want to fight to the bitter with

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 16:29

Efforts to month, the last day of the fight! Flowers! some faint presentiment, this scene tonight, probably, and Jiang Qianqian relationship! Or else he will not for no reason that these words, absolutely not! From beginning to end, Liu Ziyang always no longer speak, a straight suit body, walked, who also shares temperament, Zhang Yi-Lin BMW, still nest in the front passenger seat,UGGs Classic Dylyn Cheap, eyes slightly amused slender, the windows down, let the wind mess his forehead, hair night. ............ Accordance with the commandment of Liu Ziyang, Oriental Qi way to open the car to the plains near the University City Blue Charm Bar, Jiang Qianqian not take over the stronghold of Chiang Kai-shek and his Group when she started right expansion location, her most loyal men skinheads! Zhang Yi-Lin has been a long time not to come here, the waiter in front of people seem to have changed, Liu Ziyang's arrival did not cause much stir touches flag angered the door a few animals all can not help but look glances. Inside the bar is still bustling colorful neon lights of the ceiling is still gorgeous, still crazy the writhing crowd on the dance floor, just this moment, Liu Ziyang not care about these. With Oriental Qi casually looking for a seat to sit down and immediately a waiter came up to sell drinks, Liu Ziyang free to point a few bottles of the best wine, the way to tell this looks very clever waiter to manager got here. Soon, the same one suit bald through the crowd over his sturdy appearance used to seeing on weekdays, this outfit touches suited to some really costs a great effort for this confirmation, this one really is bald. Liu Ziyang also understand, seems Jiang Qianqian took over Chiang Kai-shek and his Group, has been here to the skinhead take care of also see here the manager, Then he hurried over to see Do not look at the Blue Charm Bar scale is not small, but in the hall on the point of the tens of thousands of pieces of drinks guests can really not much. Blessings, put on a suit and bald looks gentle some may still be able to see from his eyes that stubborn and wild. do not know a few Botchan. See this big back head, take a look at this big eyes, high nose ... heart, wondering tube Liu Ziyang called chameleon forget a phone call? Liu Ziyang smiled and shook his head,UGG Women's Tularosa Route Cable Boots, shaved head has always been so loyal and always have been! If not just Murong Xuan phoned to inform Jiang Qianqian in this Blue Charm Bar, Liu Ziyang really is bald fool of. can not help you! red with rage bald forehead a sister, it is perhaps even Jiang Qianqian do not know, but it is no hiding Murong Xuan et al, based on their investigation, shaved head start mixing secret with her sister to draw a line just month by a bank remitted a sum of money to his sister perhaps he did not want to hurt his sister called enemy. see Jiang Qianqian, I can only give you five minutes to consider! But now, he has refused to take so much! Jiang Qianqian things can not be delayed, otherwise, the next thing will fall into Bay over, is likely to complicate the issue! Bald by the beginning of anger to the subsequent frustration, only spent a very short time, he is a smart man, to know Liu Ziyang this is definitely not an alarmist, sister, bald loved ones in this world only. irrigation generally heavy lead ...... on the second floor is a small corridor, the corridor next to a dozen box skinhead did not stop, continue upstairs. The third floor, Liu Ziyang touches also had been there, the place is not only a warehouse store debris, and a manager's office. Surprisingly, bald with Liu Ziyang went that hung in front of the warehouse brand stopped extruding a desperate smile and gestures,North Face 3in1, facing Liu Ziyang, I will no longer use your sister to threaten you means that from now on, you can go to convene you up to deal with me, with our real ability to do a contest! how? believe my ears just to with Liu Ziyang way up, he has several times in the heart, you want to fight to the bitter with Liu Ziyang! But now, Liu Ziyang even gave him this opportunity, and also promised not to threaten and then his sister! Looks like inside the warehouse is arranged in a small conference room, had a few people are talking, the door suddenly been flung open, these people are all face became pale, to see come, one by one all stunned. Liu Ziyang, also see the faces of these people. The Wang Shuai crow the Baixinho two Ziyang Legion chieftains, of course, Jiang Qianqian! The betrayal of the lineup, is very very strong!
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