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January 17 [Thu], 2013, 16:47
After a few moments, on top of a mountain range, the strong pace of gas Saint finally stopped and the back of four closely follow up, but looking at the appearance of the four, obviously very tired. After all, to keep up with a gas Saint strong for their strength at the moment, it is difficult. This is too strong speed of the gas Saint not under fast. "Where is it?" Long Ling outward from the energy shield being seen saw was being in the mountains, woods lined a single glance but not head, the mountains were covered by green. "This is also the 4th region, just do not know why he is going to bring us to come here?" Yeh said, its look is also very questionable. These things eat. "Gas Saint strong suddenly back in the hands of two of immortality, and instantly be sent to the mouth of the dragon Ling Yeh. They also eat it, the drug digestion, the leaves are suddenly felt the taste of deep sorrow,Womens Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket, cries tears the heart howling rocked this forest, alerted heaven and earth, after all, the cry of a seven-order gas statue can be very powerful. Seeing LONGLINE also wailed loud. "This is immortality?" Long Ling asked, was this immortality in his body being digested when, LONGLINE body being Ichor is to purify the LONGLINE simply do not feel this immortality of trace toxic. "Osteoclasts Dan!" Said Ichor "this immortality toxicity is dramatic and can make people feel the taste of bones corrosion, if not promptly lifted its toxicity, January is toxic hearts and minds, incurable "So, seriously, what can we do?" Long Ling asked, watching the leaves is that Guikulanghao like sounds, he is also very worried. Refining immortality of poison Dan, eat so immortality is lifted to its toxicity. "Said Ling liquid. "Good." Long Ling said something, but at the moment looks like that in front of such a gas Saint refining of poison Dan, seemed to be able to wait until the gas Saint leave when, can be refined so immortality. In order not to cause gas Saint strong suspicion LONGLINE pretend very painful in general. "Haha, the toxicity of this osteoclasts Dan you should know who you should not be so toxic Dan antidote." The man said. Leaves being heart is very angry, the usual alchemy division, who will carry is so immortality. "As long as you refining ten immortality here, I would put you back and give you the antidote ten statue medium goods immortality course you spiritual power, refining, should not be a problem. "strong gas Saint smiles stronger sense of momentum in the pubic region, oppression leaves no trace of the force backhand, LONGLINE pretend to oppressed. Lead them down in a place like this, you should not even think to escape. "The strong gas Saint cold voice said, and then figure flash of light disappeared, he disappeared in this space. "I'll take you down," said a sixth-order gas strong respect. "Follow me!" Said the man, figure quickly flew toward the bottom, Long Ling and leaves with him at the moment leaves on top of the regular physical pain relieve a bit,Womens Canada Goose Thompson, and his face is very pale. "Through the layers of barriers, the three came to a cave door, the man said. Ye positive and Long Ling is suddenly Ningmei, the did not expect here turned out to have such a region from the was mountain air flight, simply can not be aware of this area. "You go inside, do not imagine to escape, because you simply can not do." Well. "The leaves are Lengheng cry is to enter into this cave, Long Ling on the TV drama people sneer, but also into which. Cave being very broad, they did not think such a world has turned into this cave. "Go in this channel space." At that moment, behind sixth-order gas Zun said. "There is space?" LONGLINE Ningmei, looking at the wide cave,Canada Goose Men's Yorkville, at the moment, the man armed with a jade tablets, this space became an instant twisted up a space door is open. "Go." Ip Ching and Long Ling is entered which surprised to find that the two turned into this space is to have a clear world. Holy sector space turned out to be the Holy sector space? Did not think that turned out to be a holy community space. "Ye are obviously very excited, and Long Ling is also extremely surprised Ge into space turned out to be the holy profession exists, and still such a secret location, LONGLINE if it is forced to come here, he definitely will not be found in the cave in a place like this. This is a big yard, has a lot of houses being in this hospital. Housing buildings, seem jumbled orderly. Long Ling contrast leaves live in this space, of their spiritual nature is able to feel being in this space has a strong gas Saint. Long Ling smile, he felt out Road breath with them before encountered strong breath gas Saint who fundamentally different, it seems that the the Ko family of two strong attendance. "This space is not great, is it temporary construction?" Long Ling thought. "Far more than is small, this space can be said is garbage system works, if you use my power, Hun Yuan Sword will certainly be able to break this space, that time, everything will be broken in this space." Ling liquid laughed. "What is a gas Saint strong and so order?" Long Ling asked. "The six order gas Saint medium." The Ichor discourse was very calm. "Turned out to be so strong." Long Ling surprised, did not think of two other gas in the Ge San strong are reached such a degree, it seems they want to get out of here, it is difficult. "If I refining of poison Dan, you shielded me live atmosphere." Long Ling asked. "Ha ha, to forward to the sixth-order gas Saint is also difficult to find your presence, rest assured." Ling the fluid said, this sentence also makes LONGLINE dark relieved. Now has many people watching yourself, wait until no one found their own time, is refining the poison Dan, that they should not think a material refining of poison Dan get their hands! "The spiritual power of the two of you are strong, refining statue products medium immortality, this is not difficult for you." At that moment, the sky above, an old man figure emerges, this man look like with that the strong gas Saint similar, but you can see that this is two people. "Surrender your storage ring Come." Old man squinting to see the two men. Long Ling and leaves positive phase, as a, not too many words, that is, the storage ring was referred to the old man's hands. The old man Dan Xiao, to recover the storage ring. "As long as you refining ten immortality is able to get the poison Dan, but also be able to get out of here." The old man said. Long Ling and leaves are all surprised, but there is no power of resistance, followed by the were taken to a room. For the storage ring, Long Ling is not worried that into the storage ring, and nothing particularly important things before entering this cave, Long Ling is know the storage ring may be taken away, and he and Yeh are also come up with the storage ring addition an insignificant charge number. Storage ring filled with important things, also Long Ling's body. "This is the material medium the immortality required for the refining statue products, these materials should be enough for you to refining ten Zun medium goods immortality." A storage ring quickly flying outside the room, LONGLINE shot to pick before. Inspect the storage ring into something again, Long Ling turned into this storage ring has 30 refining statue pole Dan's material, this statue pole Dan respect for commodities medium immortality, the use of the object is gas strong imperial, the ordinary gas Wong strong taking so immortality, increase their strength is its ability to make at least two levels. A lifetime can only be taken once, if taking the second time, not only can not help growing strength, but also to have some side effects. "Ge is not only powerful, and even have this wealth is so powerful." Long Ling sighed, is such a material and unusual family simply unable Ge turned to 30 LONGLINE parts, not only so, Long Ling could feel it, being in this space, with a lot of alchemy, if each person is to have 30 copies of the material, and this is what a powerful wealth. If each person refined out of ten immortality, then this will be the number of immortality, the immortality enough Ge again the birth of hundreds of gas strong imperial. Ge strength will be enhanced for LONGLINE very unfavorable. Long Ling is also aware that it relied on the Ko family wealth, but also can not compete than alchemy Association alchemy materials among the world most of an organization is the alchemy guild. LONGLINE As alchemy Association of Presbyterian, naturally can be arbitrary use of the material LONGLINE when to leave, but also come up with a lot of material which naturally contains material of of poison Dan required. It seems that you want to deal with the Ko family, or not easy, after all, but here with a sixth-order gas Saint strong, with a fifth-order gas Saint strong outside. Long Ling know the if help seeking the Chen Lao few people, will certainly be able to this family complete eradication, but it certainly makes the war will be coming down prematurely, after all, had it in the Ge behind can still have a Luna martial art, the martial art Now able to control Ge, then its strength will certainly be more than the Ge tough. Even if he can add the Ichor strength, had just reached the third-order gas Saint, so the strength of the strong play against, not accounting for the slightest advantage. After a few moments, LONGLINE is these things aside, stretched Shouyi Zhao, what appears in the hands of their original storage ring, the refining of Dan-toxic materials in their own hands. Ichor has feelings for themselves again, have to the whole body, there is no strong breath. Being in this room is a tripod furnace LONGLINE to the of poison Dan required materials into which a flame, Long Ling spiritual power and accurate control of Ding furnace being rapidly rising in this like spiritual power under the material to melt quickly. This order goods of poison Dan just respect the goods under immortality, LONGLINE, to refining it did not make the task harder.
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