Thundercloud shook his head and

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Third Baiyi the 15 CHAPTER pushed so powerful vision, so that the middle-aged looking hesitated and then revealed the look of panic, looked aghast at Thundercloud like to see the extreme incredible things in general. "How could that be?" Middle-aged man shouted loudly, swallowing a mouthful of saliva again look to the Thundercloud when his face revealed a thoughtful look. Completely into being anxious, why, why Thundercloud killing of God lore? Why, why, he would kill the group array? The middle-aged man to think clearly these issues, and his head is about to burst open like, let him have a splitting headache "how could that be? Turned out to be the killing of God lore pushed the" middle-aged man thought for a few minutes after a short-term problem, it seems to find what words, they take the initiative to open asked as a group to kill array inventor,UGG Kaia On Sale, he is fully aware of the group to kill array? murderers of God lore ability, of course, he could not know, Ray cloud the future generations plagiarist only pushed a small group to kill array? murderers of God Juesha only. 's Pushed in a long time, will the potential loss Thundercloud gas warfare, this is definitely disadvantages and no benefits, this kind of thing, Thundercloud but not do this. He took a two-tone, did not answer the problem of the middle-aged man, his mouth just to talk about: "Give me to get out of the" either give way or decisive third way, and now also a context, that is, A third way to go to the middle-aged, surely he would not go. This thing is not a joke, he did not want seen murderers of God's ability lore, middle-aged man quietly sideways to the Thundercloud let open a road, said: "You gave him so open" Then, those escort so also are open to middle-aged eyes staring Thundercloud general are like snakes stare Thundercloud loins cool students "get out of it?" Thundercloud quietly laughed: "Well, this too ......" Then Thundercloud face revealed a funny look, looked at the middle-aged, and looked very serious and said: "Well, you want to do this is your thing, but remember, next time, I absolutely will not forgive you, just you in the block in front of me, "Thundercloud repeatedly Lengheng several more openings Then, the middle-aged laugh or two, watching Thundercloud Road: "Your strength is not enough that, you do not have enough capacity pushed murderers of God lore, all of this, but you used to lie to cover-up only, do not know, I that right? "looking at the sky already dark clouds dissipated, middle-aged man revealed a mysterious smile, Thundercloud heart startled, but his face is no strange look, looked at the middle-aged, laughed off language, and Pei Lisi, completely confused, she did not understand the middle-aged and the thunderclouds in the end in What the hell. Their dialogue, but also people such a headache "" Pei Lisi sigh loudly, while the middle-aged man said: "Boy, if we really decisive battle together, I think, you simply will not be my opponent does not try , how do you know it? "Thundercloud smiled and asked back:" If you do not fight, then, is the coward, I am certainly not a coward, so ... "" Do you want war? "interface of middle-aged people subconsciously Road. "Of course war" Thundercloud replied: "let you the ability to look at the killing of God lore, ha ha ha" Thundercloud laughing a few times, sound was revealed bold flavor, while the middle-aged eyes tightly gaze forward Thundercloud expression very seriously. He does not know the ins and outs of the thunderclouds, but it is able to determine the group Thundercloud understand killing array is more powerful than themselves is, from the beginning of the flames of purgatory, middle-aged people have this strange feeling, obviously group to kill the array was his invention, but Thundercloud, they know more than he does this, but ...... middle-aged man can only smile shaking his head, not knowing what to say, then Qingtu breath, looked at Thundercloud , said: "Well, you have to fight, we will fight it, today two of us, we must produce a winner, but who is the winner, to the present, but also can not be determined, but it is certain you definitely not my opponent, "how to say?" Thundercloud looked middle-aged man asked, frowning, his middle-aged, confident evil trouble resentment Does not he know absolute confidence, on behalf of the failure? Thundercloud shook his head and said: "Well, we went outside the city, I believe there is also a good place to let you die a" Thundercloud said this time, face serious, while the middle-aged heard this, but could not sneer, and then said: "You're dead, or I die, this can not be determined, how can you say so sure of it?" Then, middle-aged man laughed three times, this smile, Thundercloud is very unhappy, this middle-aged man he wanted to beat, but he also knows that he stood before him, like a pirated standing genuine front feeling really is too strange a. Pei Lisi looked at Thundercloud, looked at the middle-aged man, the look on his face has doubts to the kind of extreme, she wanted Wengeqingchu the, but she now simmering smell of gunpowder, and she does not know how to do able to determine, but one thing is necessary, and this seemingly unfathomable middle-aged man, immediately Thundercloud fought both of them as well as this blows Pei Lisi see until the death of one of the middle-aged and the thunderclouds of between the relationship really is too nervous, they both look like water and fire, blending. "Ha ha" Thundercloud laughing up, looked middle-aged man with a sad look, a good long while before, said: "Why am I sure? Because, um, he could not tell you, but you say, you do not understand "it?" Drag the old middle-aged tone asked long. "What is it?" The Thundercloud replied: "is, if you let me go, then, then, I will not have any calculations, otherwise you ..." Thundercloud prolonged tone, said: "dead" this sentence a middle-aged man's face suddenly changed, becoming bruises very Pei Lisi listening Thundercloud pride of discourse, but also feel the incredible. The Thundercloud say, nothing more than the posterior foreclosed, this is not a wise choice, see Thundercloud look like a fool, then why did he want to do this? Pei Lisi can not figure out at this moment, she was completely confused, she really is not clear thunderclouds in the end what is really going to the northern mainland, destroy it, or a decisive battle with the middle-aged man, it seems, no matter how to do things in Thundercloud, are they not understand. Pei Lisi only shrugged head, doing a helpless smile, her mind has been plunged into a stagnant state of her as well, not really want to think about these things. Let your own brain raw so do not say, but also can not think of what they were such a strenuous thankless things, he did not need to do fishes. After When Pei Lisi wanted to say, Thundercloud and the middle-aged man at war with his eyes up, middle-aged man looked at Thundercloud, repeatedly Lengheng the few times, Thundercloud is look Enron looked at him and said: "in the end war, no war? "war" middle-aged man said: "let you look at what is really group killing array," Then, middle-aged sidewalk: "out of town" a group of escort to thunderclouds and Pei Lisi as the center, down they went to the outside, while the middle-aged man as leader in general, and stay in the forefront. "Array of groups to kill, is not the only group to kill array Kid middle-aged Leng Heng said:" Do you think the group is really killing array I have spent my life learning this? When the time, you can not be surprised "Then, the face of years of people, regardless of Thundercloud indirectly left Thundercloud also speed up the pace, so looking at the backs of the middle-aged, he have just listened to go in the middle-aged man said the words, kill the group array , is not the only group to kill the array? What does this mean? Thundercloud very dazed, he wanted to understand things, but how can not figure out which such generally confused, constantly surrounded in his mind,cheap canada goose parka, lingering. "Thundercloud, you really want to rally and that unfathomable master it? You will die" Pei Lisi very confident and said: "He is not an ordinary person," "Why I'm going to die?" Thundercloud surprised asked said: "I feel a good chance, ah, get rid of him, it should not be difficult son." "You guys, how shall I put it? man, he is very powerful, powerful border, of course, with you is unclear. "Pei Lisi helpless rolled eyed look to the Thundercloud, Thundercloud just smiled and did not say other words. Then, he saw to Pei Lisi, very seriously and said: "how powerful, will have a border, and God also be beheaded, not to mention that he is a person, I believe, whether he is who just revealed his flaws, then I will be able to dispose of he "Thundercloud, how to say it?" Pei Lisi heaved a sigh of relief and said: "Things are not as simple as you think, you know?" . "I do not know." Thundercloud shook his head and said: "And I do not need to know, I need to know is that I was able to get rid of him, will be able to the other, more boring, do not want more, too boring." Saying this, Thundercloud also accelerated the pace of, Peili Si last resort, and only with With thunderclouds, with accelerated, and then, with two out of the city, out of the city, is a proof of the place, very suitable for the decisive battle "You have to leave! "The middle-aged man held hands standing against those who guard said, and those who guard looked at each other, and for a time did not know how to do that,Women North Face Brooklyn Parka Clearance, they received orders to bring back Pei Lisi, but the moment is ... the third 115 The chapter pushed three hundred and fifteenth chapter pushed
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