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December 05 [Wed], 2012, 18:25

Second offer, please read! When they think also so-so, a lot of collections, and a lot of support! Thank you! The entire barbecue in a way I had never felt before harmonious atmosphere, although most of the time I grilled food, but I'm enjoying this feeling. After many years, cocoa asked me: just think that I seem to always been one of you, if we originally family-like, and I liked watching you happy eating my grilled food are also willing to even bake a lifetime. idea. The ...... an hour later, the food on the table we have a few clean sweep like to eat into the stomach. I doubt very much that a few MM to eat so much food, how can you keep live so attractive figure. Looked messy, cocoa suddenly asked me: : under the constraints, all relying on strength to speak, to say really, you guys girls so PL, even cut looks degrees, I believe that there was still a lot of male players to harass you, if you just play the game. nothing, but if you want the game as a professional, a real professional player, I am afraid the future is inevitable there will be so similar problems. Cocoa nodded, sighed a breath and said: have the dough, sisters of the same bedroom with a few of us are college after graduating from college, we will together set up a small game studio. Speaking of playing games there for several years, like this thing before. encountered a lot, and sometimes we have no means, unless we quit the game you come today, in fact, we have a purpose, that is, would like to invite you to join our studio, we have other means of course, you also do not get me wrong things, in fact, yesterday, several of our sisters in discuss invite you to join, just seen you, in reality, the evaluation is also good for you, so we invite your final decision. dough back said you know our studio on our five sisters, who do not know, especially the male players also hesitant invited to join, so that might be presumptuous, I this when my sister also afraid of my little sisters disadvantage,UGGs Boots Ultimate Braid. also did not say his original intention, see to cocoa is meant,North Face Steep Tech, very frank, but, after all, the understanding of time is not long, the so-called Dressed And Deep. Try it asked: gold exchange rate is high, equipment scarce opportunity to try to make money, the studio funding top-up, As for the future, in accordance with the experience of our previous games, the main job of supported employment, to obtain benefits through the sale of ancillary items, so no risk also ensure a relatively stable income for our studio. soft eyebrows pick pick, said: how go to an intermediary company work? leveling time to work? Humph! I either go to work, maybe now days Reads first also fail to get How about you. character, not slightest hypocrisy contrived. Sweep all a MM, I am calm and said: ideas, faint: they echocardiography unlimited business opportunities! The public MM or meditation, or eyes light up, or puzzled. I see in the eyes, to continue talking and said: at least it can be said that he is not a qualified professional players, of course, not to mention the best professional players. As players I would like to have at least several hundred million now., I can venture to guess the future of online game virtual economy will certainly occupies a pivotal position in country Z and the world economy. information on ! annihilation, and pretty much did not see your idea, see also a long way. said Well,UGG Australia Short Sheepskin Cuff, you fell to the ground with what intention? Blue Keiji I looked eyeful stars, the moon and the snow thoughtfully, do not know too serious, and the cocoa contains profound meaning looked at me. I nodded, stunned the world and said: Why, you specifically clear point of it? how to build? how to do it? ......

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