the introduction of a large number of young rookie

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 11:25
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time UGG Classic Tall Fancy Cheap, relationresultJune in Provence ,the air everywhere filled with lavender and sunflowers .
If it is going to look at a sunflower ,it must go to Arles ,where the sunflower because Van Gogh and famed at Arles ,suburbs, patches of sunflower blossom ,let it all come here to tourists from heart excited, but the premise is that you have to overcome that eats human arrogance Yang sun .
Have enough interest ,keeping this a stretch as far as eye can see sunflowers flowers ,looks that a sunflower high head Mens North Face Nuptse Cheap,toward the sun shine Smile ,anyone can feel a brave .Every year, the South Provence area can choose the most suitable for Ornamental Sunflower and lavender field .
The field of sunflower in Arles ,a maximum ,Yan s è purelavender field is in a near Valon Soller ,holy cross Lake village .Whether it is the field of sunflower or lavender fields ,are the same ,as long as the photo viewing angle ,it is very beautiful ,a little PS ,it is more like a dream ,but in fact ,when you really came to the flowers, you ,in fact it is so .
The so-called tourism ,is actually from the one we see tired place ,to a people tired of watching the local graph fresh ! Yang Cheng sat in the lavender flowers in a tree ,shaking his head to laugh .
To tell you the truth ,he is a little disappointed .Or, he has no side beauty that romantic feelings ,so he wishes to see ,there is j ī ,can see much in a short while ,he feels ,in fact nothing .
Can you don to spoil sb. ? Shade ,Melissa is sitting at his side .Because of the hot weather ,two people have to make some distance to ventilation ,how may have the idol drama romantic ? Don ,sitting in the shade of a tree ,waiting for the sunset, is a very romantic thing ? Yang Chengyao shook his head , I don ! Has the time ,he would go to Genoa .
Aboard his yacht .But this he certainly can ,because said that out of consideration must be made a meal of Ji ā ohatred .The men and women ,is actually very test by s è oflanguage theory ! You are a romantic cells ! Yang Cheng rolled his eyes ,simply close your eyes ,want to ask her .
If you romantic cell ,really love here ,why not make friends that a manor buy it ?Close my eyes ,just do not go, wiping his brow ,meditation mind ancestor calm natural cooling !Can calm down ,his mind just can thinking of the team .
When the coach and players in different place lies in ,players can be very simple .They are only responsible for the game ,without considering the other ,but coach in addition to command the game ,must also consider the team formation .
Just received a call from the skin ,Barcelona of Daniel of Seville? Alves made an offer ,they made out of Euro 35000000 ,Euro 30000000 higher than real madrid .Yes ,Realmadrid actually offer only 30000000 euros .
But m é ngodd that black boss has just said to 35000000 euros ,soon fooled Barcelona offer ,it seems ,they are on Alves to win the .Yang Cheng has let skin take a good look at Barcelona ,analyze their side ,Madrid decided to offer more to mention ,the next price is 40000000 euros .
This regarding Alves ,is also a high price .The Real Madrid team establishment can be said to be around already formed the double waist to start ,Harvey ?Alonso and Mascherano double defending midfielder has in the last season proved strength ,they are in the game in play the rise above the common herd strength ,two complexes produced strong chemical reaction .
If you want to play the double waist combination of power .Then the line will be moved forward, this line of defense after the maneuvering ability and anti back playing behind the requirements of high capacity ,so Yang Cheng thought ,Ramos is really good at right-back ,but he is also very suitable when Zhongwei ,when he hit Zhongwei ,the full-back problems come .
Marcello progress is apparent, but not yet. ,Yang Cheng is ready to give him a year ,to see if he can improve much ,if progress is not fast enough, Yang Cheng would consider introducing an attacking left back ,Arbeloa and Miguel ?Torres is belong to the kind of offensive and defensive player ,offensive still lacking .
Therefore ,if Ramos hit Zhongwei ,the new season of Real Madrid defender is a problem .Now placed before Yang Cheng is a two option ,or the introduction of a right guard ,or is the introduction of a defender .
Cannavaro and Turam are doomed to be passing ,they age makes it difficult for them to become Yang Cheng over the next few years rely on to objects ,especially Turam ,obviously there has been not up to the requirements of competition ,and the Helguera localization is always in competition and between bench .
Therefore ,the introduction of a powerful defender ,makes Ramos to play on the right ,the new season of the real line can still keep stable ,and even the future introduction of offensive ability stronger Real Madrid fullback ,Ramos in the middle, three powerful defender is also a top team insist on many fronts essential lineup .
In front of the bench thickness is not a big problem, Granero ,dela REDD ,Goody is the Spanish players ,so a player coming off the bench ,thickness certainly no problem ,in addition to Harvey ?Garcia ,Parejo and Canales young .
In Yang Cheng 4231 tactical layout ,central position is a on the ability of individual players demanding position ,and even can be said to be the highest ,because the other position on player characteristics have distinct requirements ,but the front waist requirements are more complex .
First, the player must have the good physical quality and the explosive force UGG Women's Nightfall Boots, as it can on the other side of the packed defense space, tearing a gash ,forward completed a fatal blow, while the player with the awareness ,create x ì ng passingrequirements are very high, the player business has given the very high request .
Of course ,such that the player is not actually no ,Raul speed almost .But all the other good ,David ?Silva is also capable of scoring ability ,need to strengthen the body ,somewhat weak ,Aguero passing ability needs to be further improved ,therefore, Yang Cheng have enough choice .
He was a very different players ,he almost met Yang Cheng in this position all the requirements .Even as he is a number of other players have, that is the ability to promote the fast ball !This on the other side of dense area of high speed ball after the break ,force ,or assists or his ability to score is Kaka ,become the football top stars of the lethal weapon .
He is also the season in exhibit s è reason.With the double waist and waist midfield triangle ,left ,right winger and striker ,coupled with the inserted after two edge guards attack echelon formation ,this would be Yang Cheng research directions .
He will take 4231 as the main frame ,according to his own practice in discover ,adding more types of players and elements ,and then improve the set of tactics, he is very confident .This is a counterweight to Barcelona ,and even beyond the previous Barcelona a set of new tactics .
... UGG Australia Knightsbridge... ? Melissa head gently put on Yang Cheng ,and asked .She just stood by watching him, and looked at him in the concentrate one thinking problems ,apparently thinking of anything, while the brow wrinkled ,while it figured in the smile, is an interesting person .
Would you like to know? Yang Cheng asked with a smile .Melissa immediately shook his head .He shook his head , no, don know ! Then ,she laughs .In fact Yang Cheng was really not much, but most of which are related to soccer ,this is his occupation ,but also his interest .
So he almost every hour and moment ,as long as a free ,will to think about football .But after seeing Yang Cheng in his lip ,she sighed ,hands held Yang Cheng hand .Head continued to put on his shoulder ,nodded , well ,say ,feel the two of us besides football ,seem to do not have in common ! ! Yang Cheng said with a smile .
What else is there? A common topic . ! Yang Cheng rather ambiguous smile .Melissa raised his head ,stared at him, think this guy is full of some of the ideas at sixes and sevens ,say ? Yang Cheng chuckled ,but immediately asked : I remember ,you did Alves of Seville report, do you think this player ? Melissa thought , advantages and disadvantages are very obvious a player ! Let hear it .
Yang Chenglai interest .Melissa knew that he was a football is not close, nodded: now he is in the position of Seville is strange ,his position was right-back ,but he went to the front again and again to participate in the attack ,his fitness is very good, one used when two people can ,a large range of alternates and plug ,makes the defense of his attention is very weak .
Yang Cheng nod ,Melissa is now a professional and neutral observers ,to look at a player are also very interesting ,so Yang Cheng will want to hear her thoughts . Technology ,pass, or even .
.. ... I think the organizing ability is very strong, not someone say ,Seville is he ?So I think he is in Seville system is a very special player ,free on the defensive ,because you can not expect such a defensive players ,so even if Seville play with 4 defenders ,was once the fast counter-attack ,often becomes the 3 guards, the right way is a colander ! Yang Cheng laughed .
Of course ,he is not without shortcomings ,although his offense s è,but his biography is difficult to speak ,the precision is not enough, the body condition of relatively thin ,defensive ability is weak ,so the introduction of such a player ,if it is ,you don defend .
It the Real Madrid team of Marcello, Yang Cheng is now on the Brazilian ,everybody knows ,Real Madrid left must be offensive ,because the Brazilian almost do not engage in defensive .
To tell you the truth ,I think your team has a Marcello ,if not Alves ! Melissa Meishan her smiles looks really nice ,very beautiful ,especially when that look puzzled questions .
Girl ,you are easy to be cheated ! Yang Cheng smiled and hand touched her shoulder ,hold her tight ,a lavender fragrance suddenly from her nose . Sometimes it is not necessarily if they are to offer players ! Yang Chengxiao happily said .
Melissa also not stupid .A think after ,immediately see light suddenly , you guys are so bad ! Actually, from the beginning, Yang Cheng is not very optimistic about Alves ,not because of his strength ,but because of his character ,with Marcello so like, last season Yang Cheng to Marcello is similar to the left forward Wei this angle s è.
Only the race because of dense ,did not give Yang Cheng enough time to meditate ,did not form effective tactical routines .The new season ,Yang Cheng in the training focuses on how to further strengthen the use of Marcello ,after all, fullback offensive tactics in his role is too big .
So said .Nor did you see Henry ? Melissa t ng ì Ji like the French star . Too old ! Yang Chengxiao happily said .This immediately attracted a taunts Melissa ,after all, Henry was 30 years old .
Two in the shade of slapstick, Melissa is frequently powder fist towards Yang Cheng who rained down ,because this guy before helping Beckenbauer defeat Platini ,today said Henry old, is really carried hateful ,get if they France already nobody ,not bitter lesson one take No .
But .When Yang Cheng fists holding her hand ,get up, w ě nher ch ú n,this girl may not immediately move ,hands could not help probe into his neck ,clinging to him, two people in the shade of lavender hold w ě nup .
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... In Yang Cheng holiday in the south of France at the same time ,m é ngodd before it has received an offer from Barcelona new . 40000000 euros ... .
.. M é ngodd beating yourself in front of the desk .His mouth does not stop repeatedly reads 40000000 euros ,this created Seville rise general manager has attracted numerous clubs to concern ,even some news said ,Florentino Perez before inviting m é ngodd as Real Madrid general manager ,but later with the arrival of Yang Cheng to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled .
M é ngodd retired before the Seville goalkeeper ,for the team to keep 9 years the goal ,after Seville demoted .He served as general manager, the introduction of a large number of young rookie ,and led the Seville return to the Spanish ,and the strong rise .
These years, Seville sale of Baptista ,Reyes ,Ramos and other top stars .In the m é ngodd just took over the team ,Seville at Euro 8000000 ,but now the total value of up to 150000000 euros ,m é ngsingular and therefore known as the Primera Liga after Subir Rats on a rise above the common herd club operators .
Subir Rats is a hand made Valencia the Liga outfit position ,and will the bat to the pinnacle of the behind-the-scenes promoter ,but he was not significant ,more people remember only the coach of Valencia ,ignoring his introduction that a large number of players, such as Carney Salles ,Baraja ,Ayla ,even as Cooper also he strongly advocated the introduction of .
Someone once said ,want from m é ngodd hands get player ,you have to prepare the checkbook !Indeed, m é ng,the positioning of Seville star factory ,he does not mind the sale of star striker ,as evidenced by the fact ,J ī intense competitionand the Academy ,the Seville always sell star immediately after receiving effective filling, and are usually high quality and inexpensive ,therefore ,m é ngsingular point never mind the team who go North Face Greenland Jackets,he would mind one thing ,how much is it? Yang Chengzhen to get Alves ? M é ngodd muttered to ask myself ,he thought ,the transfer of Alves as Yang Cheng dug a pit for Barcelona to jump ,he threw his price to 30000000 euro ,thoroughly fried to heat up the market ,so Barcelona want Alves ,drew a higher price .
However ,Yang Cheng is not omnipotent ,he sure does know ,Seville and Barcelona had about Alves agreement ,in the same price ,Barcelona has preferential buy authority of Alves .The Alves and Seville ,penalty of up to 60000000 euros ,this regarding a fullback is price ,therefore to the penalty is impossible ,no one will be so stupid ,but is it right? There are 40000000 euros for a supply of sth.
room ?This is undoubtedly the m é ngodd game and retention !To maximize the benefits ,this is he presided over the Seville guidelines !So ,m é ngQi has been approved by Seville chairman Del Nitto accepted the interview time meaning through L ù ,any team as long as the price is right, can take Alves ,this is a positive signal .
In addition to Barcelona ,Madrid ,Bayern ,Milan ,Chelsea, Manchester United ,AC teams have all been involved in the battle of Alves ,which undoubtedly makes Seville have maintained more negotiation chips ,the key is how to maintain a degree of .
Last season, Lyon, Diyala sells do not drop ,because Real Madrid after the withdrawal ,the market without any a powerful buyers afford such high price ,eventually leading to the season behind Diyala ,want to sell ,price is reduced a lot .
This lesson ,shrewd and cunning m é ngodd nature could not see ! Hello ! M é ngodd ceased to beat the table movements ,picked up the phone on the table ,to the outside of the beater to call to the outside world ,immediately sent a letter through the media ,said Chelsea made a bid of 45000000 euros ,the strong intervention of Alves transfer ,try each team reaction ! After hanging up the phone ,m é ngodd is laughing ,the people on the soft sofa ,in his hands ,Reyes ,Baptista ,Ramos and other players have been sold for a price ,rely on the functioning of his wrist .
He knew how to make ,how to put pressure on the opponent, but he is also very clear ,in the wind ,and the team continued to maintain interest in Alves and to contact us, so the price will be from Barcelona to Euro 35000000 ,highest can be appended to the 40000000 euros transfer price ,go on a handful of .
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