be will forget about the back of how desperate Run

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 18:21

Cattle the bb novel reading network you recommended some and general crazy pound wind Grus. . self-confidence. But at the moment, just this was just odd jobs in their own family servant, but broke out not weaker than his speed. Wind Grus hearts surprised inexplicable, but also did not forget to Dodge, stature constantly dodge maneuvers, the idea is barely evaded Yang Li several attacks. Delicate four elders also not idle, see Yang Li the full attack wind Grus slightest regardless of the situation behind him, are a hint of sneer. Several people quickly, as one of their attacks crashing pound Yang Li unsuspecting back. Back exposed, Yang Li slightest fear of attack range of Delicate et al Constable Canada Goose. Yuan-li-wrapped body let her know enough resistance to several attacks. Wind Grus pretty amazing Dodge on the occasion to see The Delicate and others issued by the attack, vapid lose-lose forcibly released Wind Blade, The three fengren roared stabbing Yang Li. Yang Li, punch the shattered two fengren, but is the third fengren stabbed in the body. However, per force of body, but that does not mean to be fengren cause fatal injuries, but still difficult to avoid some of the pain of the body. Mind fengren plan on the occasion of the body, Yang Li left fist fiercely hit in wind Grus chest. Menheng soon wind Grus suddenly shaken backwards a few steps just stabilize the stature, mouth already overflow trace of blood. A product Takeru attack damage arising How could the weak. Wind Grus vivo force is by a burst of small shock, and almost from wind Grus control. At the same time. . The Delicate such as the four elders the attack full fall YangLi back, the water generally gentle rotation Body element force in four weak under the impact, slam fragmentation. The powerful impact ORDER Yang Li, the body can not help but staggered a few steps forward, the tip of the tongue came a burst of bloody smell. Although dressed in a shabby servant clothing but still could not conceal Nama stunning beauty of Yang Li looked at a stand still motionless Fengyang dismay, but found the Fengyang The pupil of the eye is actually vaguely shining ghosts generally black gas Coach Business Bags Outlet Sale. Yang Li Upon seeing this, the body Yi Chan Meng This. It is. . . . Young children, be will forget about the back of how desperate Run, run far run how far. The Fengyang looked looked like a person's mother, the eyes black gas unexpected dissipated. His stiff nodded, sadness has long been of order were filled with anger. Alive, to be alive, we must live good ... this seems everyone is doing something, but to become only the belief of the heart within the 15-year-old boy he knew, his mother is so selfless is to make himself alive. No time to think, the rear five people have been caught up. Flung up his hands, with arms sliding, Yang Li, whole body was actually strange appeared numerous the yuan force cohesion sword. The numerous sword Janus directed at the sky, surrounded by her body. Yang Li, arms up to chest position, numerous swords are at this moment all lasing to the sky, dense circled overhead in Yang Li. Lasing on the way, trees sword thorn into pieces, the sky is crowded sword from the sky pierce straight down, really just like a rainstorm general. Alive! Him to be alive, alive, a chance to come back. But ...... see the Fengyang toward the side escape, a fierce wind days crane arm waving, a wind blade rapidly toward the fleeing Fengyang striking. When the body 被震 forward swoop out, a blood in the air to form a blood screen. Blade of the mind wind windy day crane hurry hair weakened some of the power, but because of the distance factor. However, it still will Fengyang strike seriously injured. subtilis becomes up blood red flirtatious. Wind Grus would like to continue to pursue, and this time, however, the tyranny of the underlying strength has already swept over. Appalling sword yet to come, the wind Grus people will feel a sense of power and influence. Aghast looking at the overwhelming Jian Yu lasing over, five people only rely on your own path and force Heli cohesion in front of a huge protective circle against the top-down obliquely over the sword. Jian Yu waves crash in five people work together to prop up the protective circle Ultimate Short UGG Boots, to make yuan force protection circle constantly produce dramatic fluctuations powerful underlying strength shook the trees and flowers around violently swaying. Felt Jian Yu powerful impact, wind Grus five only continue to inject your own path and force to maintain the protective circle. Jian Yu waves crash down, five earthquake there were not blood crest, Yuan-li somersault, pain is also extremely arms. The four elders weaker first hold, out hematemesis inverted. Time goes by quickly UGGs Uptown Boots, so a stalemate with both sides. But everyone feels the time at this moment to go so slow, it seems that after a long time .... when the fourth wave of heavy rain arrows attack on the protective circle of wind Grus five people together to prop up the yuan force protective circle suddenly slammed fragmentation . Wind Grus four wave Jian Yu carry powerful shock force shook the hematemesis inverted threw in a few meters away. Large body of elders is directly hit a tree the trees shook slammed burst. How could ... ... just kick off shot to think of four-wave Jian Yu, five hearts still scared endless, while toward the front looked big mouth panting coarse. I saw Yang Li-face drained of color sitting on the ground, looking miserable lying there, already weak dying. However, the wind Grus clear, this woman just now, if we insist on a little longer time to death is probably five of them. She brought back our catch. Yang Li, a sweep, while waved his arm, suddenly there were three fengren flew toward Yang Li chest able to resist. Poof! Yang Li has drooping eye toward looked Fengyang fled in the direction, eventually revealing a delighted smile. Fengyang escape no choice straight, he ran some distance, they bypass the grove ran back to the wind family. He knew injured footer speed straight escape, and soon caught. Moreover, the entire back of the mountain will certainly soon will be blocked, even found Hill. After Hill Road absolute escape does not go out, hiding in the mountain end of the road, a detour back to the wind home and perhaps a trace of hope of survivors. After all, now know that the wind Grus kill his message has not spread. The most dangerous place is the safest place, although the reason no one understands, but Wind Grus them at the moment would have thought that he was also air return home? His fists tightly grabbed the skinny arms faint blue veins burst, biting his lips, not to cry, try not to look back. Nails are faint pierce a slap in the face, but the tears flowing down from the corner of the eye. Fengyang feel bad too fiercely to be needle wearing looked up, let the tears flow, but drop by drop flowing into the bottom of my heart, tears in her eyes as if with a hot temperature, heart burn her ashes. Humble capacity, the power to resist fate UGG Ultimate Tall Braid. Or bad, the strength of the resistance, just unable struggle? Mother, I know you let me not reveal the strength of reason, but now know is not too late. Beating in the darkness, cold autumn wind. Late autumn wind, more cold. Stained by the bloody wet thin clothes of Fengyang body howling launch. The pain and grief is cold or are. . The body fast moving, the behind him terrible piercing pain the Fengyang Daochou with cold lump, only Renzhaojutong ran toward the wind home. Back to the wind home again, Fengyang walked forward pretending nothing had happened, and the dark of the night, make it difficult to look at his appearance. Walking the face of the two maidservants, Fengyang rushed head down, and walked slowly. The two maidservants looked walking down in front of the teenager, also did not care, just keep chatting. barrier-breaking level, turned out to be so, the kitchen laborer born son would like to compete for the patriarch of the place, really fantastic, also the steal with Xuanming Dan fine, and she is a dragon born dragon and phoenix born chicken, mouse sons can make ah. said ah, I also said how a usual people do not dare fight between children turned suddenly broke out so strong strength. want to go kill the two maidservants. May want to endanger their own life, he was forcibly depressed inner anger, walked towards the front. He suddenly remembered the mother's evil heart. Yes, ah, evil heart, and obviously the wind Grus afraid patriarch of the place is own outsider to take away, but to impose a non-existent charges himself, then good righteous themselves to get rid of. Two the maidservants after Fengyang around, suddenly smelled a pungent smell of blood, could not help but read more glances, suddenly. . One becomes a servant girl face screaming: The two maidservants suddenly head a while drowsy collapsed to the ground. Both arms waving tear the Fengyang behind the wound, the blood run out. Just maidservants screams alerted a nearby guard, Fengyang not too much to stay, endured tear the wound pain flew to the nearest room immediately opened the door and quickly ran inside. Fengyang took a deep breath, mouth dripping blood, turned around, but it is a look of surprise. A posture graceful girl standing Fengyang front, the same silly Leng Leng staring at Fengyang. Looked at the wind-ting, Fengyang silent. At the moment, he does not know the talking with this girl. Fengyang have to admit, this girl will go to participate in the first test of a fuse of the patriarch successor. Not a month ago was the turn of events, perhaps he is still a person devotes spurned ridicule the humble servant's son, they are not one of the world's people to give these lofty and squatted on the kitchen scrubbing with chopsticks. This girl a month ago, severely trampled on his self-esteem, to live, however, he must again its groveling Coach Audrey. Smell the faint aroma in the air, Fengyang hair hung his obscured face. Write his mouth slightly bitter taste radians, your body is the aroma of me is the smell of blood and grease taste, perhaps, this means that the gap between the two now. Perhaps, you are right. You are a princess, and I am not Prince. Wind Ting saw a look of exhaustion and pain of Fengyang, facial eyes flashing with a touch of strange color, lips twitched, and then he turned and left the room and closed the door. If you feel that this book is pretty good, I hope Tell me who is dynamic moving the mouse covered up the mood, and then the price of two chapters of a red votes in Kazakhstan. . Ready to rest? President Huan not only love the Hua Yang Chu Princess concubine of the scared beast into Princess King of Ghosts a gold medal Chongfei wealthy mistress ace Diao Princess daughter laugh first pulled Fei genius summon teacher husband do not base moving the sake of the child relative Cardiff

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