to the success of a few

March 17 [Sun], 2013, 16:36
"This is just the beginning."With a faint smile on the face of the ancient Yan, don't bother looking very gloomy Deathly Hallows, Kankaneryan said: "Lei Ling origin, heaven and earth is the origin, method is trying to usurp the ancient one although it is not known how many, but definitely more than one, to the success of a few?Basically no complete!And this [evil] must be swallowed up, this one.""Cult poison phagocytosis!"To hear all these four words, is a reflex to the Deathly hallows.Apparently, before the white man discourse has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of everyone.Although the Deathly Hallows did not admit [evil] of phagocytosis is it right? He created, but at least, have let that awareness of the people, [and] evil phagocytosis has been linked to the Deathly hallows,MBT Tembea.After all, in people's understanding, the Deathly Hallows is not human.While the white old man, Han's generation Clanlord is human, but Han Jia-ben surname man.The Deathly Hallows, is only a master of the house Shoufu death animals.Such a comparison, the Deathly Hallows impossible and as generation Clanlord white tunic the old compared.Even if the Deathly Hallows have half step Saint forces are still so, he again how strong, not Han house people, not surnamed han!For this strange scene, Deathly Hallows can obviously feel.Thus, his face was darker, staring at the ancient inflammation.Like, if not white tunic the old block in the ancient Yan depth, he will rush up to the ancient inflammation to shreds.Also, before the white tunic the old emperor four wounded out strong, was also not good-looking, even within the great fear, Deathly Hallows hit them a great calamity is at hand!"It was!"Stand in the Han He eyes swept the four, fundus flash light of meditation."The little friend right, except those with phagocytic origin power ability, [] this toxin phagocytosis acquired practice operation, also can the earth swallowed up the birth of origin.But regardless of is the power source phagocytosis, or the day after tomorrow [evil] phagocytosis, so far there is no successful cases.Must say the successful case, also only won.However, he was only half succeeded, he wins the Lei Ling origin is not completely, thirty percent different energy into ray department only words of flesh and blood, but also unable to obtain the evolution.Otherwise, so far his leiling body has not been changed, nor could Han Yu awakening of leiling body."The white tunic the old smile interface, face and the Deathly Hallows completely idea, a face of praise at the ancient inflammation.The white tunic the old praise, ancient inflammation just smiled, not the slightest bit of a proud heart, be neither humble nor pushy connecting words said: "so, you will think of the Deathly Hallows adult pick a disciple from the Han nationality to do the experiment.And the disciples, it must be the kind of lonely, the people crowding, discrimination, jealous people.Presumably, won in fifty years ago, should belong to this kind of person?"You bet.Smell speech, the man in white Emperor out the strong Han He nodded: "at that time won indeed, although a good his talent, but the heart is narrow, no love."Han he, is the emperor five out strong in the strongest presence.Although not comparable to the won, the Deathly Hallows, white tunic the old these figures, but the Han and the thing, is he a hold.Says who will win support among the people, allowing no explanation, is he.Therefore, he said, would have shown that the ancient inflammation that is all right.At the moment, many Korean families have peeped out a shocked color.Originally they don't believe the Deathly Hallows, also don't believe that white tunic the old, but stood in an equal and fair position.But at present, there are a lot of people have started toward the white tunic the old one.Because of this, the Deathly Hallows face more and more ugly."So."The ancient Yan smiled: "you are the Deathly Hallows adult is looking on the Korean won, or early in childhood have won.
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