naturally do not want to be entangled

October 17 [Wed], 2012, 17:33

> One hundred and sixteenth chapter of crisis warning sound upper responsible for lookout sailors shout out to hear the voices of those who are bold people rushed out of the cabin to wait and see together, Luo Ming naturally came to the deck, others have not see cleared when his vision back to see the side in front of the waters a spray rolling to side rapidly from the spray rolling similar fins look like things from time to time out of the water. wWW. quANBen. the coM side of the movement is too great distances far away you can find, just to see these fins the visual has nearly ten feet long, can imagine the sea fins have much body? ! Capable of causing so much movement, it should be really some undersea Wicked can be caused in heaven often able to sense the atmosphere below the Wicked Luo the Mingguang Guzhe hurry before but he did not go see, and this is his first close observation undersea Wicked. Sailors above long these Wicked characterized told these people, so that they do more to prepare, like is very familiar with them year-round living at sea, the seabed Wicked. Wicked is very common in the sea shark demon, shape and shark general goes, the volume is several times, although this Wicked mostly just an evil, but it is ferocious bloodthirsty, The main Do not look at the other menacing the whole a water surface are surging waves, in fact, the surface of the water below should be the most common sharks, the number will not be too much of Wicked. May be that even a bad deal, the sailors began to prepare themselves for several more command with the coming on board, the Luo Ming passengers was ordered back to the cabin. The cabin passengers learned Wicked struck all panic, an uneasy expression, Luo Ming soul against the bed has already put out. Highest repair Ming only with the soul view below sea situation carefully observe the ship in the end is how to deal with evil,UGG Lo Pro Denim Jacquard Sale? Luo Ming may believe that the several comprehension for those who can easily eradication so much the number of shark group, believe that the ship has other means of attack or wait for them to completely exterminate a few to take the lead in the Wicked believe that the people of this ship has long shark group to live swallow. Sure enough, as he guessed, the the boat wall of the ship's side near the floor of a row of dark windows, which set up the oversized crossbow crossbow arrows above have children with arms as thick, Jian Jian above equipped with a barb, the above also made in the cold is a powerful weapon. Seeing the sharks necessary to close three large ships,UGG Hat and Scarf Set Clearance, this time three vessels transform formation, all stopped traveling close to each other are lined up, it would greatly reduce the attack site. I do not know who is under the command of a time on board the crossbow thousand arrows shot below the sea water suddenly red one, there is no comprehension for those who have built the base of the ship a few head shark demon Wicked lead sprang, all men are not Doo and the Wicked tour at sea and Wicked close fight can not go on fighting the best shot. Warring parties outflow of blood attracts a large number of other sea animals, if a short period of time can not destroy these sharks on board everyone leaving only batch scapegoat leave immediately. Those in power on board to do so really is cruel to some, but in order to be able to save their lives the rest of those rich, so be it sacrifice. This is why the fear of the ordinary passengers in the cabin because obviously these people is not the first time encountered such a situation, Luo Ming from the conversation of these people know, of course, before boarding nobody told they will sacrifice out. The sea surfaced many shark carcases difficult to deal with, it seems that this time not of Marine Mammals, that led to six a shark demon The blow has some obvious why he did not escort build the base of comprehension for those who are very substantial net worth, in addition to an obvious bulk repair in using advanced instruments used, others are the best instruments used. Road sharp instruments used in attacks, a terrible wound on the body of the All of a sudden there are two direct escape the obvious, build the base of comprehension for those who received the command,UGG Seline Clearance Sale, not to catch up with a few escape the Wicked. Awaiting these people told the men of the two dead corpses of Wicked salvaged, above, the person responsible for the lookout came the bad news, the the rear waters of underwater then thrown a silver-white, this piece of silver-white not only speed but also a lot faster than sharks to the range. Hear the shouts of the men, a few people face became ugly simply refused to take the corpse of salvage sea shark demon, hastened to command the fleet weighed anchor the left these waters. Fortunately, the unidentified Marine Mammals of the patch of silvery white shark's body and not to chase, Luo Ming does not know the kind of Marine Mammals found only with the soul patch of silver-white light is the length of a section of the foot silver-white fish, surprised him most is the number of fish stocks Wicked as many as a thousand, though is a lower strata of the Wicked, but so much of the Wicked Siege who will headache. No wonder they comprehension for those who would be so decisive choice. Afterwards Luo Ming was not aware that silver-white Wicked is a gregarious populations named sword stickleback will be reached in order Wicked, but this does not mean that this evil is not powerful. Contrary, the propagation speed of the The horror of the scene. Encountered as terrifying fish even leave high on a few levels Wicked will choose Bypass. After that encounter sword stickleback Luo Ming insight into several Marine Mammals of the attack, there is time to face the number of dominant group of the Wicked, the the Luo Ming insight into these comprehension cruel, sick injured there The poorest mortal hands of those who such as throwing animals has been thrown into the sea. Below that many sea animals, these people simply abandoned any hope of survival. Dying to hear those abandoned helpless and desperate cries issued other people face in the cabin are very ugly face of all this Luo Ming could not understand there is no way to pipe. Worth mentioning is that since Luo Ming on this ship almost a year that two of the largest ship master end Dan does not appear, not to mention a shot. And if the other did not hide their own breath, Luo Ming can clearly feel the pressure that came on board two different, he really thought it was the man in charge of the ship for the sake of people a safe journey fabricated. For the end Dan comprehension for those who do not shot Luo Ming think it should be the two men since, as too high, and also really do not need two hands to the face of these low-level Wicked. Getting closer to the destination with the running of the ship of the Luo Ming obvious changes found this on board everyone, those ordinary people face smile finally appeared,UGG Ultimate Tall Braid, people talk warm up, and Luo Ming familiar people even came over him that he approached. Luo Ming's identity can not be exposed, cohabitation of this ship, naturally do not want to be entangled, people come to strike up a conversation touched several soft nails after not ignore Luo Ming. Feelings of pleasure and civilians on board the contrary, those lines along the way to have the confident businessman's face at the moment is up, carefully the who comprehension for those who like a guard. Soon after, Luo Ming know why these people worried about offshore sailing are generally lower Wicked infested, and civilians who first went to sea, often sea merchants and comprehension for those who know that really give the the Merchant Shipping threat is not Wicked The greatest threat to pirates. Do not think that those pirates is very easy to deal with, and comprehension of Wu is slightly different, simply do not mysterious in the presence of Fenglong continent above comprehension. The repair is not enough casual repair, especially comprehension practice Magic power law in order to survive almost anything dry, when pirates natural. Although the usually oil-water the Luo Ming sailing routes, but occasionally there are valuables After some pirate idea of ​​playing these fleets. The sea near Fenglong continent is most rampant piracy geographical. ! ~! . . <

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