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December 26 [Wed], 2012, 15:42
"I say, this is what is evil?"Standing on the cliff above it, looked up at.Pleasant to the eye, the cliff is paved with the vines.Above, densely built numerous oval, with branches comprised of thousands.Of course, these Han Yi is not strange.Really let Han Yi is strange, there is no dinosaurs, have none.Look at absolutely empty nest, Han Yi some dumbfounded, thought of any situation, even thought of using high explosive projectile will be hundred crack Drake away, or directly to find Atake To, and then the direct use of close assault pistol shooting it down.But how did not think, when he arrived here, actually a dinosaur is not.I don't have a clue either.Evil also surprised, looking around traces, obviously these dinosaurs walked very is rushed, and full disappear together."Boy, never mind that, have a look what you want is not in?""Well!"Nodded, Han Yi immediately jumped up, toward the biggest the nest location gallop."No!"Looks very ugly, standing on the largest nests, Han Yi at the center is supposed to be the main branches of the nest location of bamboo rattan, have now disappeared."Can't have recently been given the go!"Face confront uncertain, watching the bamboo rattan, Han Yi bow to think.No.Evil flying forward slightly, in the careful observation after, look to the old Han Yi said: "these things taken for a long time, about a year ago."Sorry.Frown,Canada Goose Men's Langford, Han Yi heart faint rises a bad premonition."Anyway, this thing is obviously was given the early bird catches the."A moment later, found that there was not left any traces of, evil back to Han Yi shoulders."Come on, boy!"Since bamboo rattan was taken away from me, stay here, nor the meaning of."Well!"Nodded, Han Yi turned around to leave.Suddenly, the evil changed face, very gloomy: "kid, get out of here, we have been fooled by.""What the...?"Face a face, Han Yi also said, meet with Han Yi is startled day explosion.Detonation!!!The big bang, hundreds of a high explosive bomb at this moment being fully detonate.The nest is in the huge explosion, total ashes to ashes.Sou!A figure not fall out of the sky, a headlong into the ground.Detonation!Although only a hundred meters in height, but the hard surface to "shake out of a pit."Cough, cough, cough!"Spit out two black blood, Han Yi shape slightly awkward half kneeling on the ground.Charred body back, apparently was just explosion injury.Face some white, although in the end, an unbound state, escape from the explosion center, Han Yi still is the violent explosion wave, received internal injuries.My brother said, "indeed, he did not die."Burst of laughter came, forest, slowly out of the six body is wrapped in the cloak of the people.Faint breath, Han Yi slowly stood up, looked that appears suddenly six men."You take the bamboo rattan, and also buried on the charges against me?""Yo Ho, is also the spirit ask us?"Begin to speak of people exposed a carefree child laughing: "but, boy you think I would say?""Why should you kill me?"Face unchanged, at the moment of the Han Yi mind sharp turning.In the city of Shanghai, his enemy has about two.One is the black wolf, another is the two person.However, the two individuals have a died at the hands of the wolf, he should hate black wolf played for me, of course, what the big woods are there, also says no.However, these people's clothing was significantly different from the black wolf, also different from the two men.Their cloaks, no black wolf men like that, with wolf pattern.Not like the two person in a dark.Because in their Cape corner, can faintly see a golden flame pattern.The Han Yi in Shanghai city inside the known enemy have obvious differences.That is to say, they are a new enemy, Han Yi did not know the enemy."My boy, don't bother."Ghastly smile, that person is very direct way: ",Women's Canada Goose Expedition;you can do now, is that your space and equipment to pay out, then the Dutch act.This is the best way to die, or will we caught you, then you have to face, is dead.""Space equipment,Canada Goose Lodge?The thing I die, you take useful?"Face was a surprise color, Han Yi did not care about each other's words.
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