you can also go to a trip we are not short of money

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 12:40

? Early morning wind, with the atmosphere of the nearby soil and grass, back and forth in the air loitering faint soft fragrance, constantly hitting your heart and lungs, sultry and warm. the city, do not know how much better. Han Yu gently the activities of the body, not the General Assembly of the martial arts, and his son and went out. Light rain, ah? very hurriedly. Han Yu eyes looked up and down at him, his face I can not see what Yinqing to: ? caught positive, do not say the stolen goods and was also content not his chest kaihe the casually deny the. He was a little embarrassed nodded: Its child only feel their heart plop plop jump. Others may be unclear, but the son thought next Sekimura, not in the whole of Tianshui City, I'm afraid are not in front of the person, the more crazy. Shrouded, it has become one of the gang of four major domestic, may even further. As shrouded chiefs, Han Yu can be said to hold the reins of countless people, of which, including its children. Moreover, he also knew, Murong snow in the beginning when the rain like Han. Just, Petals affectionate no intention of running water, the last before his. However, the problem now is that Chu Yen seems too large degree, even let the ink rain heart to tell her the two women to paternity Kazuo! Is the black want to take the opportunity to build on, Cher received as a small three Earmuffs UGG? No, afraid you somewhere shrouded boss nor. Murong snow is my wife! Its sub-sudden idea shocked, however, immediately he clenched his fists, shoved looked up: paused, because he saw Han Yu is looking at him smiling. In the eyes of his dismay, Han Yu could not help but laugh. He pointed to his son, proud face look. Its child suddenly wake up, feelings, Han Yugang is intentional fraud he does! has been turned and ran. After a few steps, but Esen could not help but laugh. For a time the two seemed to return to the past, the carefree the juvenile time played out in the village. Now able to do so with Han Yu laughing people are few. Its child looking back a chuckle: What is the time. Its child whispered: lively look at the day, Cher drunk, I drank too much sleepwalk ... reject its child. the its sub wall, philandering things, you also have to quit! Cher is my sister, even if you, if you do a thing sorry for her, I never Qingrao! the means, he said that being the case, that in the future if he really committed offenses, I'm afraid of small mutual affection, really can not hold him! However, he did not think, go do Temptress Moon acts. He has no small Ben three people, and he now expected value is secure, calm and happy living a happy and easy life. Its child nodded solemnly: ? Han Yu a cigarette from his pocket: Today, she can no longer take care of him, but also wanted to see someone take over her seat to really feel at ease to find their own happiness. Korean rain this is not clear, can guess something vaguely. You are a man, I have not seen you active too! Its sub-knead the nose, heart secretly whispered a sentence, however, these words he is not say exports. fill so a few days, you let the aunt to check the day of betrothal, marriage thing gave me fill you want to be lazy, can not the door! Cher's home over there, you can also go to a trip we are not short of money, her home over what the help should help one who is not good for her Tall Sparkles UGG Boot, after all, her relatives! not pity my sister! Han Yu to do so, would be tantamount to Murong snow admit his old Han people. Available immediately he frowns: not into it? brother-in-law on the brother-in-law, right, Uncle Brother, in the future, I may let you covered! After all, he is not the business of the time, with Han Yu hotshots around more and more, growing career, the two had made a small experience, may be able to keep him forever splendor, but, if he had a son it? Even Han Yu also take care of, can UGG Cayha, after all, non-relative, so, in the future, Han Yu has also been heirs, I'm afraid it is far less now. However, there is now Murong snow so a layer of relationship, the two, that is the real deal relatives. His children, with the children of Han Yu, it became cousins! Sub hearts is long out of breath. This can not blame him selfish, he just wanted to be too long-term a little bit! Chu old and there is no problem, however, he may be left to my parents stay along with you, play it by ear, help me fight to smooth things over. so was always hidden forever? people want to assassinate them? bullied by others, it was enough I bought a villa to them, so they live in a foreign country, do you think they will feel happy? we have the chance, I will arrange for them to get out and see, but I'm a gangster, hands stained with blood, murder countless things to hide it, has been Man Xiaqu! help Han Yu things, not without the knowledge of their parents? Honest a lifelong farmer, they have become accustomed to this kind of life, plain, ordinary, that is, the happiness of their hearts. Children and grandchildren, in peace, that is, their greatest expectations. Car to Piedmont Road, you do not take too much notice and I'll go and tidy up, wait a minute together with Cher in the past! Han raindrops nodded, twisting toward antecedents walked: its sub scoff a back room. Han Yu smiled, this cargo is really too proud ah, however, he seems not worse than him Well UGG Women's Sparkles Tall, Han rain gently sip a Minzui children North Face Targhee Sale, even the footsteps also look crisp up ... to see the first no advertisement please go to