Zhu Tong cold channel

December 07 [Fri], 2012, 18:22

Listen to Liu Zilan watching Yi Han Yin said: , coupled with his purple orchids some friendship, just her remarks of the move is not surprising that this man is, to see his physiognomy the temperament in Morohito person not a color, the Zilan why only that a search, say this easy brother title with just good, Zhao Bowen et al face with a smile, supervise easy cold stare stare Liu Zilan, then look away, and watching Gu eyebrow pair can swing out of the spray winks. Eyebrow Lang smiled and said: overflow Galaxy cloud still ended ever since the words the most elegant and easy cold faint smile, take a good look for a solution in my mind wondering, speechless just turn xingmou the boroughs feelings distinguish male and female Gu eyebrow indignant: easy to brother Hugh inferior words relative to bully, I is dignified seven feet man Grace walked two steps, stand tall, the heroic vitality Yin said: of charisma but do nothing as a woman who, heaven compliance, yin and yang, just a soft one, smiled and said: fleet Yi Han Yin said: beam, but just heat of the moment, the occasion of the chest, burst out Xiongru, is depicted generally easy to cold waves swaying lotus bud if not show a sudden big shame which man so majestic mind no longer posing man, Yingying toward easy cold line of a ceremony, uninhibited used to these provocative words fingertips, casually that out, but sincere and said: Multi-only woman to look at, along with her repeatedly talked about the feelings of the children, what from someone her as a friend and general look seriously: easy Cold gladly promised care eyebrow leave, they listening to Liu Zilan Road: only Li Xiangjun, Li Xiangjun not dressed, not applied heavy makeup, Susu Yaya, its looks like the woman next door is not outstanding compared to eyebrow Liuzi Lan Gu, I do not know why, no stunning looks, as Xianxian one stop much attention, like a gel containing lotus rose charming, but some faint fragrance, delicate body feels surging wave of strength, not a warm soft fragrant wind, and behavior between transmission out the spineless. Morohito here why Li Xiangjun a man of character, but because Li Xiangjun always see people with their own like the beginning of the flower pattern, this rites Zhu Tong had long admired her name, would like to come and visit, and finally he was Li Xiangjun to refuse move won many takes scholarship but fame wit to recover from. seat next person Yin said: This man was and Li Xiangjun but acquaintances specialized join designate Fang Yu, Hou Fang Yu is Jiangnan painter-poet is not weak, their talents and their natural Li Xiangjun Yingying a ceremony short and said: designate the son of praise. Zhu Tong face slightly exposed angry color in which to spend election, to find elegant word taboo eolian prostitutes is to say these words, Li Xiangjun self-deprecating is derogatory to the entire spend the election, faint and asked: have talent. Zhu Tong come to the question everyone looking forward to full all know her voice Zhuyuanyurun, but not easily with people singing, string and wind pipa, temperament poetry are all through, but do not know her to be a singing or display of poetry and painting talent. Academics Li Xiangjun lightly: The crowd surprised, Li Xiangjun tone is light,North Face Down, but not ugly, she is here everyone dissatisfied, while recognizing that her character, but she truly look down upon, and my heart is still difficult to accept. Su Kunsheng see some sensitive atmosphere, easing: Xiangjun this can not be compared, you offer song a Li Xiangjun said: See Xiangjun promised, they smile, ready to mellow voice listened attentively. horse, color grief charge, such as music, Scholars have Shen, integrity how can not end. more sensitive. Zhu Tong look gloomy, cold and said: Li Xiangjun lightly: Pai An Jing Zhu pass away, defiance, and you're just a whore, here, where you discuss state affairs and copies. Li Xiangjun lightly: Su Kunsheng fear of Li Xiangjun Zhu Tong to offend thoroughly, quickly said: Li Xiangjun smiled and said: Zhu Tong thought Li Xiangjun clothes soft, warm face several maid to fetch ink, paper and ink, they see Li Xiangjun Hui ink painting, a moment after they to see Li Xiangjun finished painting, they see the fleet a pig forepaw raised stand BaiHuaCong under the heels of flowers fold flap while the stems unyielding. Everyone surprised Xiangjun why painting a vulgar paintings, meaning what Zhu Tong looked at his face wroth that heels actually wearing a pair of boots of official. Zhu Tong Pai An Jing roar: bold and reckless, not she crazy? See her calm expression, but it is nothing like. Hou Fang Yu was shocked and offended Zhu Tong, Li Xiangjun inevitably Xianghun dark withered hearts secretly sigh, Xiangjun this temper or so, I do not know within their means, but is determined to save her, and said: painting pig painting flowers is it implied meaning of the beads songs flower dance This remark is tantamount to Li Xiangjun a save opportunity, but also to the the Zhu pass to a new level, fleet of Li Xiangjun shook his head. Chilling Yi Road, it really is amazing woman, afraid of power, determined to help her, and asked: Li Xiangjun, smiled and said: Easy cold front and said: Li Xiangjun nod,UGG Mini Bailey Button Paint Cheap, Zhu Tong cold to see him, I would see the words the Li Xiangjun exclaim: The easy cold laugh, under the seat Morohito secretly pleased, they already see the face of the chancery adults that rose purple blue. Zhu Tong coldly asked: Easy cold salute and said: Zhu Tong cold channel: Easy cold smiled and said: Zhu Tong, sneered: Yi Han ceremony: Sukun fear of sudden, what has gone wrong, and quickly commanded nine U.S. please out to determine the final courtesan belongs. Easy cold way to return to their own position, but was rather Cream sudden drop live sitting on her desk. Just listen rather frost whispered: Yi Han surprised Ning frost laughed: Yi Han smiled, whispered back: Ning Cream Short said: Easy cold do not want to be with her nonsense, when senior officials towards the second blessing is you want to kill kill, your courage but also a bit too much and wanted to own not done illegal things, this Zhu pass if you want to deal with the also will spend some ZHOU Zhang, that have to want to catch it catch. Return to their seats on the stage looked ten U.S. and poly, the Flower Trio whispered discussed, was surprised to find Li Xiangjun suddenly boomed head hairpin, torn took off and threw it on the ground , Huixiu leave. Gu eyebrow and Liu Zilan emulate, Bian Yu Jing sigh but also leave, The Ma Xianglan, Dong Xiaowan, Kou Baimen see a few people left, and also subsequently in conjunction leave Ning Poetry Poetry want to leave, looking at the rather cream but not move a foot, suddenly see Ning cream like her to make a wink, the rather poetic poetry eyes flashed surprised, quickly calmed down. 7788, 10 U.S,UGG Women's Ultimate Tall Braid. leave major and the trio did not know what to do when they see Poetry Poetry Ning turned and walked toward the major and Zhu Tong asked: pull out the head of hair clasp, shoved toward Zhu through his chest and striking, just listen to Zhu Tong, crying loudly, they fall to the ground. This seemingly fragile woman after assassination, actually stature flexible leave and fled toward the window. Happened suddenly, here's sluggish reaction, however, the moment they listen to whoop, scream rang autumn Huatang chaos into a.

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