always be in my heart most pure

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 18:16
",Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber;Miss Lin, I'm thirsty now, trouble you to pour a glass of water for me."Li Tianxiong warm looking at Lin Meirong, he only to Lin Meirong eyes turned warm, opposite Li Tianxiong said no two small hun hun look opposite, of course, do not care about their voices, I'll fix them these two look down upon everybody else bottom."Days, you...OK.Lin Meirong was worried that Li Tianxiong alone hard two people bully, but see Li Tianxiong is confident and not questioning eyes, so that Lin Meirong can only choose to obey, before two Bludger intimidated by the first word of Li Tianxiong, she still saw, into the room with the mood to be very upset with water.Lin Meirong turned into the room, Li Tianxiong came out, now that Lin Meirong is not on his side, he did not have any worry, it is to teach the two punks say dirty words to Lin Meirong.What are you doing.One of them want to take a step back, see a face in front of Li Tianxiong, he could not understand how Li Tianxiong suddenly changes so rapidly, in front of Lin Meirong a good way of students, but they face is the demon evil brake."Oh, I is not a student?What do you fear?Come out to mix always also."Li Tianxiong wore a beam fairly, the tone is cold."Grass, small Gong you fear a hair ah, to be intimidated by a student, you also come out to mix a ball."In addition a bully to be calm, call back call the small Gong bully, but he also wants to back off, but to hear Li Tianxiong emphasizes again only a student, and Li Tianxiong is not tall, they two adults do not pick up a student?"I gave you a chance, but you do not know how to cherish, you will go to......"Li Tianxiong had not finished,Air Max 87 Mens, the body suddenly flashed up, in front of two flash two."You......."The small Gong is not finished, I saw before him a fist is more and more big, in a blink of an eye, he lost consciousness, what also don't know, two eyes are wide open, and fell to the ground, he could not think of how, said Li Tianxiong hit back, don't give them any preparation."Grass, you this....."See the small Gong turned Li Tianxiong down, another bully said, raising his fist to call Li Tianxiong, also had not finished, red Li Tianxiong hand stopped his fist, Li Tianxiong another fist faster than lightning bomb to the bully's head, too fast, the Bludger without any preparedness, even screaming voice no more timely issue, like the small Gong stun on the ground."Tianxiong water for you, ah!What about them?"Lin Meirong brought a cup of water to a Li Tianxiong, suddenly saw two Bludger before fell to the ground, be startled at, almost knocked the glass fell to the ground, but fortunately was Li Tianxiong caught, she really don't understand why she just came into the room, a glass of water, the two punks fell, and Li Tianxiong and two fight the voices are not heard."Miss Lin, I'll teach them, they call me it doesn't matter, but scold you, I will never let them freely, you will always be in my heart most pure, the most beautiful, let not any pollution to scold you."Li Tianxiong to tell their own heart, if not in front of Lin Meirong's house, the two punks not be overthrown, but will be sent to the Elysian fields."Days, thank you, they don't have what thing?"Li Tianxiong word warm Lin Meirong a piece of my heart, also worried about two. The accident?"Mr. Lin, rest assured that they just fainted, I woke them up."Li Tianxiong took Lin Meirong to a glass of water, take water to call the small Gong's face fell, and then quickly kick kick to another Bludger abdomen,Air Max 2012 UK."Ah, ah!"Two shouts, the two punks awake, see still smiling Li Tianxiong, their two people feel that Li Tianxiong is not the human smile, is the devil's smile, before this they had no arrogance, come out to mix all comply with the strength of their king, and Li Tianxiong is not a level of people, dare not walk also dare not speak, waiting for Li Tianxiong."Apology to my teacher you two, then get out, if the next time I see you, you see a play once, apologize."Li Tianxiong tone is arrogant.
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