I am afraid not just your superior

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 12:57
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSpecial group of division of Inner Mongolia resident ,is located in the palace city of Hohhot four area of Yuquan region .
Mengshi off-road vehicle a smooth ride ,was soon arrived in Yuquan area ,culminating in a named Earl Suosi road street parking . Was made out of the fire turned to Qin thorn said .
Qin thorn nodded ,turned to look at the window .See place see sight ,let him slightly hesitant .From the layout of streets and other aspects of the construction of view .Here the infrastructure seems to range ,and the device is in a suburban area .
As he had seen those special group division of resident ,or first time see special group resident will choose such a place .Zhang Li seems to see something, smiled and said: Mr. Qin go not curious, we segment address why the choice here ?.
Qin thorn nodded: indeed some curious .I saw those special group division ,seems to be mostly will address selection is relatively prosperous area of Zhang Li Baishou said: Mr. Qin you can see the conditions here are poor facilities ,but the area was not ,just show has not come .
The Earl Suosi Street jade Koizumi area under the jurisdiction of the street ,Yuquan district is a window opening to the outside world .In the state of open border belt and the Yellow River economic belt of the intersection points, is extremely advantageous geographical location .
Are from the Beijing soul kilometers away from Erenhot port ,inland open domestic kilometers away from Zhungeer ,a large energy base of less than four kilometers ;Jin highway Tian highway through Shanxi, Shaanxi province .
Communication is convenient ,and the domestic hundred towns ,countries and regions in the world strong direct call ,but the few remaining electricity area .Don say transport facilities, light is used to this point ,ha ha ,can fully guarantee our resident equipment smooth operation .
Moreover ,there are also many minority areas .Prone to national division ,the division of our resident arranged here .Also convenient when necessary, to make a quick response to Qin thorn suddenly and said: now that you mention it ,choose this place ,you and special group or after careful consideration .
Zhang Li smiled and said : go, Mr. Qin ,let two people get off .Zhang Li then took the Qin thorn entered a home, although seemingly .It ordinary houses .Even after going in ,there is a poor display ,but saw no one .
But Qin thorn know ,Zhang Li since I came here with .The houses are not seen as simple surface .Indeed. Zhang Li led the Qin thorn enters this common civilian curtilage ,immediately act .
Don what organ of touch .The door without the slightest traces the ground suddenly split open a gap ,then a few dark red light appeared from nowhere ,in Qin thorn and Zhang Li back and forth scanning .
Zhang Li raised his wrist with unhurried ,watch ,do not know what a few buttons ,then see the light gone clean out completely . Mr. Qin ,please Lizhao Qin Qin thorn thorn smiled ,nodded .
Expression is not for those in other people look strange feel strange phenomenon .Two people walk into cracks ,then enters into a sealing space elevator like like .On top of the gap with closure .
Weightlessness feeling suddenly rises .Apparently in decline .But not all decreased ,because Qin thorn obviously feel the elevator travel way is not straight down ,but in accordance with the winding path ,and sometimes fall .
Sometimes moving ,sometimes turning .Also on one or two minutes ,finally paused ,a door without warning in two of the front opening ,Qin thorn glanced up ,the door was already is a modern equipment to build up a sense of science and technology and metal sense of space .
And there have been welcome at the door .The big ear side ,resting on the ancient is the standard official phase .But some glaring ,his eye is bare ,not only has no eyebrows .But even the hair root can UGG Australia Bailey Bow.
Apparently not to shave ,but born not long eyebrows ., captain !Zhang Liyi saw the man smiled a greeting .The captain usually should be no shelf north face sale,so Zhang Li didn too formal . You usually know the block ,not a conformal ,did not think of this is to let you to do a business to come upon a sound .
Obviously. He was previously the Qin and stimulating Communication Division Ze division captain ,captain I usually not Titus is honest ,to work diligently and conscientiously ,how to get your mouth becomes block without them ,you can take so wrong piece called from flexion to lipton .
Go go go ,no time to listen to your blind hailed division Ze waved his hand ,he will look to the Qin thorn ,a face to be just perfect smile warm said : Mr. Qin ,welcome ,can personally receive Mr.
Qin ,Wang Qin Qin thorn no offence nature also recognized the division captain .But each other this kind hard, he was not for .Just a smile: captain should not be too polite division division Ze laughs: come here .
Mr. Qin quickly please .I give you a tour of our resident ,but now people are still not back .Later people Juji ,I give Mr. Qin introduce Qin thorn waving said: division captain ,visitors would not have to, I come to this to have something to do .
Shi Ze startled, then smiled and said: I know ,just like the above ,reported Mr. Qin things above ,very seriously .Said immediately send someone to contact you and Mr. qin .I this is afraid of Mr.
Qin in my here for boring ,so with Mr. Qin visit, is also playing some time Qin thorn hand : just for this matter ,there are other things to discuss with you the division captain division Ze some unpredictable Qin thorn ideas see the thorn ,but Qin said solemnly ,inevitably there are some curiosity .
Then he nodded : .Mr. Qin you come with me the conference room ,we talk about Qin thorn nodded North Face Womens Triclimate Sale,looking aside Zhang Li said: let him come Shi Ze surprised ,but still gave Zhang Li smiled and said: Mr.
Qin said, still to come .Zhang Li grunted ,then walked into the conference room .Three people in the meeting room, seated, Shizawa are unable to hold oneself back and asked: Mr. Qin ,don what you need to discuss with me ?As long as I can help with ,never say a word .
Qin thorn smiled ,pointed to Zhang Li said: let him say a better division Ze suspicious look to Zhang Li, and Zhang Li knew that Qin thorn said anything, will be about the Mongolian youth report about simple things .
Shizawa after hearing ,touch the chin said: this matter ,has a team report to me before, but the shot Mongolian youth are ordinary people .Not to need us to degree ,I was just going down to the following public security organs to concern about it .
Shizawa looks puzzled : Qin Qin stabbed mr. .The matter your so much .Is there is much Maoni ? Qin thorn shook his head and said : trick I don ,but I can feel the thing is not simple ,you to take preventive measures Shi Ze said : Mr.
Qin ,you know we are special group functions, such a thing to tell the truth ,is far from our hands .If hastily hand North Face Bionic Outlet,interferes with the normal judicial order ,it will be to blame the Qin thorn waved a face prudently said : the division captain .
Spare me I will not say ,it is a major event of the fuse, if you have to take care of the future really ,if anything ,you can also be a timely treatment .If it is so careless ,once what great things out there .
I am afraid not just your superior will blame so simple division beneficial Qin thorn this be poker-faced looked startled .Complexion complex thinking after a long time ,finally said : the Qin you think we currently do Qin thorn said: now I need to know these people what what there is a force in driving ,I think such things ,your special group to should not difficult to investigate .
Shi Ze nodded: no problem ,I can now pass .But if we take the word ,public security organs relative to retreat ,Mr. Qin you think I want to notice the following concerns Qin thorn nodded: of course should notice ,you just need to investigate these driving forces behind it ,the Mongolian youth after all just ordinary people, not let you out .
Division Ze to Qin thorn said ,but also relieved, he raised his wrist watch virtual screen .When Qin thorn face give a help hand team issued a directive .See the division captain Qin thorn as property .
When the pragmatic ,its perception as well to some .Division Ze issued instruction is finished ,said with a smile : we this place a few years can not get a worthy of we go out things ,under these players have lazy nature .
Just take it to your activities or ,in later was something big .Deal with do not go up to Qin spines also responded with a faint smile .Said : the division captain modest ,especially the ability to group I still believe ,but still hope division captain as soon as possible to investigate whether this thing behind the power division Ze nodded: Mr.
Qin please rest assured ,if you say so ,I will take the most of these things out just then ,Shizawa watch suddenly shuddered ,a signal source ,Shizawa was excited, in Qin thorn said: should the above were sent to Qin thorn brow movement ,just and jade flawless call ,jade flawless said she immediately rushed to the scene, so now Shizawa said this the above were sent ,is it right? Is that jade flawless .
Positive thinking ,Shizawa has completed the call ,to Qin thorn said: they are doing helicopter flew directly to this change ,has arrived in Qin thorn said: who goes there? .Shizawa smiled and said: people in the organization ,called the jade flawless .
Qin thorn surprise : have arrived ?.Shizawa nodded ,Qin stabbed some excitement ,surprise : Mr. Qin ?.Qin thorn already did not answer his question ,immediately stood up and said: teacher team ,I went to pick up artist Ze are also seeing this hurried and rose up and said: Mr.
Qin wait for me ,I will go and the remaining Zhang Li sees ,nature also rose ,with two people began to walk outside .On the streets of erdos .A black car business firmly anchored down ,quickly ,rear door open .
Go down two beautiful flower girl ,in which a plump figure so lovely, nice surprise .Another shows a Chinese and western the offbeat beauty .Also called a person look impressive .
Reading good books as field pack Book Mai letter maggot is such a place ,suddenly appeared two big beautiful women, naturally attracted many people .But the two girls seem to turn a blind eye to the people around the eyes ,they face some anxious also some irrepressible excitement ,one down on drivers murmur .
I saw the driver nodded .He drove away .Then the two girls are standing side by side ,two pairs of eyes constantly looking around .Obviously, the two girls are jade is flawless and Xia Na ,two people ever since she got the Qin thorn appearances of the message ,and a direct contact after Qin thorn ,it can no longer hold ,make a hurried journey without stop the rush .
Due to the direct use of the helicopter, so the degree soon . So small ,really here ?You never made a mistake ?.Xia Na looked a long time no see Qin thorn figure, some concern towards the side of jade flawless asked .
Jade is flawless shook his head ,endured the heart excited and said: your heart good, I have contacted directly and thorns .Can . Xia Na nodded .I saw a house out of several people ,including a man looks very familiar, but is not the Qin .
She was a delight .Jiaohu said: no ,look .Where jade flawless has seen the Qin thorn ,eye Newsflashes wet up ,pace also can the move UGG Bailey I Do For Cheap,finally broke into a trot ,and the thought night to figure continued close .
She was also more and more do not stop the spread of the emotion ,the tears already covered the whole face . So , thorn two shadow finally perfect fusion together ,hugging tightly, as if nothing can separate them .
Zhang Li and Shi Ze with Qin thorn back ,to see this scene after .The two men looked at each other .There is some do not understand what is what .But Zhang eyes soon fell to Shana compared with jade flawless ,Xia Na the Half-Blood beauty ,are more likely to attract attention .
Unfortunately ,Xia Na simply didn Zhang Li and Shi Ze two people ,her eyes also falls completely in Qin thorn as well, although not as jade flawless so all the emotion complete showed directly .
But her wet eyes ,and the suppressed excitement and surprise .Have enough to explain everything ., thorn ,you thin . For a long time, jade is flawless from Qin thorn arms raised his head ,face full of tears ,but raised hands with Qin thorn face ,keep touch .
The spines are also rare did not show any discomfort ,but some enjoy such touch ,this to him, is really unique . Didn thin .Like fat . Qin said sting be poker-faced .Jade is flawless immediately with a squelch laughter ,eyes were suffused with tears .
The corners of the mouth had laughed from ear to ear ,hand took Qin prick ,said: hate .Don look out ,you so bad .Qin thorn did not feel that where bad .He is telling the truth .But see jade flawless this daughter states .
My heart will inevitably emerge out of a few million .Smile .Said : no ,not here the place .Let along slowly . .Export situation of books on all training Shan . I hear you . Jade is flawless and nodded .
Hello .You simply intend to ignore my existence . Xia Na fork waist ,Du has a red small mouth ,angry looking Qin .Qin sting eyes .That is ,see the girl but also some simmer with laughter .
Jade is flawless is to loosen the Qin spines .Whispered : a small ,Xia Na these days .Always follow ,she is extremely worried about you .Come, have also been asked if I made a mistake .
Qin thorn know jade flawless mean ,go up .Without demur. He hugged me .Xia Na suddenly startled ,had made a small mouth can smooth face down ,also be overcome by one to climb up the bright red .
But the sting did not embrace any other meaning ,pure materials is to meet a physical expression of affection .After the hug ,Qin thorn smiled at Shana said: are safe is good ,I also am down a problem .
From my future .He always worried about you and so will come out ,but unfortunately ,we were separated .But it seems that you had a nice ,your practice promoted many ah . Xia Na has some immersed in Qin thorns embrace ,red in the face, voice also becomes very gently ,softly : small ,and so I also worry about you ,always looking for you from coming out .
If the time out of your whereabouts .I thought you was ... ... Qin has only put a smile: .What is the word .We go in there and slowly . Xia Na nodded .At this time .Shizawa came up .
Said with a smile : Mr. qin .You have to introduce me ,do not know these two ladies are ? Qin thorn smiled: my friend .Xia Na ,jade is flawless stylist Ze hastily to two people greeted and shook hands .
He told Xia Na not familiar, but know jade flawless is organization member ,then ask a few words .Then introduces a Xi Zhang Li after .Several people went back to the house .Then through the secret passage to return to base .
Back to the resident later .Qin spines requires teachers to help him and the two women alone ,prepare a room .Shizawa natural without demur .He will be meeting rooms make the Qin .And in order to let Qin stabbed heart ,also introduces the related conference room camera recording device was completely closed .
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