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The matter of marriage is a life event, but Li Yi two but door, according to the rules, the wedding married from preparation to need at least three months or so, including the degree of etiquette burdensome to the people can not imagine the point, since intend to be a simple, do not have too much trouble, just Nace, asked the name, Najib, satisfied that the levy, period, pro-greet six rites also have to do according to the rules. Bubble * book * () before the ceremony, easy cold can not be used in conjunction with Ming Yao to meet the easy cold death of his father, to the easy horizon to do easy Tianya side officially under the letter of appointment as Lijia side for easy cold Back to the Yuzhou home trip, to please her mother. At this time, the easy cold has left the Jinling back Yuzhou home, the mysterious concept of boudoir is also no step Injured homemade married clothing remarkable woman virtuous virtue. Easy horizon and Li Yi in the hall talking about the the wedding make arrangements for the things, things talk to half the, Original Li Yizhong face smile has become unhappy, Li Yizhong, sullen, said: generally obtained with mice marry off their daughters sneaky,UGG Women's Tularosa Route Cable, this can not be that the gentleman can not please, have to let people know this Whatever next, No, no, he thought a moment and then continued: properly, if they are later people know my the silent would granddaughter Li Yizhong to marry, they are kept in the dark, could not one of them, the two also let the world ridiculed. Easy horizon suddenly unhappy, said: Li Yi glanced at him, and said: I Li Yizhong sneaky Ming Yao gave married, you let me how to see people since ancient times that the door never done such a cowardly thing to Easy End of the World, asked: for easy home Sun wife, easy horizon had when grandson say Haoshenghaoqi. This problem, Li Yizhong just already thought about it and said: Easy horizon suddenly silent, indeed, this marriage so sneaky to do, is unfair to Lee Ka Ming Yao is not fair, anyway, this daughter-in-law has not run the Sun, the two have had intimate relations Ming Yao Yi Han did not marry, to wait for another time and how to think here, decisively: horizon suddenly pondered. Li Yizhong answer, then said: Yi horizon got cheaper still cold, dogs Sun to meet with the emperor, After a few days it should help a an official post in the capital, Beijing, and some conflict with the wedding in time. wedding hasty to do, doing nothing will Ming Yao to the collar back? Li Yizhong suddenly inserted on the topic: . Easily seats clear temporarily busy with military affairs, and who have not answered my letter, as the emperor, but must let him know, otherwise future identity exposed is Qijunzhizui. reason to speak out. Li Yizhong, nodded his head, away from the center of power, they have no reliable person can be entrusted, even if his son believe you told him how to help you, this thing that the more people know, the more dangerous, his work has always been cautious, in fact,UGG Australia Neumel, the things you should not be tell and Qing seats, Li Yizhong finally said something serious. Yi horizon pale Tao: Li Yizhong quipped: big and cheap, and from some of his deeds, from the surface does not look intentional, but it can always play a certain effect. This sentence is quite thought-provoking. ------------------------------------------- Mysterious concept of an aromatic quiet demeanor, Yu Zhi slender and dynamic ecstatic sewing the wedding dress, Mu Tong walked in, said: Mysterious concept did not look up, learning by doing, said: Mu Tong could not understand Miss, but said: The mysterious concept quips: Mu Tong has said: Mysterious concept looked up at her, Miss does not write poetry to paint, start with the daughter and everyone of needlework, collision Mu Tong feeling very novel, came closer, see that embroidery pattern Ambilight, crafted to exclaim: cutwork yourself a thorn? really good-looking, this Jinling few lady you're so smart craft. Mu Tong does not agree: pro for miles. Sudden mysterious concept you gave was pierced finger, of Mu Tong Mangjiang mysterious concept of a finger in your mouth sucking mysterious outlook laughed: did not move, but unfamiliar with a lot. Mu Tong smiling and looking at the mysterious concept to be mysterious concept finger pulled out of her mouth, this hee hee laughs: Mu Tong's body to complain to. Mysterious concept nor otherwise, she just really cold in thinking about easy, heart hidden in a person, and from time to time will be anxiously waiting will delight the sweet, from time to time, from time to time will be lost lonely,North Face Equipment Clearance, mysterious concept of exposing his gentle smile, and continue sewing the wedding dress, and both would like to quickly see the forming of the wedding dress and want to slow down a bit, brewing more gentle and sincere. This embroidered in the preceding time she secretly doing, then verbally Although reluctant to marry easy cold, but these moves are all proven true thoughts of her heart, she was looking forward to become easy cold wife, but she consideration for others than himself.

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