qianmian line went. Qing Fen only feel your own heart cold as ice, behind the grill was hot as fire. Amount? Why behind hot? Qing Fen instinctively turned his head, saw did not know back when Zhang a scouring stand behind their own, it feels obviously has not flame physique, but why the whole person looks like a burning? "When did you come back ..." Qing Fen trembling voice asked. 3,000 contestants behind, in front of the segment Philippine mother "a Amoy Chang pinching finger joints to a series of Baoxiang seemed QiQiao being in smoke. "And so on, and so on, listen to my explanation ah" this lost dog lines you used to talk to Yan Wangye explain "ping-pong ...... banging ... clang clang ......" punched and kicked like a storm, a Amoy Chang finally completed he will wish to completely overthrow the Qing Fen, which has been badly battered down to the ground, seeing less gas out of the gas into more. I did not wait for him to express their indignation to vent a little, and suddenly felt his back seems to have a little fiery hot. "What do you mean,Canada Goose Youth Chilliwack?" Sounded paragraph Philippines look like in a blaze. "I, I, you listen I explained." A scouring this rude awakening own words and deeds of impropriety, hastily trying to save has been one step too late. "You think I could have done this thing right?" Section of the Philippines so he took a the next red Taro pan Zhang a Amoy pot shot down to the ground, his hands holding the panhandle constant chaos hit pat: "These days to live, for you are worried to death almost really dead you know? your comfort me back a thought, actually I also suspect surnamed Zhang, you go to hell, "" ping pong ... banging ... The ... clang clang ...... "punched and kicked like a storm Qing Fen turned to look at with their fellow sufferers, psychological suddenly balance. "Tell me how it was?" Chien daughter Qinhui the room, according to the chair kept in strict torture ". "That, I am your daughter, Mom green eyes straight turn wanted evasive coquetry mixed in the past, the results of hand yet to embrace the past, we see the opposite two fingers stretched out, quickly conditioned reflex cover live their ears. "Of course I know that you are my daughter, I mean your father's things mess in the end is how is it?" Already accustomed to the world somehow Chien not surprised why the daughter of the future will be the sudden appearance of blood relationship in their own eyes, told her it was not counterfeit is no irrefutable evidence that subconsciously twisting ears feel. "They want to help you!" Green eventually saga flew Chien's arms: "not so exaggerated, but the father's peach really busy, really more than a woman, I am he described the black little hard to say in this space-time dimensions, he will be the the purple freesia mother and Pu Lisi mother they hate, and then there would be no future "," Oh, my daughter really is filial it, but you still give me make it clear that 3000 harem is how is it? even think to fool me, you Yanzhuyizhuan I know what you are saying is not true that "Chien smiled and squeezed her daughter's face, so for their own sake daughter let her green Fen from just a little unhappy with purple freesia Puli Si pull free some. "People say that's really the truth!" Green face attached to the mother's face, they look more like a pair of sisters. "Dad really been to that island, really took three years to help the daughter of the country only in the caves of the island is a group of enchantment tied up and bear the curse of bird Ling, my father spent three years as well as positive power of chanting digestion for them to unlock the shackles also let its own male blood daughter of the country's bird Ling produce under a large number of the male eggs so later practice successful bird Ling came to our house to call Dad for father I just lie and did not "green cunning blinked, it seems very proud for their own little trick. "During that Philippine mother ** story? Fragment take meaning which section?" Listen to understand the truth, Chien also had to laugh, his naughty daughter really unusually. "That ah, I did not tell a lie" green deliberately put on a look of innocent: "paragraph Philippine mom is my godmother, I have been is then called her" Puchi "Chien could bear laughed out, Qing Fen robbery really suffer injustice, his daughter prank talent already excel Henceforth do not have to worry about their own tricked. Between such a smile, just a little unpleasant vanished. "Well, my mother said seriously, then how are you going to do? Dad man ......" green do an incurable action. "I suffered so much wronged all day P.3 P.4 led into the house, I had to go back home to see Mahogany that you spent the life of the father in the end in the heart of me as what." Chien hand stroking her daughter's long, smiling with a seriously said. Pole flowering return every addition to Pu Lisi finally decided to stay in a pretty state teams also Yepiao Ling help others go back to their own node. Air the hotel rises back to the ground through the door of the node, a bloody and brutal war regiment finally come to an end in the game as if the theater farce. . .
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