bizarre battle aura straight increase in the power

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 16:06

The article best the refining division 138 chapters, if you like the best is refining division 138 chapters Favorites Acura the refining division 138 chapters! Cap 138 Four Seasons song Mu burning soul, reincarnation Happening, the latest chapter of the vault of heaven inverse dragon! the reincarnation St. chopped cast out. This knife volley start turned into a unlimited extension Daomang, and straight to heaven and earth, the sun and the moon to compete. This kid actually burning soul? Do not order it? Seasons change UGG Women's Jimmy Choo Sora, monsoon cage! The next moment, he and two under Shi Zhanqi surgery! Saw the bright spring, the heat of summer and Italy, the chill of autumn, the cold of winter, cemented the power of the Four Seasons, Huanchu Xeon monsoon. That monsoon fusion of colorful spring force, golden the Harlech, gray autumn force, white winter force, turned into a wave of colorless, odorless, translucent rotary Wind body, as the spatial fluctuations toward the Hongxi volume to. That monsoon is strong, the soul tower town! This is not just pure strength, but also the essence of the seasons in which, once a powerful force in the true meaning of the four seasons backing that attack power will be elevated to a supreme vertex. Many events that Qin Fei judgment is very correct, so the Hongxi his no suspect. He has just heard that already did not hesitate to force retreat that autumn sun and moon lock space blew open a corner behind back into the two under. When from that monsoon crashing, forced into the 400 times gravity District, speed dips, but that includes the Four Seasons meaning winds still successfully rushed past, good-looking Fiction: deep magic. But therefore UGG Classic Mini For Cheap, the strength of the monsoon also greatly weaken and ultimately stay in 800 times gravity range. At this time, the majesty of the forces of the earth shows out of 800 times gravity straight monsoon empty since rotation weakness turnaround, like a ravenous hedge generally there to uphold roaring. Since he got this magic wand, still never used UGG Boots Adirondack Tall, the subconscious, the power of the domain of the soul of the town, he is full of expectations. Saw the rocket soul Taling empty sky, windward swollen and turned into a party of five meters in diameter seven-story tower. Shrouded with layers of space on top of aura, of a Pearl soul force, the top of the tower into the sky, the great across the sky disdain firmament sense. While this soul tower in the sky were rolling a turn with a burst of soul wind repression toward the wind Lu clan of three away. It wherever he went the spatial distortions airflow tear, straight cyclonic wave of soul force within the scope of the entire stadium. At this moment, the forces of the soul of the town tower completely played out, I saw it absorbs ambient air into the remnants of the soul-force breath away see While this soul tower, on top of the entire stadium audience, feel soul trembling, seems to want out of the body away in general. The air bath captains this moment really panic! Octagon clan previously showed impressive strength, but in front of them with the power of the Four Seasons, but still only disk dishes they can eat, talk and laugh between. But when they really eat mouth, only to find that this is not what the dishes, braised lion head Instead, Hunxing very, it is so hard to swallow. . Saw the spring, summer, autumn and winter, four shares of heaven and earth to sky, turned into four Chingtien pillars, want the soul of the town tower shore UGG Jimmy Choo Kaia. But the Four Seasons pillars Xeon impact, but the soul of the town tower shook up bombs and one bomb, it erupted was inside a spiral force sucked, this air bath captain could not help scaring the daylights out other book club watching: Goze fighting spirit of the online full side reading. He gritted his teeth, and toward the two under the shouted: But they are not satisfied, this time on the basis of the four seasons of the wind North Face Mens Scythe Jackets, again comprehend a supernatural power is the power into the rhythm of the seasons 'Four Seasons song Mu'. They expect to Zhezhi Warsong can beat the first three teams, which have been crowned champion. But they never imagined that Octagon waters such a secondary clan into actually has this super magic weapon of the soul of the town tower, almost equal to get them back to the wall, desperation, they had to advance Zhezhi originally for The true fish clan prepared Warsong first solve the pressing problems. Three restart donkey lip, sang a weird Battle Hymn tunes. With the tone all the way to the high straight on the power of the seasons rotate rapidly, the three men who were rising from a bizarre battle aura straight increase in the power of them. Of them marching wonderful pace moving, who each burst out strongly the power of the Four Seasons. The three forces of integration, a burst of aurora. This is displaying the power of the seasons after the peak of ultimate Mu light has to go beyond the Four Seasons, and lock the power of reincarnation. Town soul tower they bumped together, actually life and life to the soul of the town tower to suppress down. However, this town soul tower a total of triple-strength system, How can it be as easy to confrontation? He in when with Hongxi exchange, gold pupil ideas force was firmly locked three of the stature of the wind Lu clan. Gold pupil ideas force with soul force detection trio mouth pronunciation, and the kind of peculiar temperament to thrive among the sound change and the process of the formation of special forces. This process is very mysterious, even Qin Fei-lived fad can not ponder the matter. Speeding provide the best refining division 138 chapter text read, if you like Need for refining division 138 chapters collection of Need refining division 138 chapters!

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