don come to the United States

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 12:58
Traincollector HTML simple template model North Face Gore Tex Waterproof, relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe sun shone through the window of the sun ,slowly flooded Qin thorn tall and straight body ,as if he wore a yellow coat .
For a long time in the tea cool .Bathed in the dawn of the Qin thorn ,frown .Vision loss without focal stared at the cup clear tea ,mind still thinking about being buried problems .
Unfortunately ,despite his rack one ,but always as a dead end ,can not find a suitable way .Suddenly .When Qin thorn show ,took a deep breath and slowly spit out ,shook his head, saying : I have been thinking into stiff stage ,continue to persistent thoughts down ,but are just wasting energy .
Its over ,rather than relax, perhaps ,a moment of Epiphany ,let me realize what might . As a thought, Qin thorn cup has cool tea gulped ,no longer continue to struggle to this thinking, after all the earth one law already in hand ,practice and it is only a matter of time only, no need to worry at the moment .
The day passed quickly .The general trend has been imminent move to teach to teach ,with Qin thorn the witch three seven veins with lotus where this has become a witch temporary headquarters positions as the core ,started from the world at the same time to destination New York .
As expected Women North Face Targhee Triclimate Clearance, need at least a month to all religious disciples gather in New York .Because of the move to teach will be a big move ,static is not small, and the witch now in this secular community grounded ,may be appropriate to abide by the restrictions and fetters ,so moved to teach something easy to say ,actually made up ,extremely complex .
Not a short period of time to successfully complete .The United States of New York .Kennedy international airport .A thick crowd as ants are generally continue to surge ,here, you can see the different skin color ,which also has many Chinese figure .
While in the lobby of the airport ,now has a group of Chinese rather garish .Although they have no justice ,no body language ,just stood still, but they dress is sufficient to cause higher rates of return .
Because they wore the uniform of tangzhuang .This dress suit almost in abroad is the Chinese symbol, but in addition to holiday in Chinatown, you can see a lot of Chinese in Tangzhuang ,other times and other places ,can rarely see disposable there are so many Chinese in tangzhuang .
This is unavoidable make the visitors thought : these Chinese held in what activities ? And in the dark, there are many organizations in secretly stare at a number of Chinese ,some are only responsible for the airport security police ,there is some special departments located in the airport personnel ,some belong to New York in the United States the various mystical power .
Of course ,their purpose is different, some are only found the Chinese signs of suspicious ,such as the police and special department members .Some is the feel of this batch of Chinese people showed that master atmosphere ,such as the mysterious forces .
Tour ink from time to time at the airport on the big screen display fall machine time ,red clothes and his red face gain by contrast .Behind him, is a far less than his young age ,is wearing and tour ink different Blue Tang suit ,although there is no language ,but all eyes were dull a hope and anxiety .
They should be quick to ! Tour ink silently muttered to himself .Tour ink and these young people who came to America to handle is moved ,witch Teaching Affairs Religious purification a children .
While the tour ink is the body a presbyterian .And other assembled channels ,a bidet is the witch three seven pulse scattered positions, from the United States a recent assembled channels .
A body is located in Canada and the United States ,adjacent .Assembled channels within many affairs and the United States has been linked to the United States ,is the most understanding ,but also the most familiar an assembled channels .
Because of this reason ,so the witch on the upper counsel sent vanguard to handle related affairs when the United States of New York .Behoove ,will be the task to a head body .Tour ink in a body ,often dealing with the United States in terms of the number of things ,in the United States have some connections ,so this task fell to a head body ,nature is entrusted to his charge .
And after a long time of preparation ,tour ink will have all aspects of the relationship are set properly ,today ,he received the news that the witch ,first people have the opportunity to New York .
He as a responsible person and person ,natural came to the airport to greet .Of course ,let him look and anxious is ,the first to be ordinary people ,but the witch the entire decision-making layer ,including the leader ,witch three seven pulse all the rulers in this first came among the people .
brother . Far away, a voice comes out ,in the mixed languages ,but English International Airport ,while a Chinese voice was less surprising, but is so loud ,and so chipper sound ,is enough to cause people to review a Gu .
Tour ink slightly frowned ,looked out the sound direction ,soon, his eyes locked in a middle-aged man in western dress and leather shoes .Secretly thought: how I met this guy ,really is inexorably hangs on.
.Hiss ,watching the tricks they will fall machine ,if be this guy around ,let see ,will certainly impressed me greatly reduced . Tour ink not by my mouth ,but just the head thrown back ,if now pretending to pay no heed ,apparently not so a thing .
But in the heart idea ,in two words or three as soon as this guy hit and won .Seeing the middle-aged man is smiling came, tour ink had to withdraw to a smile, said: light Birmingham brother ,really is a coincidence ,unexpectedly at this airport ,also can meet you .
The middle-aged burst out laughing hand ,grabbed the tour ink hands ,but also whether it likes it or not ,it was held .He smiled and said: this is called thousands of miles to meet his fate .
You brother ,don come to the United States ,do not contact me ,is it right? Too bad host ? The middle-aged man said, grabbing tour ink hands shook ,appearance seems extremely enthusiastic .
Only for amusement ink ,he felt each other this enthusiasm but is too far .After all two people with hit is not deep ,not even to put out so intimate gesture when . Just arrived not long after .
Tour ink L said, in fact he has come for a long time ,but not with each other ,there is no need to say the truth . That no time like the present ,since met you ,brother said, do me a favor ,to me there .
We this time no see ,but also the feelings is chat . The middle-aged man laughing and said .Tour ink some bored ,I thought ,and you have so well ?Also an emotion ?What feeling the reclassification .
Of course north face clearance,his face and not directly demonstrated this impatience mean ,after all the other Chinese living in the United States has some forces ,the witch wanted in this secular world to stand firm, various characters and powers to deal with this person ,he is not willing to fight .
Edge shook his head and said : the future of it, today some things . The middle-aged man looked around ,said: this is brother to swim meet under the machine ? Tour ink not to say yes or No :a sound .
The middle-aged man immediately eyes lit up ,then smiled: travel buddy friends are my friends ,if met ,what I say is also the host here ,as you please bring my brother girl ,give me a chance to put welcoming dinner ? Hiss ! Tour ink is really impatient ,just a little turn point, suddenly heard the airport broadcast offer flights landed news ,immediately face a whole ,and has no time to bother the middle-aged man ,but will look closely at the security channel ,until the bishop et al .
The middle-aged man although not wait until the tour ink reply ,but his face was not generally have thick ,Lai here forever .As far as the middle-aged man all the same in western dress and leather shoes to help young people should behave stand behind him ,although the rules, but these people the first impression is not very good .
Because of their far look ,as is a group of white-collar workers, like a gangster with a group of younger feeling ,only they have all kinds of type ,and white-collar workers do not hang hook .
When they surface more or less some ruffian .Of course ,these people and tour ink behind a student body than nothing .These had a disciples whether spirit is these people .Of course ,don think a eunuch body is ,nothing will take their it cut off .
Originally a so-called bidet is a clean body ,remove dirt .It is their practice technique features ,their mixing body of exquisite continue to rid the body of impurities ,so as to achieve the purpose of practice exercise body .
Is a relatively rare for smelting body method . brother so much capacity ,can work he personally greet people must not simple ,not swim brother friend is also extraordinary ability task .
I must try to get reception qualifications ,in this way, not only can meet you buddy friends ,will and his relationship closer .If can swim up to my brother here ,it is not a big boost so simple .
Middle-aged people in secretly thinking ,but then his brow wrinkled up ,look back to the tour ink behind that a group of young people .Thought, this tour brother behind with this group of young people how to look like you brother subordinate status ,is this tour brother is already organized person ?If so ,then this is what kind of organization, in order to have a brother like you such a strong man !The man smacking his lips ,was constantly turning the idea, but then he was a let him fear that .
He is ,as the tour ink young man ,don simple ,at least in their spiritual gas can tell him ,these are not the general master .Middle-aged people not by looking back at their own behind that a number of the younger ,in contrast to a tour ink have a look behind these young people ,secretly saying : my eye has always been very accurate, these young people are clearly master ,is behind me, the boy who do not know how many times stronger .
About can and our organization in Shuanghua red stick one teach high .Don what is you brother organization ,should be able to attract so many master . In this way ,the more a curiosity .
I thought to myself ,today say what also have sticky upstream brother ,knows his number . Come . Tour ink eyes suddenly lit up ,because he had already seen the Qin thorn et al figure slowly through the security gate review .
When the thorn them out of the gate time, tour ink has led the bidet a disciple drove the past . Guru ! Tour ink in Qin thorn bend ,then in three cases seven veins over veins owners .
And just at that moment, a voice suddenly emerge , hello hello ,oh ,dear ,I introduce myself ,my name is Tang ,a Birmingham brother ,and swimming are good friends UGGs Bailey Bow Cheap, we should be all swam brother friend .
Since we are friends, I was here in the host ,good things to me to arrange .Custodian let you comfortable . Speak is the middle-aged man .Qin thorn frowned ,looked to the tour ink .
While the three cases seven veins you ruler are mostly surprised at the sudden surge of middle-aged people .Tour ink face had turned white ,Qin sting eyes ,he forced himself to said: this is in the United States of New York Chinese gangs Tang door of a head .
Tang door ? Qin thorn hesitated for a second ,he is the first I this organization .Of course ,the United States of America Hongmen related matters ,he was heard many .To the United States when Qin thorn ,also want to visit the Hongmen boss about past .
And then, tour ink has turned cruel-eyed stared at the middle-aged Tang Boming said : today we have some important things to deal with ,is not convenient to outsiders ,Birmingham brother please avoid it .
That is ,red fruit catch the man .That Tang Boming did not listening to it ,but he was just some dependence ,and had made up his mind to feel out the tour ,brother of the facts, it would not go .
He laughed : you brother ,you must handle the matter, I think not acts to provoke bored .But my friends are just under the machine ,which is immediately to deal with things ,even without eating .
Travel buddy ,if you are so entertaining friends ,I can see the past . You ... ... Tour ink made a face UGG Classic Tall Fancy For Cheap, just wanted to talk, but to see Qin thorn waved his hand said: Tang since so passionately ,that is ,we need to rest and consolidate ,by the way to eat something ,will trouble the Tang arranged .
Guru . Tour ink want to speak, is once again being waved stop Qin .Qin thorn subtle said: know some of my friends are good ,the Tang since hospitable people ,how can we thin people .
Oh ,ok . Tang Boming Qin thorn promised ,suddenly look cheerful .Called out to hand down to .Of course ,now he can see the thorn is the nature of Qin pedestrian leader ,and he favored brother swim to the young man is respected ,he is close to them ,while hot ,smiled and said: do not know this how to call ? Qin .
Qin thorn subtle smile . It is Mr. Qin ,I ,I . Tang Boming said at once submissively .Qin thorns slightly frowned ,let him give birth to each other so tone slightly uncomfortable feeling .
Meet for the first time, both sides is a stranger ,he Laijiu inverted name said .Tour ink has already arranged for vehicles ,pedestrians were out of the airport will have .But because Qin thorn promised Tang Boming arrangement connected things ,so the tour ink some arrangements for the time being pushed off .
Pennsy1vania hotel .Tang Boming will welcome the location choice here ,also did a great deal of thought .As one of New York Stars Hotel ,located in the downtown area of land ,one can imagine ,the consumption is so high .
Tang Boming chose this place ,also in order to show their spines on Qin et al ,the girl is a little show about Tang door in this energy .Deluxe room .Qin spines and other religious people have seating ,this to include Qin thorn ,a total of eleven individuals ,is the witch .
And we had a good discussion according to the arrangement ,in the next months ,6 continued to witch children to gather in batches at New York . I respect you a cup . Tang Boming stood up ,smiled and raised his glass .
He was the only one who ,though assumed host identity ,but will be all isolated .But he was not to be underestimated, not a bit when his outsider meaning ,is entirely a Zi Laishu attitude .
Qin thorn is to give the guy some face ,but also stood up and picked up the cup ,for the other three cases seven veins such as fried mans black up cliff these people also slowly got up, but they rose up to meet the Qin thorn ,but no relationship with Tang Boming .
In their eyes, also do not see this number of human existence .Wine into the cup and stem ,again seated .Tang Boming began to talk ,he asked with a smile : Mr. Tang ,you do not know in what industry ?To the United States of America is to do business ? Oh ,wanted to open a company .
Qin thorn subtle smile said . Start a company? Tang Boming Oh smiled ,nodded: now a lot of people are choosing to American business, but this local competition is too big .Want to head is too difficult .
He said that the nearby Wall Street ,every day people become rich ,but the same every day people suffer a big loss .Meet the economy during the great depression, the scene is too horrible to look at .
Jump off building have to wait in line . Oh ,Mr. Tang seemed to know very thorough . Qin thorn said with a smile .Tang Boming waved his hand said: it was not . Then, he looked at other people, see these people look at him mean no ,not from the heart is somewhat before ,fortunately Qin thorn this apparent leader did not neglect his ,always spoke to him .
Don Mr. Tang Tang door to do business? Qin thorn asked with a smile .Tang Boming smiled and said : small business only, the purpose of our being substantially only in order to protect the interests of our chinese .
You know, in New York, the United States of America Chinese community .In some ways ,the Chinatown in San Francisco also can not better than New York ,but their fame than here loud some .
Oh ,say ,you Tang door is rooted in New York ? Qin thorn asked with a smile .Tang Boming Shan Shan a smile ,said : this ... ... Indeed, our Tang door temporarily not to extend to .
However the future is sure to be out of New York ,for the whole of the world . Qin stabs a laugh ,he knew .The so-called Tang door should be a newly formed organization ,power is not strong enough, compared to the Hongmen ,not in one level .
But look at each other is also based in New York Chinese ,Qin thorn did not neglect his way out of his mouth ,that a lot of useful things .PS :owe a chapter ,tomorrow s ,O ( n_n
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