wore uniforms that are related to Zhao has a relationship

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 12:29

This article into a God 313 chapter, if you like into God 313 chapter collection into a God 313 chapter! Door when to kick kicked off, take the lead in Zhang any two big fat black and blue rushed inside, a fat behind, followed by several soldiers, but these soldiers are just wearing military uniforms, not guns, they listen to Zhang Ren seemed very a little level UGG Classic Short Sparkles, only to take the lead is a soldier's soldier stepped forward, fiercely and said: I did not expect, just some small soldiers while, even if the person is more, it will not have the role of anything. It is all very obvious, the Yanjing Jun District of leadership does not mobilized under the command of the army, these creeps secretly ran, if it is under the leadership of the name to, that they will carry guns. The Tian Lu Xin Xiada nervous, pulled loose force asked: Chu wind handedly pulled loose force, said: Do not add to the trouble. Then again, if not Chu wind, and that their own with their own boss, may be necessary to chastity can not be maintained, Chu wind save his duo will be attracted to these soldiers, Tian Lu is not to say that he what. Pine force said: She is not only the man is not stingy, and also like to help people, encountered such a situation, others, even if Chu wind to help themselves, it must be borne in the flash or flash can loose force not only did not leave Chu wind no matter cheap ugg australia boots, and that no matter how much money will be to keep Chu wind, which, it is worth to make friends. Chu wind to the two women in front of a station, not with the two women to say what they could not say, but that the soldiers to take the lead and asked: , kid, you bolder really is not generally a big hit Zhang the boss with rich boss to see us also dare to ask who our leadership is, do you think that qualifications do you have? I would like to ask you, in the end is a soldier, or a policeman? Even if I hit people, that should be handled by the police Yeah, what your army stepped in. Is Central Military Commission under the provisions of? the opponents of wind this top students Chu wind then let them up or not. Zhang Ren may not want to waste time, said: relationship, no wonder Zhang Ren able army to call over, forces all the blood of man, a man something, other comrades will help other book club is: people passers latest chapter. Only busy you can not help right, not first find out about the other rushed to whoever so, do not fear the court martial! The Tian Lu said: admissibility. who, you think you are the Son of the Central Military Commission, a long, want to sent us to the military court UGG Paisley Cheap, you have not the ability UGG Butte Boots. 's mother has long rose from the Central Military Commission, the prime minister's seat up, but the soldier said in a half can be considered, even if the towel Red Zhao army did not mind things can Zhao, is also China's largest red family Zhao the Father word, the national army should act accordingly. know what to say Chu wind. behind the large yellow cattle UGG Women's Classic Short Dylyn Boots, saw the Wong Tai cattle one pair fist slightest mercy toward those soldiers who fight to. Chu wind sighed a breath, Su boss is how things really do not know, even that little things do not conduct or yellow and Daniel rushed out. rushed engage in China a mess of the floor, all the guests to see this scene, who would dare to eat here and a flee! face. Bang. The gunshots sounded outside and was shouted down: where soldiers actually dare to shoot, even if the Beijing Military Region, did not have the guts! military uniforms, took off to call back. wore uniforms that are related to Zhao has a relationship, no matter how wrong, can not easily be trampled on, unless it is a case of wearing uniforms. Hold on, give me waiting, stay want you to look good outside of a few soldiers see their own these people actually beat a man, this time is not known ruler of the face may dumped into the grandmother's home, and other books Friends of watching: the Bacchus (required) latest chapter family background is strong enough. How dare I Chu Brother front presumptuous, dare to give the army called up to see I do not * were two Hell. you go to jail. knocked to the ground a few soldiers was not at all surprised, but did not sad loss, went to the front of Chu wind said. I'll go tell him, like the other book club watching: Wu inverse heaven and earth I see you still go in to do, etc. inside the kick down and then go inside. your wrong earlier, is their own fight, do not blame others. If you go now, I'm afraid even you will be beaten. also daring to fight, have to shoot over the line Yeah, Do we are embroidered pillow not a soldier. not stop you, can not play, your medical bills, I can help you out. son with Wu Gongzi As for the other one, is a very strong son, but I have not seen him, listen to the iron son called him, like what to Daniel, now that large cattle son to hit you in the box people. capital three little to provoke a Wu Zhenshan presence not work, I immediately make a phone call to our long, not to take things to the trouble too much! into God 313 chapter collection into a God 313 chapters!

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