Public Security Bureau headquarters

February 04 [Mon], 2013, 12:14
The Cap 477 Guoan come to the General Counsel, modest "Come on, I know there is a place he can find." And Yan Han sentence with a smile, took the lead toward walked outside the airport. Song and Ming slightly later step quickly followed up. Shen peak to outside the airport, they will have to play a car to leave ............ colored Hotel walked to the door to take the car and drove and drove toward the direction of the Night Girl Bar ... Along the way, a silver-white figure quickly shuttle in the middle of the street, on both sides more than N passers screams constantly aroused, but Leng Shimo have hit a person, a thing, even a cockroach does not run over, visible Shen peak driving skills to the extent of what cattle B! Really do the Meaning of "the surprising facility" words! Amount Zhesi speed in town is definitely already speeding, but also serious ultra-N levels! Who Zhesi but the license plate number of cattle B? More cattle car B? General which traffic police dare to block, or make a silly thing to "peak" Night Girl Bar entrance the two evil blood Tong brother respectful Shen Feng shouted. "Well," Shen Feng smile nodded, then stepped's gone into it, and then directly to the chairman's office on the fourth floor. Peak brother, you coming. "Zhuofei see Shen Feng comes into the room, quickly stood up to greet the Road, some solemn expression on his face, apparently he has been very understanding of the situation now, and that makes any conscience will feel indignant girl demon event has also been known in great detail. Such a thing, with powerful forces and intelligence capabilities of Ling days to help in the provincial capital, just a little check will be able to know very clearly. Also placed on the desk of the Office of the Chairman, Zhuo Feigang just still watching the girl devil continuous events details. Shen Feng mind gossip directly to his face solemn spoke and said: "This thing may be greater than we thought it would be more serious, is absolutely imperative! Addition to peak less command - 'S-class Kill Bill 'outside, I need all the brothers of the evil blood Church mobilized, I conducted a thorough search of the carpet! "must be in the shortest period of time to me to find out!" "! peak brother, I'll go orders, as long as the damn devil also the provincial capital guarantee to dig three feet also in the shortest period of time to find out! "face Shen peak so serious attitude Zhuofei not a hint of the effect, and hastened promised guarantee. The in turned Zhuofei ready to go out under the command, SHEN Feng very cautious added the sentence: "I remember once found the sight of the demon or something suspicious shadows call immediately reported to me, must not act rashly, because this evil demon is not that you will be able to deal with, I do not want to make unnecessary sacrifices when there will be what brothers! "Lengle Leng Zhuo fly, he has never seen the the Shen peak so heavy demeanor, but also from SHEN Feng's eyes to see the color of the deep sense of dignified, also clearly understand the terrible existence for four consecutive kill innocent girl devil is definitely not able to cope with their own and other people, so earnestly nodded, steady tone said: "I know! peak brother" and then it quickly out of the door of the office, to the brothers of the men under command go. ...... Peak brother, I have the command following related to the brothers commanded, just outside the two claiming you dry Grandpa men,Canada Goose Women's Aosta Bomber Jackets, they want to see you. "Zhuofei back to the office, respectful said of Shen peak. "Oh?" Shen Feng mouth is starting a slightly arc, a light sentence: "Let them come, peak brother" Zhuofei turned and went out to please people. Zhuofei people with come in quietly hint Shen peak a look back out. The National Security Bureau, "presumably two is sent to investigate killings of consecutive girls devil! ..." Shen peak watching the middle-aged, a young, faint smile Road. "Oh, really heroes of Youth, No wonder Secretary old people always boast in front of us with dry grandson is how powerful,Men's Air Max 87, how how great, to see today, absolutely deserved ah!" Yan Han eyes carefully handsome boy looked at before, seemed like a see through what the general, while nodding his head, while said polite. Indeed, to live up to its name, and is worse! "Next to the Song and Ming aloud Road a sentence also could not help, he did not flattering Shen peak mean, but truly from the heart think. "Oh, two is flattering, in fact, I will point good character, and good luck point, so will get grandfather appreciation of his old Bale, which, like the two enter the National Security Bureau, but by his own true level insider, That is what people admire it, I'm a back door "The Shen Feng shook his head, and a very humble look low-key. Words but how to think in disguise brag about is how to listen? Also a good character, and luck? Ah! Zhesi really is enough shameless drops ... not consciously Yan Han and Song Qing mouth twitched Hell want to hurt people not! Can through the back door when Major General in this world? When on the post of general counsel of the National Security Bureau? ! Purely Chedan! Easier said than done, lucky desperate to show off their own! Shameless ah, look just like a beast! "General Counsel modest, you can be so young when our general counsel of the National Security Bureau, the rank of Major General, is definitely a virtue of their real strength, and doubtless thrive ah ..." as NSB A veteran captain level characters, Yan Han also still have to continue with the words of Shen Feng said the sentence. No way, Who told Zhesi than their own official big, and even now it is his immediate supervisor, unflattering line? To live, not flattering, the cold really afraid of Shen Feng continue to shamelessly go on, that time will definitely stand against the poor people of his heart affordability. The Shen Feng as the General Counsel of the National Security Bureau, he was Rear Admiral new military status certificate already know from Liu old there, so it appears to take for granted. "Well,canada goose jackets, huh, huh, huh, huh, okay, make do with when it." Smiled proudly with Shen peak point of open, where there originally to keep low-key mean simply to show off, a very shameless boast! Song and Ming and Yan Han: "......" General Counsel, My name is cold, is the team leader of the National Security Bureau headquarters, he called the Song and Ming, the Public Security Bureau headquarters staff, this time we are receiving the Secretary his old command, came specially to help local police investigate the killing girl demons events, of course, the Secretary also said that all of our actions must obey your arrangements. "Both sides can be considered the initial familiar Yan Han then look seriously Shen Feng said, directly to the surface of what he wanted to enter this theme. "Later this time in the provincial capital, you or with other people call me names, I NSB's identity should not be easily leaked." Serious Shen Feng nodded, a faint tone said.
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