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December 29 [Sat], 2012, 18:08
- Earth's history is the history of the war, the struggle has already written to the bone marrow of the people on earth, the original, although we can not say bustling, but not deserted campus simply do not see a person. In the past almost can not imagine. The second Galaxy Wars has passed a long time, despite that the enduring war spread to the wisdom of the galaxy planet Earth has suffered an unprecedented blow, almost half of the population into the history of the universe. However, for a long time to recuperate, the Earth's population has already restored once the huge base. More important, Star launched a dozen years ago, this fluctuation in the war of the whole universe, the chickened Yong-Gui Wu and other men are, the people on earth not only did not suffer any blow, even from the star's rendering of unpaid assistance. Technology, resources, stars who seemed not the money to enter the Earth, but also hate people on earth star gradually dilute, and even began to rethink a lot of people on earth, WU Yonggui doing is right or wrong. It is because of this seemingly cowardly acts, the Earth in this decade, not only the scientific and technological level of civilization grade across the great divide, the harmony of the residents has reached an unprecedented height. Earth warlike race, it is indisputable. Earth people are peace-loving. During the day there is night, people on earth have experienced the pain of too much war, more aware of people on earth, peace hard-won. This is an interest-bearing decade of accomplishment, but also let people on earth united decade. However, ten years is too short. This warlike race has not come and the claw sharpening their rusty, and did not come again in a long period of division together for a long time will be divided Earth history letter wrote cycle one ....... ten years later, the Star minions finally exposed. Star aggression is certainly not in order to help the Earth progress, after a decade of paralysis, the Earth people finally realized again that he has already been colonized by the original. Throughout the history of the earth, the earth all the time battles linger. Small to compete, to war. Home for the Housing dispute, the country is to compete Earth for the dignity of contention. There have been a great man: Fun for Tiandou, and ground fighting great sport, with the fight against the great sport! Great man is a great one, because he did meet the fundamental interests of the majority, and in compliance with the the majority moral values, while lofty, unattainable. And such a great man's aspirations, it is precisely the characteristics of the people on earth. Aggression can be understood,Canada Goose Constable, for the people of the earth, we fight back they will be nothing, even if temporarily not work, hardships, Japan must be quoted. The reason does not matter, since ancient times, no root of war abound Eli on behind all have interests or for money, or to the right, or as a resource! These already written in the bones of the people on earth. However, this was only the bones of the earth, not the bones of the universe, the universe is infinite, but why now called - stars who strongest. New World,Men's Canada Goose Mountaineer Cheap, brilliant appearance! The high-profile crackdown and subvert the common sense of the people on earth! When the countless red lips on white paper open, spewing saliva; numerous nodes worldwide Star synchronization inform [New World] sync planes era 'game' will come; representatives as human The WU Yonggui punishment star blow disappear when crazy people on earth. Not because of the star's outrageous, not because of the star's unreasonable, but because the star practice completely subvert the common sense of the people on earth. Wanwusangzhi Earth game is accompanied by the word born out of the same time there is another associated word - entertaining. In Earth's history, entertaining armor, the game facing Wanwusangzhi layers of blocking, tough rough line - has also just developed to virtual era, the era of the inverse reality from the next layer gap more, even as many colleagues against the Star Alliance. But no matter what, no one earth one would think that this would become the reason of the war. Even if it is an excuse, should choose a more like like countless earth brick home in Star who released the new world,Mens Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid Shoes, to make a variety of analysis and judgment. Star who Bao disdain ridiculed, then big spit said, all are star people do like Star who must have a deeper purpose, star people through such means let people on earth Wanwusangzhi, addicted to the game unable to extricate themselves, last longer conduct harvesting, or simply the demise of the Earth, or so people on earth to become the slaves of the star people. They also have a lot of evidence, such as Star Earth playtime tough provisions, such as receiving the work of the people on earth, and personally to maintain the normal operation of the global society, and even sent a large number of resources. All kinds of odd behavior, how to see all the people on earth feel: Star another purpose. Ever since, the Earth revolt. Ever since, the Earth people realized that their original long without freedom. 10 years, mild does not mean Star Star that mild masters. Earth people their means tough appalled, to quietly disappear than blood spattered Shili terrorist. This has also allowed people on earth more certainty that the star must otherwise Figure. For example, the Earth is the universe DragonVenture, star people want to control the Earth? Star YY out the possibility of a wide variety of countless people, but no one residual brain that people really just for promotion This is called the [New World] games. Until the moment in front of the New World, or so. Chen Xiaoming is no exception, even if he's behind the night I do not know from where the presence and made him aware of the New World is not just a game, but may include night and did not think the New World really is a world. Synchronous bit-plane era of the game really is a synchronous bit-plane. This is another universe. Too incredible. To this era, the virtual network has been all over all the sites of the people on earth, and what things we can rely on the virtual network. Unlike network nascent era, all exist within the virtual network now like the real thing, people walk through the virtual network, like entering another reality. It is no exaggeration to say that human life can stay at home even after New. But no one will do this, not even those creatures known as the 'house'. Perhaps it is because the long-term in the war-torn planet again and again skelter in the sense of the reality of the existence of a very special understanding. Maybe people to abandon the real world, because the degree of development of the Earth is less than the vast majority of people are more accustomed to prefer the feel of the real world. Despite already do not need a lot of work to complete, but the people on earth still willing to do it yourself, do it yourself. However ..... the people on earth, in addition to war, called the conservative way of life has finally been broken. New World has not with what fidelity virtual degree indicators to measure, into which each person has a feeling: This is another world, a new world never seen. The astral X New World!
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