really something you shoot casually

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 17:13

such acts, Xin Hai Having seen wore limelight act did not care enough to show her attention on the matter! The party finished, the sweet cold voice disappeared. Ling Yan suck the breath, steady steady mind, feelings this time the Storm Rider, for fear that the previous most dangerous? At least .... Xin Hai Having seen the crazy. The Xin the sea Having seen disciple defense. thinking, their hard diligent practice for so many years, Storm Rider are involved in a few, than that but this rising star ... regardless of strength or powers, Ling Yan tightly pressed against his head. Can be, he does not too much anger, Ling Yan dry at least not Hujiahuwei, bullying move .... so it goes, in fact, also hate less than Zhuoshao Feng Ling Yan, which went to Ling Yan did not take mountains and rivers to speak, just so little, Ling Yan will win a lot of hearts and minds. Ling Yan face with a little smile, looked under Zhuoshao Feng .... beads of how the power of the? Zhuoshao Feng raised his head slightly surprised a moment ... but soon, bowed his head and said: If the elders prior asked less peak, afraid of little peaks have implicated Unfortunately, Kim powerful, has always unassailable Xin the the sea Having seen the head of Tianjiao blessing Zijin A .... lost the battle! with a few? three ... days?? them Zijin A dim much my view of at most a few ten days, that the spell would have collapsibility ... , that time, the statue will reposition itself in the chaotic method throughout, has not yet been eliminated comprehension for 10th to send his disciples, will all enter the chaotic law throughout that time, none of Xin Hai Having seen if a disciple eliminated, and that they have the 3000 disciples into law throughout ... really want to that and other moments,North Face Mens Denali Fleece Jackets Sale, fear plus eight other factions in a no match for Xin Hai Celeste Court ah! to this word, can not help but have some strange. Zhuo Shaofeng know, Ling Yan participate in the initial Storm Rider will not understand a lot of things, the Zhuo Shaofeng this person Jieruchou the, last if not listen Yushan brother to fan the flames, and also will not go to the trouble of Ling Yan, but he With a little understanding, Ling Yan Ling Yan man roughly understand. to do is to survive in the territory of this method to the last minute, in general, since the Xin Hai Having seen the reelection Storm Rider first, often are the other nine factions unite Gongsha Xin sea Celeste Court,UGG Argyle Knit, helpless , the Xin Hai Having seen the magic weapon after another, and they often take blitzkrieg into law throughout a rampage, people have found other sects, immediately surrounded them, often nine factions of people have not yet taken together, they Xin Hai Having seen of the people all broken up, and the last session, it is very dangerous, comprehension Jiupai Xin Hai Having seen the frantic violence only last one can call that people kill one thousand Qiu abruptly to an enemy ten of the last Tsam the disciples of Jiupai comprehension back sects big fuss ... hey, in fact,UGG Roxy For Cheap, in the final analysis, or comprehension for the Jiupai is not enough concerted Xin Hai Having seen the collapse of several martial often, only had time to close up the rest of the martial art in together .. Zhuoshao Feng also said some regret ... that kill one thousand hatred so strong? But this time ghost Coeur future to participate, only eight factions, while Xin Hai the Celeste Court also get a head Tianjiao blessing of Zijin A spell chaotic law throughout almost the entire camp true disciple can enter, then there is no suspense ....., Palace of Eternal disciple of the previous one .... Aborigines into the chaotic method environment? a .... face some embarrassing so little .. The immediate concern last fifty promotion, this does not compare with the other sects ah. promoted to the disciples, a few ten days, 500 into the chaotic illusion that can be considered great progress, if this time, discarded the title of the last one, you all my disciples will sects reward ... Their disciples, naturally, will get big benefits. The speed to those who have lost Eligibility disciples find dozens of clever some legs run faster disciples, led by you, each of the two hour, take them to Tian Sheng Feng revolution! heard, suddenly shocked. ? This is not a full meal nothing to do for it? Let the strength of the Palace of Eternal Youth, better than nine other faction, if it is really something you shoot casually Road of heaven and earth evil, then you bring all the disciples, back on the line with my messenger! We do so, would not be too inhumane? Messenger with all the disciples? That mean flash it? Benevolence?? Shaofeng, do you think, nine other parties I Palace of Eternal Youth Ren Road Department?? ....

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