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First three of eight chapters collusion "Are you going to kill me!" Li Yiming brow of a challenge: "Vice Santo adults, do not you forget things shall not kill each other in the city monks?" Monks of the city. ** Bubble ! book. * Yaozhuang seem to hear any jokes in general, with a laugh Road: "What a joke, you are a tribe barbarians, no, not just you, is that you barbarians are nothing but my magic door used to disperse presence of Buddhism Tulv attention, and would like to become a monk and I waited, just ridiculous. "Li Yiming heard clear understanding nodded:" Oh, that was it, this channel is also Nyaya Momen never machinations are rampant, what allies are nothing but false. "Yaozhuang see him and not too furious look, can not help but surprised a moment, squinting his eyes Road:" Manzi, do not want to know why I want to kill you, it? Li Yiming disdain shook his head and said: "kill the devil also need a reason to it, to really say what reason, then, I am afraid that the vice Santo adults look down on my barbarian, also or auction here in Lee eat the loss it if so, I am afraid the Vice Santo adults really Xiaodujichang, ha ha ...... "Yaozhuang this infuriated Li Yiming, but to hear the words, but rather some of his angered, the idea of ​​a move thought immediately shot to kill, but he refused such a 'cheap 'Li Yiming,Timberland Mens 2012, the idea of ​​a move, sneered: "Do not you want to know how I know in advance that you are here to perform a task it?" Li Yiming heard glassy said: "Since the vice Santo adults want to say, then say to listen to is. Yaozhuang Lengheng soon, mouth evoke a trace of grim smile, and said: "Tell you is, in fact, this thing I conspired with two Lan Xiaofeng, he arranged for the task, and I'll , how to kill you, know the feeling of being betrayed it. "" Oh! "Li Yiming heard here, slightly to a little interest, said:" I thought it was you asked to be thought Road Lan Xiaofeng with you conspire, which I was not thinking. "Well, disappointed, regret it, you do not count myself what VIP, tell you the truth, but you Lan Xiaofeng to suppress my pawn just called pawn , although important, but at a critical time, but also the presence of the abandoned child. exchange but point conditions, let Lan Xiaofeng you discard, and now he not only does not help you, it will help me to kill you! " "In exchange, do not know what Vice Santo adults to exchange my life just even if you kill me not what I'm afraid this sale a loss." "loss! No, I will not loss, Lan Xiaofeng fellow thought to get the benefits, but the benefits compared with your body, but a small number of Bale, call Krupp HE, come out to me, you said at the beginning repeat it! "voice of a down ,Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Sale, a figure from behind Yaozhuang flashed, exactly a year ago in the treasure trove of being treacherous Li Yiming debunk call Krupp He thus let go. Now call Krupp He apparently seeking refuge Yaozhuang red he respectfully ceremony, Li Yiming bitter smile. "Lee adults, years of promise but not, want compulsory sophisticated lot! There my junior sister apprentice so that adults take care of, do not know can be also satisfied with the way, do not know the adults, so that the treasures of the letter with me, If still you please surrender Come villain to accompany Vice Santo adults went to obtain the treasure back. "Li Yiming finally understand what the reason for Yaozhuang willing to pay a big price with Lan Xiaofeng conspired against its own, looked triumphant call Krupp HE his mouth evoke the slightest sneer. "He calls Krupp did not think you would dare to come back, well, that make the letter still in my body, but surely you did not tell your new masters, the last time we take treasure, Buddhism Tulv, have traveled to the treasure house, I am afraid that now the treasure house been deserted or you intention is to put your new masters send Rufo Men? "What! turned out such a thing! call Krupp HE, Why did not you tell me!" Yao Zhuang face a change, raising his hand a grasping, a the the magic gas condensate claw will call Krupp HE same as chicks in his hands. Call Krupp He did not think Li Yiming even a word to achieve the effect of the provocation, Yaozhuang seize almost breathless quickly struggling: Vice Santo adults do not listen to his lies, that treasure trove of Buddhism found, but villain can guarantee that the treasure trove of the deepest secret library may be Buddhism never have to go to the Master layer said that the secret library magic main pro-set, not magic main or make a letter, never be open. "remark seriously! "Yaozhuang this Laomo cheated once it is not so easy to cheat the second time, not only let go is the call Krupp He grasped tighter. "Adults mercy, mercy, ah, the villain have said every word is true, no exaggerations Mind Magic, I swear, swear ah!" Call Krupp HE is grasped the raw so quickly cried. With years of experience judgment call Krupp He did not lie, this release, Lengheng ㊣ (4) loudly and said: "Boy, I can save you can also kill you, it is best not to play games with my Yaozhuang seeing call Krupp He was released before to catch her breath will quickly Bese endless, a moment to look up and see the culprit to Li Yiming, lengheng loudly said: "Li Yiming, I advise you to make haste to make the letter handed I can also pleading to the Deputy Santo adults, I'll spare you a life, otherwise you no matter how good the talent have to come to a yourselves! "Li Yiming heard, his face still unabated hint of sneer, do not answer, just croon Road : "He calls Krupp, do you remember when I told you what I said, do not let me see you again, otherwise your life will be, since you now own court death, it is no wonder I." call Krupp He heard this fear, but reveal a sneer, but in his opening satire few,Canada Goose D'Alpago Bomber, I heard Jianxiao the issue from the Li Yiming body, I would see him the whole person as an arrow, direct call Krupp He came, its speed of all those present, but she did not react. "How would! Adults help ah!" Call Krupp He watched Li Yiming killed over the defensive action too late, only seeking Yaozhuang for help. "Darn, dare murder in the seat in front, killed!" Yaozhuang as Vice Santo is the strong presence of fit master, see Li Yiming violence homicides How was willing to roar loudly, raising his hand would see countless The dark soul devils fly from the hands, and turned into a the infinite storm toward Li Yiming volume over. Blocking his progress at the same time, it turned into numerous curved blade of the scythe-like kill to go from all directions. "Break! Break! Broken!" Li Yiming every call a broken word will have a sword lotus give birth, three broken word, the three sword lotus, first breaking storm, after breaking curved blade, and the last one to take him to break through the protection of the Yao village The call one sword so rushed Krupp HE front.
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