Yin Xiao They collected dozens

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 10:02

WWw! QUAnBen! Com Then, a red red scimitar appear out of thin air, and just block Zala's playing Kamimuchi. Just listen to Crimson scimitar as it appears suddenly disappear. The presence of other comprehension have face became pale, panic overwhelmed. Everyone looked to the ground,Sparkles I Do UGG, but I saw the leaves virtual ** originally fragmented, has disappeared. It turned out that everyone is that the sudden appearance of the crimson scimitar distracted when a black space fissures appear in the virtual IP next a familiar voice repeatedly urged leaf virtual ear, let him fast point drill into that space fissures. Not hesitate leaf virtual the moment quickly running residual divine, rolled up the broken flesh, all of a sudden drill into that space fissures. Wait until the palace Buddha's heart leaf imaginary escape, it was too late to stop. Could only watch that space fissures soon annihilation in the emptiness. Leaf imaginary in a dark long space channel burst through, finally shuddered whole person rolled a soft grass. Ye virtual operation remaining divine slowly repair their broken **, struggling to climb from the ground up. A look around, leaves imaginary finds himself transported to a jungle. The once the Ren Sixuan of the Tian Monv several side of the edge and leaf virtual Qiaoli in front of the leaf imaginary, gently stroking a crimson sword. Around densely surrounded by thousands of samurai dressed in black, armed with long knives Evil days. Ye virtual suddenly nodded: leaf imaginary heard grinned: Leaf virtual smiled and said: how will join themselves at you? Rensi Xuan heard he did not expect, but laughed: safety! Leaf virtual frowned, and finally had the Ren Sixuan handed over and said: Heaven. Leaf imaginary heaven incarnation just passed Qinglong earthly incarnation skill, also cast out of the burning soul Therefore can only again lurking back to the original at the crevice,UGG Women's Montclair Boots, so as not to encounter other contestants. Good Sibu Si, however, a group of contestants also Nezha Djinn later, attracted by the sound of explosions over. Indifferent to the cause of the explosion, but was something attracted. Yin Xiao They collected dozens of identity cards. The card is made of very tough heaven metal, high melting point, the volume is very thin. High temperature and impact strength of the explosion, and there is no damage to these identity card, just blowing around,UGG Women's Over The Knee Button Boots. After a contestant accidentally pick up an identity card from the earth, the participants of the group of his party more than a dozen people suddenly boiling up. Began to expand in the explosion near the ground a blanket search. Soon they collected a dozen scattered in the four identity card. One of the contestants, mysteriously actually found lurking in a crevice in the leaf virtual. Suddenly, a dozen contestants fly from all over the crevice leaf virtual surrounded. , We found you, you get away, obediently out the identity card to us, otherwise we will harm! No way, the leaf the virtual had to mention the murderers of Excalibur slowly drilled out from the stones. energy heaven, but did not nurturing by righteousness, but like the world's rogue bully greed, cruelty. Buddha ah bully you, or think highly of you, we do not cross identity card and that sword out, be careful you did! And his nonsense what directly he get rid of it, hey, I'm a long time have not tried the taste of the back door! A bearded face of the guy laughed and said: times as people to run,UGG Women's Dakota, we are wanted for a long time! Virtual leaf slowly lift kill his magic sword and said coldly: ~! . . <

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