Northrend something dangerous

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 10:46
"Attention, we are going to enter the boundary of the Imperial Wizard, we pay attention to his words and deeds, do not give yourself into trouble, especially pay attention to health, not spitting, there should not provoke small animals." Tansey loud reminder of his men. Ye Kaihuai hear his words, puzzled pulled slouch three days Shiro Shiro, why Tansey Knight long to pay special emphasis on not spitting ah? "Ah?" Shiro replied weakly. Sighed, Oh ~ Bella really cruel, honorary compensation of 20,000 gold coins, watching his brother Shiro to sad. Two gold coins out of your pocket and touched each other, issued by the sound of the metal phase strike saw Kenshiro immediately told to live over, like, eager eyes staring straight the Ye Kaihuai the hands of the coins. $ _ $ Answer my question, this is you. "Ye Kaihuai inducements. "You are not asked my sister when bathing? Wash what ah?" "You're talking nonsense, is suspected of paying the money owed is not enough is not?" The Ye Kaihuai quickly one over his mouth Shiro, carefully looked around, but fortunately, no one hears,Timberland Mens Splitrock. Shiro quickly wake up to Ye Kaihuai Road Xie, eye asked Ye Kaihuai separated gold coins: "You ask, as long as I know, I must tell you." Ye Kaihuai said again the previous question, Shiro listen finished, nodded and said: "Oh, you said this, ah, I know." "What is the reason?" that gold? "to you." "Thank." received good coins the Shiro asked Ye Kaihuai Road: "Ye Kaihuai, your impression Elf is what kind of race?" before reading know that they should be very peaceful and quiet race, and also very nature lovers. "Ye Kaihuai some Xie replied. He does not understand why Shiro discuss this issue with him at this time. "You're right, they are very peace-loving race," Shiro's face at this time I do not know how, let Ye Kaihuai feel some anxiety, but they also have a lot of other features ... "For example, ? "Ye Kaihuai asked. "For example, they are a tidy race, not allowed to own a place to live, a trace of dust. Said to have once the Orc Prince will visit the Imperial Wizard Orc Union he arranged accommodation confused pandemonium Results Wizard empire turned out to be hapless prince detained, almost caused a war between the two empires. finally Orc Alliance the emperor come forward, to personally apologize to the Imperial Wizard considered peaceful settlement, but that unfortunate prince was already the capital of the wizard promise The Sunderbans sweep the streets more than a month. "...... that True Imperial Wizard clean ah. laughing" Ye Kaihuai dry. "That's why it should not be left alone small animals?" Because you want to provoke a small animal most likely is the pet of the elves from childhood on signed the Wizard contract natal beast ", they not master-slave relationship, but interdependent partnership each have the ability, the opportunity to own natal beast "Wizard natal beast" kind Prevention of Cruelty to heart, far more than the love of their lives. offended if a wizard deliberately apology, they will forgive you, but if the slightest disrespect their natal beast ", and that the consequences would be unthinkable. said ......" "It is said that some people have offended the Wizard the" Benming beast " almost lead to war, is not it? "Ye Kaihuai interrupted by the words of Shiro. "Hey, the thing is this, the Imperial Wizard, you can be sure to pay attention to, ah. The" Shiro kindly reminded the Ye Kaihuai soon. Ye Kaihuai woodenly nodded, no wonder the rude militant famous orc courteous one-third of the wizard,Canada Goose Kensington Parka Sale, the original "peace-loving and quiet race has evolved violent than they want, a little unhappy is war. No wonder the ancient saying soft afraid of hard, hard afraid to cross the cross's not afraid of life, not life afraid of shameless ... wizard already at the stage to life, while the orcs in the transverse phase The grade is not as natural to treat the problem of attitude is not the same. Shiro three lady called you in the past a knight rushed over to Shiro shouted. "Well, I'll be right there." Shiro promised soon turned to Ye Kaihuai said: "Ye brothers, my family, Miss call me, I first passed." "Ah, you go." Take advantage of the departure of Shiro work,Canada Goose Women's Victoria Parka, Abby and the Saar Coudao Ye Kaihuai to him, whisper said: "Leaves Big Brother, we should see to Northrend, Next we want to do?" do not worry, first find a place to settle down, familiar Northrend city, do the next step of intention. "" That leaves Big Brother, you say months song sister will have something? "what would your monthly songs sister? accordance with prior the wind chimes town dew file that pavilion feud unloading hope bribe sumac Ω lemon potential locust fresh pocket Na private juvenile knock mold play ape Chennai O guillotine? Luang Yin Bender also said, monthly song left when his uncle cloud mountains in her side, presumably cloud mountains will not let his niece wronged. "That we come to Northrend do? I hear you say this, I feel that we come to Northrend seems to be some superfluous." Maybe nothing to do, perhaps we have to do something. "" Why? "" I have previously said, are my own personal judgment, the real situation is not what I think, we will naturally be things to do the leave us. "What if something like it and your judgment?" quietly look at her, and then get out of here, do not disturb the life of her own choice not tell us know not to leave even a news , there must have her reasons, I do not want to force her to do the things he did not want to do. "... leaves Big Brother, you can be really nice guy." "Fortunately you are not a woman, if you are a woman back me a good card, then I would be sad. "Ye Kaihuai smile. Abby: "???" Ignore puzzled Abby and Saar, Ye Kaihuai went up a straight from Knight, "the Murong Miss me?" Yes, the three Miss Mr Yip past . "lead the way" Mr Yip Please come with me to. "With the Knights came before the ranks of the middle of a large carriage after Tongbing, Ye Kaihuai got into the carriage, are acquaintances, Murong rain Tansey Shiro, his rumored girlfriend Bella. "Miss Murong, I just have something you want to say to you, I say or you say first?" Ye Kaihuai seated, smiled and said Murong rain. "I go first, ladies first," "line, Murong Miss, please speak." "I ask you came here to ask you, seeing Northrend will to you next? Willing and we with action? "What a coincidence ah Murong Miss, I want to tell you also said it is my intention to leave the team, acting alone." "Ye Kaihuai What do you mean? look down on us? believe we will drag you hind legs? "Bella urgent. "Of course I do not mean that you are my valued friend, how I despise their friends? Except that I want to do in Northrend something dangerous, I do not want you to get involved, after all, the number of your team, out of things, you worry too much, not like I turned left, my freedom of movement. "Ye Kaihuai explanation let Bella calm down. "That you can tell us in the end to Northrend what do you think you can do? Did not you say that we are your friends? Tell a friend you some of the secrets, I not asking too much." Shiro said aloud. "Can also tell you, to save you cranky, but you give me keep a secret." No problem. "" Good I believe you. "Ye Kaihuai nodded, then said:" Do you remember the wind chimes town 'tree' the proprietress month song? "" remember, ah, I have seen side, is a beauty. "said Shiro nod. "She disappeared, taken away by a group of mysterious people, my only clue is found by others in the field a Legion badge marked." Ye Kaihuai said as he took out a silver badge from his arms. Tansey get past a look, exclaimed aloud: "Silvermoon Ranger!" Tansey uncle you know the piece badge origins? "Murong rain asked, curious. "It is far more than to know, I also the Legion saved it, the three Ms, you saved the Legion." "Ah? Then I do not remember?" "Oh, then you're just a born only three months large baby, how could image. "Tansey said with a smile. "I remember your mother took you to the home of your grandfather, on his way back, we encountered a raid, the other is a large group of thieves want to hijack your mother and you used to blackmail your father, Murong home contemporary master of the house we were outnumbered, seeing your mother and you have been murderous when Silvermoon Ranger Regiment, they attempt to save under. later I have learned to know that help us Silvermoon Ranger Regiment Army chief, I heard a blind date blind date failed, encountered on the way back we attack heart was unhappy Army chief immediately found vent goal, command that own immediate Guard exterminated partners do not have eyes bandits. ", the Army chief who is it?" do not know ah Silvermoon Ranger, after all, belong to the Imperial Wizard of the Legion, on the site of the proud Dragon Empire moved weapons, it has always been easy to one thing caused the dispute between the two countries, as long as the Army chief little brain, he would not tell anyone this matter. "Tansey shook his head. "It seems to expect this thing close to Silvermoon Ranger is unlikely." Ye Kaihuai said disappointed. Not necessarily, there is nothing, maybe I have. "Murong rain said aloud.
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