several boys bandits stood

January 03 [Thu], 2013, 16:27
Class students to almost the classroom buzzing chaos into a large and more familiar sat down one, especially those boys are looking around to see class beauty. Naturally, attracted the eyes of the dragon Tianyu side up, because not only beauty, there is a level Ministry first guy, even the bandits was followed by dipping. "Is a beautiful, Wow, this developed, I did not expect a class will be gathered so many beautiful ah!" And a male voice whispered. Sure enough, the door came a man and a woman, thin black male, sub-meter seven so long is not very good, but the woman was long very nice, height one meter sixty-seven, skin vain and tender, Sassoon head, almost long and small S, especially her breasts and buttocks, and lots of flesh absolute S-shaped body. Many students in the class looked at this woman are Gudonggudong mad swallowing, just from time to time to see the boys of Xiaoqian and Qinxiao Man, do not look at them, staring at the front of this woman, anxious approached her to eat , Xiao Qian and Qin Xiaoman although long is very beautiful, but she is also good, but, after all, unlike the woman figure so attractive. The development of this woman so well, how to look not like a high school student, but if she can get in bed, and that the taste must be very ecstasy. The woman seems to know to have this effect, sweep around the classroom, very satisfied with the look, even giggled again. Tart, this woman is definitely a tart, Dragon Sky immediately judged Road. If you are a decent woman, will not issue such a laugh. The two men are standing on the podium aside, did not go inside, the young man heard the woman issue such laughter, it seems a little frown upon, coughed, and said: "Hello, everybody, I'm everyone's head teacher, my name is Ma Wei. "man just an introduction to the class on fire at the pot, the man turned out to be their own teacher ah disappoint a lot of women up the class teacher can absolutely and flipped the guy, and the name is really funny Ma Wei, horse tail, a lot of girls are muzzled laughed. Ma Wei hear the laughter, even a little bit embarrassed touched his head, "I'm just this year graduated from college, when your class teacher, I also did not expect, and hope you will support my work with us to build a better tomorrow for our class "the teacher a little mean, no wonder so shy, turned out to be just graduated from university, but look at him like that, it should also be, unlike those sophisticate, coming up just like the people who owe him money wildly always overcast with a face. "Today is the first day of school, everyone's main job is to register, to know each other, and then collar textbook,Canada Goose Women's Tremblant Full Zip Hoody, and I hope you make yourself at home, that we will have to stay together for three years, I hope we can become good friends, our high-level Department of each class has two class teacher, deputy head teacher of our class is around the Teacher Chang. "Ma Wei stepped aside, means to let the woman introduced himself. "Hello, everybody, my name is Zhang Li, your deputy head teacher, teach you English, hope you will enjoy my class." Zhang Li introduced himself. It turned out that the woman is the deputy head teacher of his class, three quite interesting, a class two teacher, a positive one, and a man and a woman, do not know the other classes is not the case? "Report." Zhang Ligang introduction, a male voice sounded door. I saw the door stood a man with glasses, tall thin boys, one under his arm tucked a crutch,Canada Goose Thompson Outlet, shoulder carrying a large bag, deadpan standing in the doorway. "Come on in, the students, I'll help you." Ma Wei see the boys have a disability, stepped forward to help him, and Zhang Li is ducked, as if afraid the boys met her in general. The boys said: "Do not." Then angles crutches, a limped walked to the top of the vacancy. The Dragon Sky a look at this man, immediately thought of that very personalized business cards: Lu Ting. Yes, the boy, is own and Jojo dating to the park, when the man met, he was in the fountain bang a woman, boyfriend of that woman, that is, the so-called four kings one guy hit him, so the Long Sky lessons a guy meal, went away, Lu Ting gave his business card, and said they approached him. Later, Dragon Sky never seen him, I did not expect to encounter here really is fate, even two people assigned to a class. Ma Wei is to see Lu Ting did not receive his love, a little awkward, but just chuckled, watching Lu Ting went over, for fear he fell down look. Lu Ting walked in front of the space, first put the crutches aside and leaning on the table and sat down, open the package, a laptop computer from the inside out, regardless of other people's eyes, boot directly play up. Oh, the original is a computer fan. "Teacher of that horse, all right, I go first." Zhang Li, Ma Wei said loudly, did not wait MA Wei promised, turned and twisted ass out of the classroom, the left while Hong wind. Ma Wei shook his head and said: "The students in the class should come about, I tap the name to hear the answer to." Then Ma Wei points named to. See his next Xiaoqian Ma Wei points to Dragon Sky, stunned for a moment, the heart of the Road this girl how wearing such exposure seems to talk to her in private, now says she bad influence on her. "Dragon Tianyu students is the achievement of our class first, and also the level Ministry, which is the pride of our class, our class in grades level Ministry." Ma Wei said, laughing. Several boys look to Long Tianyu, eyes with disdain, Long Tianyu course can feel a lot of boys unfriendly eyes, but he did not care. End point name, Ma Wei bit strange how no point to Dragon Sky sitting beside a girl's name ah? "The female students, you What is the name on my point of registration certificates is not falling you?" Ma Wei asked. Many boys see Ma Wei for Xiaoqian name, are look Xiaoqian, waiting for her called out their name. The Xiaoqian see Ma Wei look to himself, said: "Teacher, I do not class students." "Is not a class of students? That you?" Ma Wei a little confused. "I send my friend." The Xiaoqian pointed Dragon Sky. "So." Ma Wei said, no wonder that wearing such exposure, the original is not the school's students. Many boys one, suddenly disappointed,Canada Goose Snow Mantra Sale, this beauty, it is not his classmates, it seems that after bubble she also easy to find opportunities. "Well, we have come full Dragon Sky, you find a few boys with me to pick up the materials, the first book forever." Ma Wei said the dragon Tianyu seems up high regard since The Dragon Sky to the . "Bandits, you find a few people, along with the teacher to pick up materials to go." Dragon Tianyu bandits said. Behind several boys bandits stood up and called a few younger brother of a class first to see a few people, facing the few boys to sit in the back row, said: "Ge Jige, you can also go together." longer very strong, generally active in the class back to sit, not good grades, and they are all love seeing the main, these boys so usually often fight, they would have looked at the two beautiful women around the unhappy heart of Long Sky, bandits instigate them to pick up the book, the bandits or Long Sky instigation, naturally will not listen to the bandits. Several boys oblique pulled himself up, looked bandits, a long hair and said: "Who are you? Doing the doing to go, did not bother with you when the sucker."
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