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October 16 [Tue], 2012, 18:09

The overwhelming Jianmang pouring down, and suddenly with a wave of the reign of terror. Group of disciples gathered together outside the door, while at the same time withstand most of Jianmang shot, but the speed of the moves are slow half-time. Second round Jianmang shed go after the very tragic foremost six quenching lingjing of disciples was seriously injured, four of them directly Jianmang cut into sections. Tragic grips just three interest-time, but the outcome is already divided. Not dead people panic fled away, and even that young people are using Dunshu avoid cheeky shock tolerance. Shot these people actually do not have a trace of scruples, of these, but the fairy door cents doors guests, the identity can not be compared with small overlord over, but for no reason in here dead and wounded one, the consequences are always disastrous. lay violent hands, do not mind the time, did not think of the pros and cons. This man is a very dangerous guy, believe it will burn them. Raymond in that young man sneered about if in outside Xianmen, shall not be in order to enter all the way this person beheaded devour his soul to read, and so will be able to get his practice Dunshu. However, since it has been back to the fairy doors, the fairy door reward, such as their breakthrough Road Transmigration, that time we can have the opportunity to come into contact with Dunshu. famous, but more than a decade ago in the the Jianzhong abyss in some magical means survived who back the hype. One exclaimed, and the rest of the people are starting to wake up from just some grips. Raymond word used is a legend,nike air max 90 shoes, Legend of the word can be used to describe. Almost forgotten by the people who actually will appear in front of everyone living, would have had the suspect, but confirmed the identity of this person does not leave a person appear after. To those who fly from Dan hospital Feng Tian Yuan, he felt strong mark at the murderous and Mana fluctuations down to see, the disciples of six exterior doors can not think of an appearance will be seen lying on the ground, four of them have been determine death. Raymond and then turned around to look, suddenly eyes stare, very pleased, said: How? Take it that I should not ah? Feng Tian Yuan stood watching the two eighteen men one by one into the barrier, was relieved, he has just used the soul concept induced these people who actually have a wonderful power fluctuations, it is clear that these are the purple senior sister apprentice Sword had mentioned. And then look back at the the four flight Xiongshou thirty always aggressive extremely heart jump quicker,Northface Women's Denali Jackets. For six unlucky guy, he would like to pipe also pipe is less than. Feng brothers, just really my Dan homes brothers Raymond? stature flash followed. As to the periphery of those who are related to mad like talking about. Only that six of the same door that Raymond a move to push back the young man walked around, reached for a bomb, two silver bullets entering two seriously injured in the same door. Four with door stretch Shouyi Zhao, the dead body of a dynamic, to emerge four soul concept, they panic incomparable fled into the hands of the man. Find an opportunity for you to seize homes rebirth. that the son will find his opponent this time you do not participate in a large majority will strike, fall into my hands, you will certainly alive torture humiliation doubled. quickly return things pass Dan hospital first disciple Raymond over the whole fairy door, suddenly set off over the pages of the storms. While in Danfeng above, because Raymond's return, trouble a boil. Raymond Dan homes disciples, Dan hospital the spiritual pillar of the disciples, Danfeng the soul. The figures have been determined to die suddenly, everyone was stunned and shocked. Dan School of Procedure of the hall, that symbol of the seat of the first human identity is so spotless, as if every day people clean general. Raymond reach out and touch, feeling extremely. Court voices, but not a disciple broke into the hall, they are ordinary exterior doors disciples, not eligible to go into the hall. The other inner door disciple in practice, Feng Tian Yuan already went notified. A moment later, they came out clutter footsteps. Dan hospital disciples to welcome the brothers regression. Raymond turned and looked at them calm, especially in the front of more than a dozen people on them very strong magic fluctuations are clearly disciples. The face with a veil of white women, in particular, is to give him a strange feeling, this figure is very familiar. Etc. all got up, veiled woman light step into the hall, eyes glass looking at Raymond again bow down to go slowly, very solemn knock three heads, . Wanted to really ashamed addition to her little silver bullets, there does not seem to have done other things and then, soon as Master shouted he was guilty. This peaceful atmosphere collision Raymond surprised, seems disk that can say that again, this the ink Kogaya physique really account for a lot of advantages, juicy body blood terrible practice speed ah. Before double ten older soul fire throughout the peak of a small overlord of to to become supernatural powers habitat before the three-year-old wanted to come to the point of no problem. Their own hands, there are a lot of dragon blood and essence, time to give some of her taking her practice from the dragon Ascension Road lot easier. If fairy door and then take care of, this cheap the apprentice really can become the descendant of the demon door. Feng Tianyuan they trickled into the hall,North Face Women's Boots Sale, stood respectfully while waiting for instructions. Before the other disciples came in from the von Tianyuan mouth to get the message, Raymond strength is immeasurable, anyway, very powerful. Plus they see that a full twenty-eight strength than the the quenching lingjing disciples also strong on the fraction of the Sword, the scalp was numb for a moment. Dan hospital brothers Raymond, died shocked a lot of people, not think bring alive shocked more. Raymond looked carefully under the Disciples, few are unfamiliar is, but this is not important, the important thing is they are Dan hospital disciples. Raymond wrist is a bright, suddenly flying out of a dozen the shank grade different Spirit. Some robbery obtained, and some are stored in the storage Spirit. This spiritual device, which edged Surprisingly, the varying spiritual, rich spiritual device fluctuations, suddenly stimulate their nerves. However, no human hand, but see to Feng Tian Yuan and ink Kogaya of.

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