radar communications battalion

January 18 [Fri], 2013, 18:05
Chen fly ash is little suited for the duties now or in Taiwan fully feel the atmosphere of war. Moreover, better be good at to make changes, here are leaders in the capital, the invisible pressure Chen aquatint feel uncomfortable. ** Bubble! Book. * Temporary headquarters established in the Department of Defense, Minister Xiao Hua, Chen Faxian chief of staff to come here, they come to visit Chen aquatint, today is the first day, but did not see Chen aquatint figure, just the two of them leave , met Chen at the door fly ash. Some pleasantries after Chen aquatint with Xiao Hua, Chen Faxian, sitting in a conference room. Chen aquatint with Xiao Hua, former and current secretary of defense, it can be said that the Department of Defense in general is their own home. Aquatint detail Chen said the situation at the front line, listening Chen aquatint telling, Xiaohua with Chen Faxian burst of envy,Womens Polo Shirts, etc. aquatint finished Chen Xiaohua on a little emotion, said: "It's the envy of the commander, I really miss the days of the battlefield,Canada Goose Men's Lodge, really again on the battlefield, here also to work for the revolution, but they were not in the army happy! "Ming Bai Xiaohua, Chen fly ash can, he said:" Big Brother, your mood I understand, but is this not on their own the time to test it? Does Big Brother can not pass this test? hail of bullets are not afraid, afraid of this? "Xiao Hua natural stiffness, said:" Nature is not, I am not afraid! I just feel uncomfortable! "Then he said: "or below happy this man is such a contradiction, below it, I hope he can come in the idle position, thinking about going to important positions, alas!" Chen Faxian Lengheng soon, he said: you or leave it, sounds like you are an open-minded person, but in fact it? is a death grip with the right to hold onto! "Chen Faxian then immediately detonated, Xiaohua with Chen Faxian immediately began to argue, then is to grimace aquatint Chen touches surprised, but as they argue Chen aquatint gradually come to understand the key still in front of the reorganization plan, the Chen Faxian have opinions on Xiao Hua Xiao Hua in the Tri-Service General department to take the General Staff before surgery, and report directly to the Central Military Commission and even in President in front of the report it! It was natural that the General Staff reorganization first start, the General Staff has been streamlined four sections, fifty or more removed from! This matter is one of Xiao Hua, Chen Faxian naturally strong views. Chen aquatint naturally understand, Xiaohua, and Chen Faxian are veteran, are also own a series of hand real power to the people, in addition to the Hauer some people, but the two men head! Chan aquatint is pleased to see such a situation, the small contradictions, can Bienao large contradiction. But Xiao Hua or not able to replace their own run-in forces in Beijing, which makes him very disappointed. Chen the aquatint followed asked about the situation of the other factions, Xiaohua and Chen Faxian 11 were the answer! Chen aquatint nodded, as long as there is no big deal, it seems that we are all conscious of the people, are the country as the most important, are not self-interest prevailed, did not faint burning brain like! Chen aquatint is afraid that some people are not united, then it really is a bad thing. The the Xiao Hua, and Chen Faxian over an object is to take turns to send additional troops on the frontline, Chen the aquatint shook his head and said: "it does not discuss because I Zuobulezhu, who will be sent on the need to listen to the President mean, at least need in the Central Military Commission meeting by Caixing! front-line troops with five of the eight army, our troops, only three not There crippled 13 Army Corps before the sudden, things 35 Army and 22 Army! estimated 25 Army soon Yeah home, this is too much emphasis on the Yankees sent 25 military on the front, and also did not expect such a powerful, 10 Marine Division allows the United States crippled, this has been very tough On the combat I have no less than the 7th Army! "Then Chen aquatint and said:" Do not be mesmerized by the Korean War, as long as the smooth, I see battle some playing! afraid troops battle to fight? I estimated that someone do not live up to be out of contention wherever he goes now, we face long enough, all our troops had the military exploits, how to make other people wait? probably out requirements on the battlefield will be a lot! being the case, then the next is not going to fight, to give them, let them troops on the battlefield test, only experience will know, the only contrast in order to set off the pros and cons, there is no best, only better, this is the best result ! "Xiaohua and Chen Faxian are immediately thought just leave, and expect to save strength, think of the Collateral, Xiao Hua and Chen Faxian are admire watching Chen aquatint, their thoughts Chen aquatint naturally do not know, but to see the two of them admire the look, and also let Chen aquatint feel the wire Xu's proud, if it is to know that both men are so, I am afraid that Chen the aquatint is not so. Party or something still wartime, so it is impossible, or Chen Faxian certainly is pulling the gang over party! Chan aquatint personally took command of the unit, and his mind completely back to the front, since the the Xiao Hua, and Chen Faxian leave, he has to stay in the war room, he has been working on their posts. Mental this time is definitely the most difficult, the pressure is also the largest error because of a decision that is to ruin the lives of countless soldiers, will ruin the excellent situation. Chen aquatint are very serious in the analysis of fighting, telegram sent back under the front-line, the combined analysis. Chen aquatint long felt now compared with the forces grappling is more difficult to do. Chen aquatint Americans after the thirty-fourth Army was annihilated, they certainly first purpose is to consolidate positions, is to consolidate the position on North Korea Southern, abandon the north of the region is inevitable, but will not give up easily, they will certainly take advantage of the terrain in the north delay time, so the the Southern U.S. military forces to build a better position, and the mobilization of the army! The direction of the Ryukyu Islands, the United States one day without concentrated the good land forces as well as a considerable number of aircraft, they will not rush to attack the Ryukyu Islands! Meant by the President, when necessary, we must give up this point Chen aquatint never agree, had agreed to the mean of the President, that the President did not say dead, but said not a last resort, as long as this situation , that is, do not give up! Chen the aquatint Lenovo to the people on the Ryukyu Islands is what kind of look like! Chen the aquatint is very clear, the Ryukyu Islands,timberland uk, Taiwan forefront of lost Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan in the United States within the scope of the attack! Airfield in Okinawa can be kept on the Taiwan bombing, plus aircraft carrier combat aircraft, Taiwan disadvantage! Therefore, Chen aquatint will never give up the Ryukyu Islands, this time to give up, then it means that the real discard the Ryukyu Islands, then to recover it is not such a good excuse! Aquatint deep Chen said: "must hold the Ryukyu Islands, 35th Army to retreat to Taiwan, you can always support the Ryukyu Islands, sent up to 26 of Taiwan's military, the Army and 25 Army this is the brother forces, had come from the same corps, they did not What estrangement with up more understanding! then transferred to an aviation division, as well as a radar communications battalion in the past! must have command of the air! "
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