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Wang Can Chen Sheng told: "Shanjun, A History recruited." Under the "Snow!" Wade Baoquan, immediately to execute the command. Cao Cao, and Sun Jian close Xiangyang, Wang Can must be ready, because this is a three male will, a grand ceremony. Liu Bei was defeated and committed suicide,Canada Goose On Sale, Liu Biao has already died, the rest of the sun only Cao Cao, Sun Jian and linger Yuan Shao, but Yuan Shao lost the opportunity of hegemony, sooner or later, Cao Cao's intraday dish, a cause for concern. Therefore, Wang Can, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian Xiong is the most exciting thing. Wang Can the bones very excited, but very important to know that things should not have the slightest careless. Zhancha time, the history of Afghanistan came to the main hall. He Baoquan said: "My lord, you have commanded?" Can Wang said: "You're responsible for intelligence, certainly know the message of Cao Cao, and Sun Jian led troops came, I am not going to repeat. Immediately notify Kuai Liang and Kuai Yue and Ma home learning home to home and caijia major family palace. "" Snow! "History A nodded, turned and left the hall. A history of left, Wade go in unprepared, hesitantly. Wang Can Wade suddenly like minced woman frowned, mouth evoke a hint of a smile, asked: "Shanjun, your heart, then say so, do not hold." Wade simple and honest smile , exclaimed: "My lord, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian led troops to this engagement must be very exciting if we stay in the city, it is inappropriate to simply go outside the barracks to make a go of dry turned Cao Cao and Sun Jian , to kill them back, so that they no longer dare to peep lord of the sites. "" Ha ha ha ...... "Can Wang broke into laughter, Wade completely silent Zhesi militant, came up with the city, but I'm sorry would say. Can Wang nodded and said: "I got to negotiate History Ah Kuai Liang and Kuai Yue major family is to arrange the things of the city of Xiangyang can safely walk away, do not worry about things in the city of Xiangyang." Code Wei heard this, his face full of smiles, Baoquan Road; "wise lord!" Wang Can smile shaking his head, to continue treatment in the hands of military affairs. After a quarter of an hour, Kuai Liang and Kuai Yue, one after the other into the hall. Later, Tsai's new master of the house entered the house, this man named Cai Yan, but this of Cai Yan nor that Cai Yan. He is the cousin of Cai Mao, word Wen Gui, and Cai Yong daughter the same name. Cai Mao and Liu defended kill Caijiaying rudderless, Cai Yan Tsai person elected to become the new master of the house, in charge of the Caijiaying the size of things. Half an hour later, Ma Liang, Xi Zhen et al have also arrived. Everyone was seated, Can Wang said: "you got, the next thing in order to arrange Xiangyang Kuai Liang submissively asked:" I dare lord, what happened? "Wang Can confident and at ease, said:" Cao Cao and Sun Jian led troops to come, another half-day will arrive Xiangyang So, I am going to the city of his troops to meet the enemy, will leave xiangyang. army stationed outside the city, Xiangyang may also be attacked, so you got hope that you assisted Kuai Liang stabilize the situation, so that people smooth the ride out the flood. "Wang Can was finished, each family starts to talk. Lead troops kill Cao Cao and Sun Jian, menacing, and with the attack on Wang Can, can resist it? For a time, many small family uneasy, worried for the future of Xiangyang. At this time, Ma Liang station got up, hand over, said: "King Shu, Wei, Wu coalition forces as large tyrannical forces, if only the soldiers outside the city may not be enough, my horse is the home still capable Couchu part of the soldiers to help Shu Wang enemies of Islam." Maliang speak, Caijiaying, learning home also have to relent,Timberland Mens Classic Shoes Cheap. However, there are many small family to maintain a neutral stance, that Wang Can can beat Liu Bei, but you want to beat the Sun, Cao coalition forces have difficulties, so do not speak. Silent, still works. Wang Can looking around the crowd a heart sneer, to know the mind of some people. He shook his head slightly, and not be slow, said: "you pull out the private soldiers aid, bound empty the Xiangyang City's defense, resist Cao, the Sun coalition forces things do not need your meddling Although Cao, Sun large potential of the coalition forces, but I've heralds stationed in the armies of the North and the South, so they sent troops to truncate posterior Cao Cao, and Sun Jian In this way, the two armies can not be long, will be lost. "Whew! Whew!" Can Wang's remarks to say, some talent in the hall relieved. Wang Can one man to resist Cao Cao and Sun Jian am afraid that it is not make it. Stationed in the north and the army will be stationed in the south, however, a helping hand extended, and to truncate the posterior of Cao Cao, and Sun Jian, let them see the hope that followed Wang Can future. Perhaps, the major family allegiance Wang Can, desperately willing Wang Can. Once Wang Canbing defeat, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian into Xiangyang, they are definitely the first to surrender. Because in their eyes is a family first, country second, the preservation of the family is certainly. Is the case, Wang Can was revealed law is and Jia Xu thing. So, in order to let the city's major family to make every effort, helping Kuai Liang stability. Wang Can smiling, hand over, said: "defensive and stability of Xiangyang City, please you a lot." Should be under everyone in unison, feel more relaxed. The city was Shujun block, they are not in any danger, do not worry. Wang Can see major family agreed, waved, said: "Well, you go back and prepare to, I have to be ready to leave Xiangyang." Everyone Yi Yan got up to leave. Subsequently, Wang Can with Wade and the history of A out of the city away, but the city also facilitate contact Wu Fong left, and Miss Akira Kuai Liang also help. Can Wang out of the city, the city of Xiangyang Quartet the six door all closed, non-access. So, the whole city of Xiangyang alert them. City Kuai Liang and Kuai Yue stabilize the situation, Wang Can not worried. Can Wang with the arrival at the barracks outside the city, l account immediately convene the brightest generals, Lu Meng, Pound, Zhang Xiu, Zhang Ren, Zhang Yun, Wen employed among them, Guo Jia and Xu Shu also account. "Newspaper account curtain opened, One Shaotan soldiers ran in, dropped to one knee, Bao Quan said:" Intrinsic Shu Wang, Wei Jun distance Xiangyang twenty years, Wu Jun distance Xiangyang twenty Wuli. "Wang Can waved and said:" Revisited! "Shaotan leave, Wang Can Chen Sheng said:" Cao Cao and Sun Jian side by side to kill you in place to break the enemy's strategy? "Zhang Yunli that stood up Baoquan Read on Road : "weekend is willing lord to defeat the enemy!" Wang Can Enliaoyisheng, smiled and said: "General Chang heart is enough." voice down, Zhang Yun, his face slightly elation Back seat. He looked askance text recruits a eyes flashed a look of disdain. Although Wang Can not ask breaking the enemy's strategy, Zhang Yun was directly stem defeat the enemy growled as Wang Can, answer irrelevant, Wang Can not blame, after all, Zhang Yun just that attitude. Man recruits looked contemptuously Zhang Yun, a sitting motionless. To Kill meritorious battlefield pinpointing ass with flattering here,Canada Goose Women's Hybridge Lite Jackets. Text engage their thoughts, but did not say it. Xu Shu submissively said: "My lord, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian army to kill, Bing Libi us stronger, if direct recklessly, we finally lose. Therefore, Shu think defense first, and then look for the opportunity to wait for an opportunity to defeat the enemy." Guo Jia also said : "In the present case, inappropriate storm." the captains hear, suddenly died down. Wade more unhappy Of course, he prepared to make a go of crusading, did not expect to have to wait a period of time, immediately think Meijin Er, uninterested. Can Wang nodded and said: "overwhelmed by war, our northern Law containment Cao Cao and Zhang Liao, Jia Xu containment Sun Jian, they launched an offensive in the south, so we have enough time, can be dragged from the but Sun Jian and Cao Cao was not drag onwards, so we do not worry Sun Jian and Cao Cao to what action, and then make the countermeasures. "the captains heard, in unison under. Ps: three-shift one;
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