millions of tract be made one

December 08 [Sat], 2012, 18:25
Well ,I will see you through several turns to attack . The dragon with his hands, eyes look more and more bright ,he his seven golden dragon roars loudly ,Vientiane thunder run situation almost overthrew the heavens .
Never let you down . Non polar cold voice replied , ,the bloody Mahamudra is twinkle ,a greater power to rumble down .Until the two contact, the bloody Mahamudra for conversion of seven ,Vaillant difficult to reach add point .
Two shares of handedness in contact energy ,like a meteorite on earth, surf ,a powerful explosion sound deprived of all the six consciousness .A huge black hole appeared out of nowhere, terrible energy in which constantly annihilation ,UGG Bailey Triplet Boots.
The blow contains no spirit ,his most peak .Seven turn at the feed pressure ,heaven and earth .Dragon eyes eruption vigorous spirits ,physical tension ,fists clenched ,the blow is no strongest blow ,and did not his strongest attack .
The dust falls away ,the bustling fall during, a white figure kneeling in the void ,though he tried to stand up ,but in vivo came bursts of debility or let him sweat ,eventually knocking PA ,his body to shake violently ,the body in a specific bone away ,no kneeling on the ground .
The foot to shiver violently ,sweat lost his eyes ,only the fundus of the expression is more bright .Do not kneel ,even die here can not kneel down .Sometimes the human willpower is really awesome, arguably no is not solidified yourself ,but in fact he is strong since prop up .
The dragon head holy ghost has disappeared ,his face pale ,stability to his body ,his palm toward beneath a suction ,countless true madness to his body to chung . Brother . Purple girl ,the girl in red be frightened and change color ,looking at the endless mind immediately fall .
No polarity along his eyes and looked ,is ready to answer, his pupil suddenly shrink ,a red light is from the void to the purple girl out ,below the upper hack to go . Little -- ah -- .
The former one is endless to say second words carefully ,but did not speak out ,because the light from the purple girl blood under the site directly to her into halves ,meat ,blood ,intestines are mixed together ,the floor ,also flow girl in red .
She was stunned ,he watched as the two halves of the two sisters ,immediately sent out a piercing shriek . Noisy . A cold sound, between heaven and earth temperature sudden drop in I do not know how many ,a pair of hands out if ,in be confound at the girl in red Lingtai .
The girl in red to wave in cycle of their body ,but a chill suddenly rises from her heart ,a layer of first Xuan Bing from her crown on emission ,and then to her face to emerge, finally climbed onto her body .
The girl dressed in white shirt, bare feet ,around big snow kept falling ,her face has emerged in a pale color ,the whole people like the snow fairy .But as long as her pair of blue eyes ,you can see her identity .
No matter who she is ,just know that she is a blue eye family is enough .The girl stood to leave ,bang bang girl in red by the ice crushing ,to numerous ice crystals ,and the girl is no longer a trace .
In that short moment of time, no electrode loss three plays since childhood to Shimei ,his heart to hate one can imagine .Is that a thunderous roar ,but listen in many Terran however in the heart of a hero to the decline of bleak sense .
Your love is dead ,you will go on ! Dragon a temporarily down body injury ,cold .He steps forward, the space around the uncoiled ,like a fan to automatically open the portal ,his hands gently pressure ,for electrodeless it is more like a huge mountain ,ugg australia boots,trismus bite him ,a hate almost can boil five Sanjiang sea .
The dragon ,today if I die, it will be personally kill you . All of this is based on the premise that today you can leave alive . Dragon a disdain for sound ,he witnessed too many such situations ,he also used too many people say ,but eventually they will all die unavenged ,and nobody really escape .
Eyes feel dead end ,no heart suddenly flooded the figure of a man, if Guo Ming were here, I die unavenged man is a dragon .After all, Guo Ming had advanced to the pinnacle of the realm .
The thought of Guo Ming ,no heart is 100 Chen miscellaneous .He first plundered their golden lotus ,then more is robbed his wife ,for he has his hate is as it should be, but it was very expect him to appear ,can save the tyrant day family around .
Unfortunately this is all hope that he will be killed ,UGG Mini Bailey Cheap,design house ,he be the human ancestors, all over the world have a few people really can command the he .Blue eye tribe invasion ,Terran forces have sent many doors in master ,but he holds the club is avoided ,who do not know what they are doing .
In the court for his Terran have made complaints ,but dare not speak out .Sigh ,a sigh came, no eyes will look finally attributed to flat silence ,it is more like a disguised form of despair ,a compromise .
In the other hand exposed to endless intellect that flash ,a strong crisis from the dragon heart emission ,rapidly throughout his all the limbs and bones .Want to also did not want to ,a rapid escape ,on his body just leap kilometers when a thunderstorm ,the sound of a thump sounded, a bright sword forcible tearing the sword of light ,with a domineering peerless power to deter the firmament ,radius of Wanli monk hands swords all faint shake ,it is more like a disguised surrender .
What is the law definitely? All swords repaired all changed colour .A term appeared in their minds .Ancient sword repair .Wearing a black sword young shattered emptiness, his hands holding a dark iron sword ,the moment of ,proudly stand in vain .
Two ancient carving in the office -- smiting .If Guo Ming were here, one will recognize this is his seeking a Buddism godness Guanyin willow when, last personally broken evil sect in the town treasure broken evil sword back .
But he also thought that vein in any case they even out such a talented of the disciples, has been on the Gu Jianxiu inheritance . The sword is not gone ?How again? Joke ,now world change ,even the ancient mythical appeared ,sword repaired a appearance has nothing ? There is an old saying on repairing hand sword a sword courage ,even the peak strength seriously injured in their sword .
... ... Who is it. The dragon was later road . Blue eyes family everybody has the right to punish . The cold opening to the youth ,the swords to void severely detonation ,hundreds of millions of tract Jianying overlap ,to a millstone ,directly to the sky all over ,numerous road boundless energy burst of unimaginable power .
And when the day become when, a thousand feet size column toward the dragon sword a body blow to heavily .The Dragon hearts over the thick one ,frantically running space law, a space constantly broken ,a blink of an eye through thousands of heavy space .
But when the sword column pressure came, he was a shaking ,his body is not in this space ,or is the bully energy to hurt their own the viscera .A large share of blood ejected, a fear of see the young one, opened the empty road to escape .
The young fundus erupted in two cold Jianwang ,deeply engraved in the dragon eye ,immediately aroused his body a thrill . This is called the dragon master list first name ?Ha ha ,just so so .
The young man laughed ,his movements are always simple ,the hands of the evil sword again broken out ,hundreds of millions of tract be made one day ,immediately aroused world turbulence ,that touch only almost to eternal .
This moment in time to stop ,the dragon body couldn trembling ,arguably, he should not so bad ,but in and non-polar war general strength decreased to the original three into .Of course, if the front and a mysterious young against it, your odds of no more than 50%, this man attack is too high .
When the second attack came, dragon is not the strength of dodge .On this occasion we be in grave ,a pair of hands again ,the cold woman face seemed eons of ice, bare feet ,hands empty tray, which overturned .
Blowing in the wind stopped ,everything is still .A piece scouring from rising from the ground ,a thick ice sword by girl caught in the hand, to flick the temporal void ,solidification feeling immediately disappeared ,numerous time seemed suddenly to combine together ,the huge space spanned by the sense of people too busy to attend to all .
Detonation of a sound ,the two sent shaking heaven and earth for the big bang, numerous blast blew everything ,frightening the diffuse everything ,all the monks retreat retreat again ,but still felt the near-death experience .
The cold, indifferent said : young sword repair situation . Snow God heritage Fu . Two people at the same time open ,and two eyes stared straight at each other, that is respect for the opponent, the next moment and wars .
Here good chaos ah ,but I like . A Ling cold voice suddenly came .The voice just fell ,a fourteen five year old boy wearing a dress ,wearing a purple crown ,wearing golden auspicious clouds boots ,careless take over .
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