no idea thousands of years

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 10:18

> a. , COM this it is no wonder that in. But their son, not to worry about it? Dragon traversal shook his head, under the leadership of the two chiefs, they entered the day fung. our days Yaozu a lot stronger than before ah ha ha ha ...... In just shortly after the patriarch out three figure suddenly appeared. The evil breath they bring all Serbs out of breath, just now, they even broke out a simple battle, just a recipe, but it almost ruined the entire Tianchi, so the strength of the World secretly crying. Ranging explain disciples, dark days and light virtual simultaneously mere mention, almost at the same time salute Bao Quan said: ? The patriarch adults, these three guys just almost demolished Tianchi, they definitely come to make trouble. Shua Shua Shua Shua Shua Shua .... It was when the two chiefs salute the rear again shot to the number of road escape light, Lu Yi, Long crossing, Soul, small arrow appears in the high-altitude, he saw at a glance distant three blood-haired man, a surge from the resonance of the body, so his blood. In particular, is that anti-Scarlet sword is brawny smile to myself, not a demon epilepsy is. Seen demon epilepsy the predecessors, Congratulations predecessors from the pain of repression! Lu the wing feeling that demon epilepsy and even a poor odd war, As for the outcome, it is very difficult to say. just to see a help their turnaround person, is naturally pleased beyond. Then at the moment of his words finished, the two blood-haired man behind the body shocked, either side in front of the demon epilepsy, despite the latter's face was taut in the older person has the right of poor opening said: This tone Lu wing brow furrowed, he was aware that the two men are days Yaozu. He did not know the day Yaozu Why would appear here, but from their attitude seems to be less favorable. Oppressive atmosphere enveloped the entire Tianchi, dark days and light virtual wiped the cold sweat in this with what ah, finally heading the Lu wing to open the door of the gates of hell and angels,UGG Ultimate Short, and how the sudden appearance of the three powerful to metamorphosis guy, they want to do? Tianchi dry rack will not, right? Kid, my father asked what is your name. Demon Lu wing looked epilepsy, found that although the demon epilepsy frowning face the unhappy expression, but did not immediately stand out the meaning of what he seems too awkward to. live in Lu wing, that is not do. Lui Wing laughter makes two days Yaozu mere mention, in fact, they already know the identity of the wing Lu, Lu wing is they're looking for the man. Just that they do not understand, a day Yaozu discarded days growing up in low-bit-plane Yaozu why he was so proud, he the body Yaoqi of very thin, it is clear that the strength is not strong, but his attitude was unpleasant. So much Lu wing attitude makes them uncomfortable, but better to say they played rough Lu wing ignore them feel uncomfortable Bale. This time they did not want to embarrass Lu wing, but to please Lu wing back, remember, please! So they like a played rough, Lu wing scare a scare, then this please will become very simple. In the near future, I Lu wing will personally go to the day Yaozu rescued my mother! Are you kidding? Two of them with words, Lu wing reckless to the extreme, but he came back with some people, and not bring it back. Moreover, any discourse are built on the strength, the to two days Yaozu strength, they do not think Lu wing them with words of energy. Please do not move, and that only the strong please! Two days Yaozu as the one violent Yaoqi simultaneously broke out from their bodies, then they are ready to the moment of the book, a huge blood Mans heaven, direct split in two in front of the void. The tremendous volatility makes the the two simultaneously mere mention, Cengceng the Annealing few hundred paces before they see Who goes precisely had just been in the sidelines of the demon epilepsy. Scarlet the sword cross in the chest, no outbreak of any energy, the invisible domineering Querang demon Tong and the demon weapons hairs bristling. Although they can be considered in the days Yaozu the generation of strength is not weak, but they even fight back room will not be on the fame has long been demon epilepsy. Demon epilepsy predecessors, family faced amulet, a hundred years is bound to drastic change, and if he does not go back, our days Yaozu is likely to be a major event. Even one found Yaoqi frantic rush over. But Lu wing on his saving grace, how he looked at the the Lu wing so back to the days Yaozu? Demon epilepsy almost want to know, Lu wing days Yaozu Dayong, Lu wing is useless. Once he was forced back to the days Yaozu, then only one miserable is to destroy consciousness has become the puppet of the day Yaozu fighting. Lu wing is alive? Clearly not the demon epilepsy can not watch this happen, but the days Yaozu own race, is it necessary to watching days Yaozu suffered disaster? Demon epilepsy is also a dilemma, in fact, he did not know that the days Yaozu why it is so Lu wing demon epilepsy, Lu wing, but is a day demon royal family. Even if his body is also has a terrible prison, even if so, he could not save the day Yaozu. Problems encountered by the day Yaozu definitely need an extremely powerful force to resolve the matter, He Lu-wing,UGG Classic Short Sparkles, have failed, why the days Yaozu looking for him,North Face Massif Jackets? The days Beastkin know why he has the kind of skill? the expectations? Who does not know why he say anything more at the moment no one knows his thoughts now. The crazy look in the wing Double Vision Lu he thanked the demon epilepsy nodded, then mouth off, faint look of the day demon to demon continuous and demon Wu: family, save my mother! Thoroughly mad, mad to no side! Lu wing words naked challenge days Yaozu, marked 50 years of days Yaozu? This is a ridiculous joke, the pinnacle of their days Yaozu standing with the mainland has no idea thousands of years tens of thousands of years, their presence is absolutely not an accident, but has the absolute strength of support. Today,UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit Boots, a guy just plump up the wings turned five years marked the day Yaozu head caught in the door or he was originally a fool? Not only demon the continuous and demon Wu think, is the demon epilepsy also think, however, was nodded in agreement. They are dragon crossing and Soul. They saw Lu wing metamorphosis growth process, and they know that the steady theory Lu wing can not be used, how much mortal Bureau, Lu wing to turn things around, it was not a coincidence, that through efforts from strength Lu wing, he changed a lot of things, he did the impossible. Brats, crazy enough, but you have mad ability? Demon the continuous and demon Wu surface They the days Yaozu is not human, they want is mad, the more crazy the stronger. Only bones crazy enough, they can practice the ability mad mad strength. So Lu wing crazy enough, then his future as not, this is the day Yaozu a crazy powerful seed. This is a joke? Coldest ever joke! !
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