see Huanglong suddenly came

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 10:24
Young man Aki laughed: "Brother? Your brother Which senior I? Said to listen to me, which I'd like to not opening the eyes of the family you paid such a waste to do I,Men's Air Max 2009!, Lord God army captain and hundreds of players as well as the children of the family of the young man behind the furniture laughing from stirring on laughter. surrounded by streets the gods shook his head, and some looked Huang Liang and Huang Wei quipped idiot! some the look of mercy. "is not it? waste?" Just then, a cold voice sounded thin air, as a cold wind, like scoring a direct hit to around every corner, and the stagnation of the entire sky airflow, cooling a lot. In the shocked eyes of the crowd, the Huanglong and Brad figure revealed. Huanglong and Brad appeared surrounded by moment quiet down. The family, the children of the Lord God,Canada Goose Youth's Chilliwack Bomber, the army of the crowd and the young man Aki its wake furniture stop laughter. No wind automatically! Huanglong systemic cents robe fluttering and loud, whistling, a surge of violent breath of madness into the sky, such as tornadoes generally straight into the high-altitude, Nicole City gods felt the shares Ling Ran coercion. "You are the brother of the two." Lord God army captain react, pointing Huang Wei and Huang Liang two sneered. The Huanglong momentum surprising, but so what? Huanglong is upper god, so he was surprised, but also just be surprised about it. The Huanglong no answer, raised his right hand, palm one, the original arrest the Lord God live Huang Liang and Huang Wei army all by lightning, the body suddenly startled backwards away. Huanglong and Brad have to turn sideways to Huang Liang and Huang Wei side. "What's going on?," Huanglong asked. Huanglong soul to find two Qian conditions, but does not know what has happened. Huang Liang and Huang Wei hear, they look angrily to the matter said it pointed to the young man Aki and that the Lord God army captain. "Brother, the thing is so that they see that we lower God so obstinately through to the same apparel to specify this to us!" Huang Liang glower at each other. Huanglong and Brad have two listening said, Huang Liang and Huang Wei face increasingly Shen down. Huang Liang and Huang Wei said that the Lord God army captain Hey sneer, not prevent, however, just Huanglong attack army crowd strength Zhentui Lord God let him surprise in view of this, he called just has to let men pass the hearing back Dominican government, continue to send people to come. Pending Huang Liang and Huang Wei was finished, that the Lord God army captain, pointing to Huanglong sneered: "your brother and the third brother, the two dared shot beat collude with others in the main city, ignoring the law laid down by the Lord God, and you come to obstruct the Lord God army to execute arrest criminals also a member of the Lord God army shot, it is a capital offense! "come to win, they gave me!" Lord God army captain shouted, a wave. Suddenly, that hundreds of the Lord God army team all to the Huanglong four people lay siege to come. All waste! "Army team looked at the hundreds of the Lord God to lay siege to come, Huanglong the eyes of Hanmang flashed. "Little Lord!" Brad hesitated a moment and respectful while his eyes flashing with excitement and hemophagocytic light, then flying into the sky, the Chen Sheng drink, palms suddenly photographed. I saw under a beat Brad countless golden Qijin such as cyclone General to the Quartet jishe out, more people terrified that gold Qi Jin passage of hundreds of the Lord God army team, hundreds of the Lord God army players down fly out the body of the Godhead All issued a crackling sound. Kim Department rule "burst" feature,Canada Goose Banff Parka UK! This is but the blink of an eye the Lord God army captain ordered forward first over laughing with the young man Aki, but to hear the cries of screams scared not help of course the first turn, watching the scene, and stay there. More young people of Aki their behind family children there around gods is incredible to see raise Brad and Huanglong. Brad strength certainly let everyone shocked, but they can not believe someone would dare not only in the main city of the Lord God army crowd shot, but also the main god armed forces everyone to scrap it! Gods confused lying on the ground on top of hundreds of screaming and moaning army team Godhead Lord God, the God of pulse all the breaking! Godhead God pulse storm breaking, it is shaped like a basket case! "You, you, you really dare to hurt the people of our Lord God's army!" After the shock of the presiding God army captain, pointing to Huanglong and Brad have to eat the Road, at the same time, his face angry contingent. "Anti-anti really!" We will bury you whole family! "" Cure your upper and lower EMI sin! "That the Lord God army captain shouted. No one ever dared to so provocative majesty of the Lord God, or that he has never seen anyone dare openly in the main city of the Lord God, the army of the people shot! But he said this time, the flash fleet silhouette, and then throat would be grabbed and put up. In the dull eyes of the crowd, Huanglong Dan Zhang grabbed Lord God army captain neck mentioned the air, eyes cold: "destroy my family?!" "Destroy, destroy your whole family and how?! You, you, you were to kill me?! "the Baidu Ichinose night now that the Lord God army captain was Huanglong grabbed his neck mentioned in mid-air feel Huanglong intended to kill the hearts of not only not panic, but anger but parody looked Huanglong. He wanted to come, even if it is the masterpiece the strong did not dare to openly kill Lord God army captain! , His voice is just called fall suddenly the Huanglong hand tight, pinch, loud crisp the cracking sound audio in the hearts of the surrounding gods, gods hearts suddenly shocked to see that the Lord God army captain eyes prominent head has drooped. Dead! Gods looked Lord God army captain breath no minds, only the idea. The Huanglong hand delivery, Lord God army captain Godhead fly out, then Zala ground, Boom natural sound. Huanglong army captain looked at that the Lord God, the cold eyes. Kill you, and how! "The Huanglong Sound swing sky. Year mountains in chawol, that tin was his father, the captain of the army of the Lord God, Eric, also died in his hands! And the Lord God army captain, but a captain. The Huanglong turn first came to looking at the young man Aki. Furniture, a look of horror to young people Aki and behind dozens of children of the family in the Huanglong eyes back, they can not believe the same time began to regret that I did not realize that looks like an ordinary two under God behind even throws so two kill God. On my permit, he casually looking for two people just want to send the fire., However, he did not expect things will be evolved to this point. "You, you do not come, we are the children of Joey family! Young man Aki frightened Road Joy family, though not the hell the eight family, but also a well-known family in hell, the first one hundred of the column, with its headquarters located given in this Dominican city. "Joy family. Huanglong footsteps stop, slowly coming to Aki et al Joey family, he and Brad have heard, all this and how? phase than the army of the Lord God, this Joey family is nothing is! Aki people a sense of despair, suddenly, the ground suddenly tremors up tapping! dull sound of cries of rhythm and regular movement rises not help the crowd shift our attention over their surprise naturally look to the street in front of shocked eyes of the crowd, the teams wearing heavy armor Lord God the army riding raising lion-shaped prison beast slowly approaching side. witch Xi et al. see have come to the Lord God, the army of Nicole Ayutthaya, the face of a hi despair disappear hurried to the the Lord God army feitao from. "di-tert!" Aki came before the Lord God, the army, and then cry unto them on the previous sound up: "uncle, you have to save me, ah, di-tert!" Joey the other children of the family furniture v. sound piece. Bunni frowned, Chen Sheng said: "you up! Aki got up Bunni is not re-opening, but look to the distant Huanglong Ichinose night, when you see the Huanglong not far from lying where the Lord God, when the army captain, his eyes a condensate the body momentum storm since flying into the sky, and then directly from the horse on top of the volley came, came to Huanglong in front stood still Brad also dodge came around Huanglong . "you, then kill the army of the Lord God! Bunni gloomy face, shouted sternly. Huanglong and did not speak." uncle, older brother and the third brother, collusion it shot and wounded me, and later, the captain of the Schill arrest his older brother and a third brother, he shot to kill the captain of the Schill! "At this time, to catch up to the Aki his face furiously pointing Huanglong Road. Bunni looked coldly Huanglong and Brad: "you, Zuigaiwansi to!" Then sideways into the sky, shot! The saw its systemic emerge balls miserable green light, a road to the terror of death of the gas distributed open to, such as ten million the hair its dragon and Brad wound over. Main Bunni body God army captain, a repair than previously killed by the Huanglong Schill, however, only with the original tribal Lance Eric quite just. Huanglong did not get to escape, but welcome him flying into the sky, palms shoot directly to this Bunni, the palms among a mass of bright purple light shine into the sky, into the purple light mayonnaise natural sound. Bunni see Huanglong dare to the Godhead Dangxia own attack, heart sneer, the hands Shendao now, once again to the Huanglong hit to. Bang! The cry sounded the stuffy natural sound, the Bunni screams, not inverted out, but straight down the fall from mid-air. Bunni shot down after, the Huanglong dodge came to the front of Aki Joey family congregation children. "You, you want to do! Aki was defeated not instantly from his di-tert-sight of the fact react, see Huanglong suddenly came to the front, scared quaver." Reincarnation excision "I saw Huanglong sound down, its body as the center, and a tract of white light projection out, cutting to Aki et al. Instant, everything stopped. Light disappears. Aki and others fell down, the Godhead order countless tangent drift. Forward, sideways from Bunia after Huanglong beat, and then Aki et al fall, just a few breathing time from behind to catch up to the Lord God army crowd shouted in discoloration.
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