Su Fei Qin Dynasty around

December 14 [Fri], 2012, 18:31
The 1247th chapter Su Fei party Su Fei mood today is very beautiful .She was so angry ,get the personnel contract ,the Qin Dynasty to open .In fact, it is because one is angry ,so only the idea of a gas .
But ,if Qin Zhaozhen away, she is reluctant .In fact ,just want to get this thing let off it ,if Qin Ling got it, must be very smart to stop herself ,and then advised a few words themselves may also have to let .
Woman ,occasionally are so unreasonable .Especially a woman in a fit of anger ,that is quite unreasonable .Su Fei also did not think of, their own personal notice ,should first be the guy to get .
However, she has not lower face ,and the Qin Dynasty say wrong .So ,do not be equal to tell the Qin Dynasty ,in his bow to him !How can this be !She Su Fei ,never bow to evil !On ,yes, this is !Su Fei go out later, Jiang Dongzheng sat in the car waiting for her .
Miss, where to go . A silver Mercedes ,Jiang Dong adjusted the rear mirror ,asked . Sora rice restaurant ,where today there is a very important PARTY to attend . Su Fei to sit in ,slightly tired on the back .
Miss, your state ,I suggest that you had better go home and rest ,or to do a SPA ,relax ... ... Well, Jiang Dong ,I know ,but the party is very important ,do the driving . Su Fei knows that Jiang Dong is a famous smash mouth ,immediately stop him to say .
I know ,miss . Jiang Dong started the car , but ,you look terrible, I know a good SPA Museum, of course ,is not I have been, is my friend recommended to me ,but my friend worthy of trust ,he recommended I absolutely trustworthy .
We now go there, in 20 minutes .They might make a twenty percent off ... ... Jiang East ,shut up !To Sora meters ! Su Fei reluctantly waved . Well okay ... ... But the big miss .
.. ... Stop ,I want to go by taxi . Well ,young lady ,I don say ! Jiang Dongyi heard the word ,immediately close mouth .She is going down to take a taxi? That is absolutely not ,dangerous ,too dangerous !Big miss long so beautiful ,so rich ,in case others how to do .
Although it is not very period ,but also to properly protect the lady Caixing ah . Yes, Jiang Dong ,arrange ,make home more bodyguards follow me .Recently, may be less quiet . At this time, Su Fei suddenly remembered the Qin Dynasty reminder ,and then Jiang Dong said .
She also didn put in the heart ,in her position ,do not know how many times encountered such a thing .Therefore ,the home will raise so many bodyguards . Ah !Miss, what do you say not early !I ! Jiang Dong is surprised ,he quickly took out his mobile phone ,dial a phone out .
A Cheng ,with the first ,second squad ,following us .Our position is 36 peace road ,siding with Sorami go . Received. There hung up the phone ,then Jiang Dong big mouth again . Miss, have done !But ,how do you know the recent peace ? Jiang Dong couldn wondering .
Qin said . Su Fei lean against the backrest ,especially tired ,lazily answers his combat Butler sentence . What ,Qin said ,Canada Goose Victoria! Jiang Dong suddenly shocked, Oh ,lady ,that it is not trivial !No, I think we can let Qin himself to protect your safety !He was the only ,lady is guaranteed ! Without him, so people can only wait for death ? Su Fei heard this, he was annoyed .
Jiang Dong felt the car temperature sudden drop ,could not help her cold .He suddenly realized ,he made a very should not .Worse ,won and miss the Qin Dynasty that guy and the cold war !The two men ,how can I keep a harmonious relationship !Certainly is the Qin Dynasty that guy with the first lady !Your ass will want to get !Damn ,if not their fight him, sure to storm beat him ! If anything on him, that I was by what you do !Su bodyguards also used to do !Give me leave ,leave !I am a person to ! Su Fei angry to Jiang Dong shudder with fear .
He knows ,Su home for so many years ,big and small issues are basically relying on Missy in support .She actually ,should have been very tired .So much anger ,if disposable broke out, must be very terrible ! Don Sue without the Qin Dynasty ,could not live for you !Am I Su Fei no Qin ,doomed were washed up !Jiang Dong ,you are what you eat ,UGG Bailey Button Triplet Sale,you will not be able to protect me ? I can ,I will ,Missy down ,I put my foot in my mouth .
.. ... Jiang Dongzhan is shaking and trembling drive .This is my promise ,so * * .What lifestyles !Look at the girl this temper ,clearly and Qin Zhaochao is very serious .They still don the name ,otherwise the consequences must be very miserable .
Jiang Dong had to put all the above on the drive ,Su Fei and mumbled a few words ,estimates are too tired ,say something say not, continue on the chair to rest .At this time, two land cruiser from the back leans over ,Jiang East ,is his bodyguard .
Su bodyguard is divided into the team ,a team of four individuals .The back is the two team ,eight individual ,protection ,there should be no problem . ,they follow up . Know ,open .
Su Fei wave . Well, young lady . Jiang Dong didn say anything more ,driving a car to go to the restaurant .Sorami in South of Jiangsu city is very famous restaurant ,seafood food .
Soon ,Jiang Dong is parked in the restaurant ,Su Fei in the car ,mirror slightly straightened his appearance ,and then to go off .Pretty woman ,where it is distributed with a dazzling .
Here, Su Fei is also so .She got out of the car ,immediately attracted people around the eyes ceremony . Wow ,beautiful woman ! This girl really rich ,Benz . Well ,but is definitely not a mistress ,you see, there are exclusive driver !Who may be a big miss ! People there were many discussions .
But with many pedestrians ,see Su Fei ,all of them went to fix eyes on a ceremony .One was to parking patrons ,almost drove kiss in a land cruiser ass . Miss, you should wait until we get off first ! Jiang Donghuang lies in a car ran out, came to the Soviet Union the next princess , now is not the very period ! Don get a state of extreme nervousness .
Su Fei waved his hands, and that behind the two land cruiser door is opened ,the eight black bodyguard were out of Su Fei ,standing on both sides of the .This battle may make the people even more shocked .
Well, it seems noble family great lady !So many bodyguards !But the hotel doorman who was it is often seen. After all ,Sorami is also the city of South of Jiangsu, count as one of the very best of Le Grand Large Hotel, which brought many bodyguards after the guests ,but also many .
Other people waiting outside ,Jiang Dong follow me upstairs . Su Fei commanded a sentence . ,lady .But I am the only one person is too little . Jiang Dong quickly nodded ,and then said to the others , A Cheng ,you in the doorway watching .
South, cannon ,follow me upstairs . Then ,two was the strongest bodyguard ,went up to .Su Fei looked, also did not say what .Extraordinary period ,is not what .Although I don so high ,but now is not the low profile when .
She had to inwardly sighed ,and turned to go upstairs .If the Qin Dynasty in words like, just take him one ,worth eight squad of bodyguards .Damn it ,how he thought him again .Not determined to forget about this guy !Damn ,Su Fei ,you can strive for gas !Su Fei in the dark heart of scolding myself .
Oh ,this is not so young ! On her way back ,a less harmonious voice over .Su Fei look back, it was Li Qiang .The man ,still in South of Jiangsu ?Remember a while ago, Li Qiang seems as to who ,had to leave the city of South of Jiangsu .
He thought the Lee family in South of Jiangsu city just Xiaoting ,unexpectedly, this guy now jumped out ? Yo ,Miss Su ,today,north face clearance sale. How did not follow the big Bouncer ! Lee in the Qianghuai around a student sister looking woman ,his mouth with a little sarcastic voice ,said to Su fei .
I Su Fei is only then a bodyguard ? Sue concubine sneered, is your son ,Lee ,was not their tails in South of Jiangsu city run ,how to come back ? Hum ! Hear Su Fei said so, Li Qiang immediately on the face and some do not hang .
They run away from the city of South of Jiangsu ,is not the reason of father !His father took him mercilessly scolded ,said he got the wrong man ,then had him sent to the field to a head to the .
Make fun of yourself ,what the wrong person ?Su Fei Qin Dynasty around the bodyguard ?Laugh off my head ,he is not a bodyguard !If he had any background ,can only in Su ass back to do a small bodyguard ?And his incompetent younger brother, also do not know how, afraid of the Qin Dynasty was scared to death .
Asked why he ,also do not say anything else, just say the Qin Dynasty is terrible .Grandma, terrible !He will dare to provoke her ,looking at him behind sap ,beat him to death .Kung Fu and how, Bruce Lee also died !He is afraid of him ,he is not called Li Qiang ! I long ago just to the field on the deal .
Oh? This is the original ?But I am not interested in it ,Li ,goodbye ! Su Fei smooth and clean finish, from Li Qiang will have to leave .================================================== sorry ,everybody ,just arrived in Beijing last night ,busy back to sleep before midnight now head ,is really old, stay up late on .
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