his before returning

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time UGG Women's Finnegan Boots, relationresultThe 548th chapter shock people ,through the !Fill again ) Chapter 548th shock people through ,now s) into Yi Xiao north ,all in scheduling the ability of time ,so think of in be in Xiao North front, the golden s è quasiof fire black Yao tripod ,in this time, be easy to the Xiao North Cao control ,direct again turned over ,back to the way they .
Wu Qizhen Dang ,black flash, into Yi Xiao north ,the whole people ,to start before the posture ,is once again toward the tournament arena high surface twenty cm position suspended .
Close your eyes ,like meditation .And now ,under the competition arena the viewers ,are in this way ,can be said to be deeply shocked a course ,this rock is rock .The rock is pointing to the ordinary viewer martial monk was because ,actually Xiao north into can show some and the run and Yao again similar situation ,however ,suddenly saw is actually north into the Wu Daoxiu Yi Xiao ,so performance ,direct meditation generally when ,of course is the heart is a helpless .
Into wood Xiao north ,this time UGG Women's Suburb Crochet Tall, there is no slack ,a bit of other information ,are no longer concerned .Otherwise ,into wood Xiao north this time must be calm face smiled bitterly ,the man shrugged said helpless .
However ,when the change in Xiao North control of your body ,is now ,his mind ,into the Star Palace ,Hoshi Miya ,the main in the central position of the central star ,and in the central star of east direction of the Oriental Jupiter ,at this time ,rotate more big but rotate more grand ,more critical ,is now into the Yi Xiao North Star Palace within the central star position where the prior is always existed fuzzy shadow ,faster here refers to the fast fuzzy shadow fast ,is refining Dan Yao process moves more quickly again again and again, as is imprinted with the general ,in a central position in the sky, a tiny version of the real face of Xiao north ,at fast virtual refining with Dan Yao again and again without a break so doing Star Palace ,tournament arena pedestal ,into the Yi Xiao north ,brow unconsciously gently pick up of course ,is the joy of pick up .
Now into Yi Xiao north ,can clearly feel ,with their own minds the Star Palace within the central star and the Oriental Jupiter shadow simulation refining Dan Yao degree is more and more quick ,his before returning ,in secondary house ,used to insist on five breathing long time Yao diagram in feeling ,in this way ,again by myself completely absorbing a portion of said exactly, is a little .
However ,Rao is only so little, but without a doubt ,has a very great achievement .All ,just because ,now turned into a wood Xiao North clear awareness ,accompanied by his own star palace main stars within the central star within the action with shadow simulation refining Dan Yao process ,now have their own perception of the general for the Yao map as well as the secondary home forbidden General Dan Yao room knowledge, is a little bit is still growing ,with their own small version of the shadow simulation with refining Dan Yao process is a little up with that ,now turned into a wood Xiao north ,as long as such refining with Dan Yao, then ,no doubt, now turned into the wood .
Xiao north head of the saved Yao graph ,and on returning family forbidden General Dan Yao room to see the many insights ,etc., all knowledge, all is to grow so ,into the Yi Xiao North brow head is picked up ,so much joy pick up your brow that small actions ,although some very little ,even into the wood ,desolate North at this time are convergent ,but ,without doubt ,Xiao North such expressions ,direct Is to let the public line of sight is not left his facial expressions and so on viewers saw .
See, my idol in friend to wind . you have a look ,you have a look ,I said I was a friend of mind ,I say . people laugh and people cry .Such as the secondary side side square ,and his eyes ,can be said to be the most sad to watch, or even before ,because of the time ,is actually Xiao north into warrior monks wood with run process, square and his eyes ,he is in front of the position and horizontal Xiao ,a Liufeng together many of the major forces in said stream into wood home took Xiao north it is blind ,are not likely to succeed, and at only two such of the viewer ,and now ,square and his eyes ,in fact it is Xiao north into warrior monks in doing out Yao run this process, prior to the discourse is also a taunt so ,meaningless ,square and his eyes to two viewers ,this time ,now is will be around the ordinary viewer strange eye care those strange eyes ,with innuendo ,etc.
This is not the only one. Some disdain ,however ,is negative .So ,is actually turned into Yi Xiao North using the Yao is such a small controversy ,the other runners, is also not shown anything, so ,time ,is another such past the whole plain two days two nights two days and two nights later, he the event begins after seventh days in the evening .
Seven of the time ,all of the contestants refining Dan Yao, it is a key x ì ng time.In this way ,into the Yi Xiao north ,and it is around including network of snow ,nine contestants ,affectation and ate a few pieces of Dan yao .
Peng after seven days of this night ,into the Yi Xiao North refined Dan Yao, is really the most critical time and in fact ,into the martial monk Yi Xiao north ,also just ,his body skill, is dispatched to the most perfect state .
You know, in fact ,into the martial monk Yi Xiao north ,there are such as ink ,rock star stone ,in an uninterrupted added the ability, therefore ,becomes the martial monk Yi Xiao north to stay a little longer even entire being into refining Dan Yao ,it is not because they worry about the ability that led to the accident condition .
Come into Yi Xiao north ,needed refining Dan Yao ,in fact ,is the time before ,now turned into a wood Xiao north from the returning family forbidden General Dan Yao ,get a Yao above Dan yao .
The Dan Yao ,is called water y ī ndan .This water y ī nDan Dan Yao belongs to X ì ng,from the name is can be inferred from the out ,is the rule ,who knows the Y ī ncold belongs to X ì ngDan yao .
But ,this is not the most important ,the most critical ,is now into the Yi Xiao North chose this water y ī nDan is for water y ī nDan the main Yao grass ,there is only one ,it is now turned into a wood Xiao north before it is used to grass lake of course ,this, just rely on grass lake ,in fact , water y ī nDan is absolutely superior intrepid Dan Yao refining ugg boots sale,once successful, is absolutely can target even seven order broken exit state warrior monks practice state strength ,have a magical effect of the Dan yao .
Water y ī nDan Yao effect ,is a therapeutic effect in practice what rules and a road warrior monks or the learner ,can be directly is the swallow water y ī nDan treated the injury is a little can be said in any the skill of injury in the Dan yao .
Even ,can say ,even if it is a pseudo nirvana ,levels of the monk or the learner , water y ī nDan will die to produce Yao effect .As for the higher level strength such as transverse Xiao such nirvana ,the early strength of strong practice realm of existence, water y ī nDan ,but cannot produce how old effect UGG Australia Tassel.
But even so ,also can say the direct proof of water y ī nDan Yao effect exactly how powerful after all ,can the needle at a Liufeng pseudo nirvana ,who practice such state strength of the martial monk or the repair and so on the existence of life may have efficacy ,cure injury Dan Yao ,however ,in the general martial monks or the learner is absolutely intrepid pole Dan yao .
So ,from this point on ,also can be seen ,this is a water y ī nDan ,is impossible only a grass lake most major top Yao grass ,the rest of the raw materials needed by Dan Yao have to be ordinary .
In fact ,want to be water y ī nDan complete refining ,is required for the rest of a few lines although as Lake grass ,but there is absolutely no difference on many Yao grass .
The Yao grass ,now turned into a wood Xiao north ,is in his cuffs ,the direct preparation fully ,but just when, into the Yi Xiao north and not the Yao grass out .Now ,according to Dan Yao method described above ,and to be of fire control ,and the black Yao Ding for his induction into the wood ,desolate north to be sure ,is to be the rest of the line ,accurately UGG Bailey Mini, is only inferior to three strains of a wire the mysterious lake grass Yao effect a little bit ,and strictly speaking ,the gap is negligible Yao grass ,and hand out .
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