My cousin is very happy

January 28 [Mon], 2013, 12:17
Long Tianyu was so quickly, just one day, even unbelievable has completely healed, several women are surprised to grow up the mouth, I thought this kind of thing is simply incredible.Bubble - Book _. Let more siblings to share.Think of these, what others think impassability?"It is in, it is amazing, how is it possible,Nike Air Max Classic Mens, if this thing to let others know, will become the international news."Risala exclaimed in surprise."Forget it, we may not have the people all over the world, have come here to visit me."Long Tianyu laughed."Well, I was selling tickets, will make a lot of money."Li Qing laughed."Your this woman, so do not feel bad man, I take you."Long Tianyu laughed."You had me, you take me, I'll castrate you."Li Qing laughed.My cousin just smile, "green elder sister, how did you say sorry?"How?Distressed?Hee hee, right, don't castrate castrate you ah, how do ah?This thing is a little difficult, or belong to that part of my first cut?"Li Qing are you kidding, hee hee.Long Tianyu hey hey smiled,Canada Goose Youth's Kensington Parka, heart belongs to that part of you?If according to their own so many women, a man of average a bit, belong to the part of you, do not know with a microscope can not see ah?Just joking, someone tried to mobile phone.Long Tianyu a look, is Bai Jingwei."White brother, what's the matter?"Long Tianyu asked.",Polo US Tennis Sale;What about your injury, is now in the hospital which, I have a look your past."Bai Jingwei said."No hospitalization, has never mind, I can't die, you can rest assured."Long Tianyu laughed."You really can't die, you die, Xianer me to people, it may be in trouble."Are you kidding, Bai Jingwei."Hey, I'm fine, don't worry."Long Tianyu didn't say anything, he knows that Bai Jingwei is love Xianer, Xianer only and their relationship, white weft is upright gentlemen, nature does not own.Of course, but also grab grab.But white Jingwei filed fairy son, obviously intended to remind him."I'm not worried, so much beauty to accompany you, you are certainly not okay, you guys, I envy you ah, be careful of peach blossom too quickly, make you tired."Bai Jingwei are you kidding road."Tired, exhausted than idle dead."Long Tianyu laughed."Yes, the ancient home sent two million, is for you to apologize, if you don't accept, sent to me here, so I sent to you, or not?"Bai Jingwei said."To, of course, why do not ah, mom, my leg still hurts, well a few days out of bed, two million, I have too few."Long Tianyu said."You ah, this thing, just forget it, later, I can guarantee that he dare not and you are right, this is the ancient home scared half to death."Bai Jingwei laughed.That's fine.Long Tianyu said."Where are you, I have the money to send you."Bai Jingwei said.Long Tianyu told the white Jingwei address, chat and hung up the phone.Two million.Sarah Lee did not believe asked.How.Long Tianyu asked."No, you this money can be really easy, than our country H obviously make money more quickly."Li Shala laughed."Easy?Or in your lap a shot?"Long Tianyu looked at Risala's thigh said.Sarah Lee face turned red: "hate."Ha-ha.Long Tianyu could only smile, grandmother of, can't sleep around, and then sleep around, can really can't come.The Sarah Lee, now has to watch his meaning.They don't take that, alas, does he unexpectedly so magical, almost as youth girls dream lover prince charming.If this continues, the villa is built again big, also not small so much cheesecake.Soon, people contact with Long Tianyu's mobile phone, white Jingwei sent money to send.Long Tianyu drove his money back, and then gave the money to Li Qing, let Li Qing take care of."Your card?Sister."Long Tianyu asked cousin.My cousin asked: "why?""I give you one hundred thousand, don't save money, my money, is to let my woman with flowers."Long Tianyu laughed.My cousin is very happy, but still said: "the sky, you the money or keep company with you, I have money, say, in the school, not much money to spend.""Well-behaved, obedient."Long Tianyu said.Cousin to take out card, the card number to Long Tianyu."This thing to you."Long Tianyu said to Li Qing.
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