the most favorable opportunity Monarchy

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 12:10

> Monarchy determination under! Him a bier was resolutely opposed, especially Yuan Shikai good friend and confidant. Yuan Shikai the old friend WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM Yan Xiu is one of the most anxiety, he met with Yuan Shikai also rude, he frankly Yuan Shikai said: changes to the state system, diverted the monarchy, and my heart was very anxious. Yang have always yīn insurance cunning, to own up to any means, the President must be careful now republican thought has gained, if the tide of history is moving, is bound to the world chaos, the consequences could be disastrous. presidency dynasties of the imperial family what good end? Why do we do what the emperor? Even though outside on a petition to engage in the election, leaving the buzz of the presidency outside the truth of the matter, to know how much?, see Yuan Shikai yet to wake up, Yan Xiu some jī moving up: The situation now is dangerous stricken, you want timely the brakes look back, I am really worried about you, and worry about which Keding and the Yuan family! the〗 life, I have to advise you proclaimed himself emperor, replacing the Qing court, but then you did not agree to. Today, opportunity lost, the support of the people has been set, never make a fresh start, making the same mistakes ah! If you have to defy world opinion and imperial self is, I am afraid to be really a catastrophe it! purpose is to bring Zhang Yixin transferred from Yuan Shikai's side open only way to discourage Yuan Shikai two finally Monarchy disappointed Sichuan aspects, Yuan Shikai but is relatively assured of Chen Huan guarding Sichuan won the trust of Yuan Shikai, At that time there were begging president overlooking shun public opinion, resolutely finding early as fixed plans fortunate world. Subsequently, Chen Huan volunteered request out of town April 1 to prevent the uprising of south-western provinces. Leaves Beijing Sichuan when he assumed office, Chen Huan and bowed to the ground nine prostrations Xihang before screaming: process, even many vicissitudes of Yuan Shikai from the goose bumps. Wang Hengyue hear this story,UGG Over Knee Twisted Cheap, ridiculed authentic: , but in reality, the old man for the Northern strife, favoritism to take deep solid Yuan Shikai Is such a person can always be loyal to Yuan Shikai it? transitional 〖day of〗 this, after Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, arrived in December Kunming. December 12, 1915, the day has finally arrived! December 12, 1915,North Face Mens Panther Print Ski Sale, Yuan announced its recognition of the monarchy, and changing the country as Monarchy, the national outcry! good words to comfort a side Mullington Chen Huan build military forces, ready force to resolve Wang Hengyue! but did not think so Yuan Shikai this time Wang Hengyue, simply do not care. has long been ahead of the completion of all the military preparations. former Qing begin Wang Hengyue the manifested all seem to be messenger secret to reach Leshan purpose is very clear to the Yunnan ready Taoyuan independent the southern Sichuan commanders Wang Hengyue, 〖leather〗 life righteous fathers, this has energized the country explicitly opposed proclaimed himself emperor. Yunnan, southern Sichuan when its red, Wang Hengyue war In and? Cai * This is not the tone, Wang Hengyue first reaction is that! must Tangji * sent! Wang Hengyue answer is very simple: And and! If an independent Wang Hengyue inevitable refused to take orders from Yuan Shikai, his energized that his state! You so much he said his xìng grid ............ He also is not afraid to offend, do not be afraid of us? we do not fight or enacted before, let Yungui aspects and the Northern beaten exhausted say! Department, Neijiang of Ma Xiao Ministry, tight defense, are not allowed to put an enemy over command Xie water to the First Brigade, Li Yifeng's second trip, Wang Zan thread of Sixth Brigade, immediately ready reinforcements! a lazy stretch waist: Yang Sen Nama whip Shan boots,UGG Women's Suburb Short Boots. This is learn action HENGSHUAI. As a military officer, grooming must be neat, even battle played and then worse, nor stains trace of dust on the boots. Military meetings have been held, and the intent of the HENGSHUAI liter normally clear,UGG Sparkles Short, is to take advantage of the most favorable opportunity Monarchy, to complete the unification of Sichuan great cause. Respect for the servicemen, the sought-after is the moment! Chen Huan to Chongqing, but also to win over their own, may be this is different from the past, these four to look to Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, nobody is independent hybrid division opponent. unification entire Perhaps the only hard-fought upcoming face the the Beiyang Battle! want none thought: , raised his whip: thought he was a personal matter! Yeung Sum Fifth Brigade are Wang Hengyue men elite soldiers trained weapons, sophisticated sufficient bullets, heard the ceremonial own military factories, a game playing gun rash attack, lest I Lee handle the angry turn a few laps, the chief of staff and said quickly: handle of Lee sighed. Chaos, chaos Zile how a! Once Yunnan over sudden something big movement, Sichuan Wang Hengyue come a downtown the Beiyang must be on both sides by the enemy, the only hope Zhang Jingyao main. Presidency when the good, have said what the Emperor, now how got! Pick up the telescope toward the Meishan that looked at, opposite the soldiers well into the ground, heavy machine guns are rack up this hard punch, I'm afraid Provisional first mixed brigades inevitable casualties. . <

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