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December 10 [Mon], 2012, 12:13

Pig Xin: three chapters million words! The following recommended collectors does not fall too much on the line, whirring! 】 In the explosion at the center of all the objects around us within a few hundred meters, turn into nothingness, razed to the ground! Looked from top to bottom, in the top of that flat land actually has a length of one hundred meters, 10 meters bulky, five meters deep ravines, like giant earthworms general thrust there, is very much jingchan! Pale, tired eyes flash. softly muttered. Indeed consume a lot of feeling that kind of body weakness and differences force. However, after looking at the scene, the ancient inflammation face before bursting out slightly Xu Xiaorong come. Although excessive consumption, but this impact the other hand, he is very satisfied. Then, the ancient Yan looked up, and the end of the pit ditch that giant gully, is a figure lying. The man is completely bear this in mind [Taiji reincarnation · Dragon Fury] black seats. Although [Taiji reincarnation · Dragon Fury] is very strong, but due to the restrictions of the ancient inflammation strength, burst out the power of nature is not great. Natural, powerful little little different skills, which are relatively As a sanctuary strong, even if do not have different skills, can he move the fingers will be able to create the front of this and other scenes. Ancient inflammation to make every effort, these forces will also be able to break out, but it is not easy. As to withstand the live forces of the black seats this serious injury, at the moment it is adding injury. On the judgment from the atmosphere, ancient inflammation can feel the black seats and did not die, but almost. Especially after the use of the power of the black lotus, black seats, the kind of scary and weakness, has become his Achilles injury. Do not say anything else, he did not even stand up at the moment had no strength. Did not do too much pause, ancient inflammation stepping came gully at the end where the black seats, staring like a dead dog lying squint squint eyes, apathy and said: more a long time, but now it seems, I'm afraid. In this moment was actually floating smile, staring at the ancient inflammation, trembling voice said: The characters! However, a long way to go and I ... my black lotus family confrontation! kid, my black seats are afraid of death, but I was dead to not let Hello by!!! Around, numerous forces of yin fire rapid rushing up toward his body. The next moment, his body so inflated. He wanted to get out of the way, they are too late! Surrounding hundred meters, all to meddle in things, and both its corrosion to a residue, looks abnormal terrorist! However, in the ten million black snake touched the ancient Yan body when a mass of gold already wrapped him. The numerous snake, and then how Chuang, can not break into that mass of golden. See to those ancient Yan eyes flash pleased. Obviously, this is something like two giant monster is golden monkey Tianfei Hu. See this monkey, a tiger, ancient inflammation verbal but it is an unhappy curse: Tiger eyes fell to the location before the black seats. However, at the moment the black I had not seen, even the residual atmosphere is a little bit being released into the atmosphere in the air, gradually depleted. Obviously, blew after he has been turned into nothingness die can not die. Watching the air that Ruoyouruowu Black Meteors, ancient Yan brow Wei Zhou, Jing called black seats actually blew courage, just as if not golden monkey, in all likelihood really be that force to kill! The Wang Daoqiang why powerful? Because they all have the ability of this blew. Sometimes, Wang Daoqiang even death, the outbreak up is absolutely terrifying. Therefore, to the realm, if nothing grievances of life and death, are not so easily Deathmatch. Ancient inflammation really is getting sick. Think of the black seats strength of terror,UGGs Adirondack II, even ancient Yan forced blew,UGG Women's Paisley. He can imagine, ancient inflammation last whack force in the end how strong. Tianfei Hu heartfelt admiration from the ancient inflammation to bottom of my heart. So age has such amazing talent and strength, I'm afraid to look to the Qin Xingguo few. Tianfei Hu idea is very conservative, no said Ancient inflammation talent put a whole different magic continent do the comparison. After all, different magic continent was terrible what the Wizards did not? Today the ancient Yan is indeed far more than their peers, but nothing more, after who clearly will happen to it? However, with the increasing strength of the ancient Yan also gradually affect Tianfei Hu mentality. Let him forget their own identity and status, and willing to do an entourage, when a bodyguard ... tragic sight, at most to play five successful force only. Otherwise, you can not kill him, but also good pull, it is worth about complacency. The inflammation bare smiley Road. Heard these words, ancient inflammation directly rolled his eyes. However, the golden monkey put it is also true that, if it is not seriously injured black seats, and the black seats of old wounds have not healed, I am afraid that really makes the black seats to run. If the black seats have been obedient, ancient inflammation also let him live. But the kind of situation before, only two possibilities. First let him escape, is killed. Obviously, to kill than to escape much stronger. After all, the black seats strength out there, benevolent ninth order! Perhaps, has a golden monkey, etc. trump ancient inflammation seems black seats does not a great threat. Can if he breakthrough Huangji realm, it? Wong strong,UGGs Mayfaire Cheap, have to fight even the golden monkey lives! Wong strong survival ability, to than Wang Daojiang on the number of times. Benevolent and Wong, although the difference is only one level, but the gap between the two is a day and a ground, simply can not be compared. Once run away, the black seats behind him have not said how powerful the forces. Single on his own, people will be able to sleepless nights. Even ancient inflammation of nerves, no matter how large section, it is impossible not to worry about first peg stars Wong strong family days, the black lotus family to stare at it? The black lotus family better, after all, whether it is the the black seats called Black Fan old man, are not Huangji realm. But the stars family man, listen to the Golden Monkey the Tianfei Hu's description, it is strong terrible. Moreover, Blazing Wings, if the stars day family found, there will certainly be many dangerous! Think you can feel when Wong strong stared at, or the body of something will provoke some superpower, the individual will be a kind of mad feeling. Fortunately, the ancient inflammation is not a normal person can be mentioned in the same breath, he has his special, ordinary people can not compare. Although already deep into the forest, but who knows not risk-takers or other people around them tens of miles within it? Therefore, early departure to avoid unnecessary trouble. Shortly afterward, the two beast rapid disappeared in the jungle. That face is not exactly dead black seats? But, at the moment he does not have flesh fills ............ getting kept bright, warm dawn to bring this piece of heaven and earth, the fresh air gives a refreshing feeling. At the moment, his face ruddy as normal people. The body's energy is not only fully restored in the immortality of moisture, the surface of the small injury completely restore. Qingtu breath, his face with a hint of pleasant laugh, looked at the things around it lightly. Gradually, the ancient inflammation blurred eyes, the heart of the whole person actually entered a Ning Ruming month like realm! With the emergence of this strange-shaped space between heaven and earth, that the slightest white aura, actually own flow through his eyebrows, passing its head, moisten TV drama to thrive soul ... slowly , waiting for the sun to fully smile of ancient and inflammation only slightly woke, aware of the changes brought about by the soul of a smile, his face could not help float. At this time, the golden monkey and Tianfei Hu appeared in his sight. Followed by the body of a University of fish thrown, hit it with his mouth, a greedy look. The Tianfei Hu is also feeling the belly and firewood lay down, face floated a trace can not wait. Obviously, a night is so intense consumption, and eaten them, hungry to be strange. to ignite. Castle Peak, water, firewood, fish, characters, smiley, warm memories of a wild constructed. Ancient inflammation in this world friends less, but have a golden monkey and Tianfei Hu and other intimate Friends of can be considered a blessing. After the meal, the golden monkey suddenly asked a question: The Job the Yangcheng The direction faint: Stature vertical, behind one pair of incandescent wings, and then the whole person feicuan sky disappear in the distant horizon. Pig Xin very depressed, read articles book reviews, the brother does not know which cramps or what you said the word 'tired ass'? Oh, right, when pigs Xin is said to be tired. It is a fact that pig Xin did not know the friend said 'tired ass' for what intentions. We can imagine, if you million words a day, and the day but also to remove the eight-hour working time? Not you tired? Tomato, potato, three little they are professional writers million characters are feeling very tired, not to mention the pig Xin. Oh, but the pigs know the gossip said more bad in the text. Well, after the pig Xin will correct those nonsense, not much to say, writing a book well. Like leaving Duo Titi useful suggestions, do not like to go away quietly, thank you! 】

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