huge arrows came from the hole

December 08 [Sat], 2012, 11:59

Ka Tata continued: , me and my brother, the two teamed up with the second turn the strength of the division of the land of the holy, it is estimated that only one and three rounds division of the land of the holy war, met four rpm or more, that we are not rivals Moreover, , or an opponent of Warcraft turn the gap between the division of the land of the holy earth turn holy teacher and six even as Saint division and Dasheng division pinnacle, while at the same time, the hearts of the sword dust faint concern up Wacker City do not know whether successfully blocked the Warcraft tide. Wacker City is not his home, let alone have any feelings, but the sword dust really do not want so a population of hundreds of thousands of the city by a group of Warcraft to the fall. WACKER City had already closed the gates, and who are on the road on their way to the caravan, early received Wacker the city encountered Warcraft tide things, so those caravan not far from the detour forward is the place to rest or go to a nearby city to repair trimmed, to wait Warcraft tide to the end and then continue on their way. Far away, thousands of dense more nor countless Warcraft marching the uniform pace slowly forward toward Wacker City, in addition to the heavy footsteps, not a Warcraft issued roar this strange scene looks as if she really is like a group of well-trained soldiers wildly. Road, the sudden roar of the beast, so that thousands of Warcraft body are shocked, eyes more exposed trace of fear is very rare look, then, almost the same time, all of Warcraft stopped the pace of progress at the moment They are from Wacker walled city only five kilometers distance. Watch stopped at five kilometers outside the dark mass of a large group of a variety of Warcraft Ka Tata slightly sigh breath,UGG Classic Short Boots, said: After too many times and we humans war, this distance, just outside the range of the magic crystal cannon, his magic crystal cannon range has been very understanding. Cartagena Non-around has never said a word, and said: us. never said that the second sentence. From afar, Wacker as if the walls of the city to put on a thick layer of armor wildly. Allende A fully by the countless pieces of one meter long steel plate, with thick chains are closely connected together, each piece of steel plate has a foot thick, this thickness can easily withstand the attack of the domestic third-order Warcraft . Looked hanging on the walls of a layer of a large steel plate armor, sword dust again Wacker walled city sturdy surprised so many meters long, half a foot thick steel plate to go down from the wall above the ramparts alone bear the weight is very scary, Wacker walled city even easily able to withstand such heavy objects, shows that Wacker city walls enough to be compared to an urban solid rumors really does not leave. When heard this sentence force Castellan, not help the standing sword dust around Ka Tata eyes of the exposed trace look of surprise, said: Warcraft Mountains near the city, really rich, Intermediate magic crystal cannon with a range up to 10 kilometers away, and powerful than the primary magic crystal cannon strong on many, can attack in front of those Warcraft the the wall immediately began a busy part of the soldiers, magic crystal cannon charge completely magic nucleus instead of magic through a special device, they will all nuclear energy inhalation magic crystal cannon, then in these shares one-time energy emitted. Tianyuan continent, magic crystal cannon is divided into three levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Primary magic crystal cannon general instead of a second-order magic nucleus, depending on the power of the fired shells, the magic number of cores used also vary, Intermediate magic crystal cannon empowerment FOURTH ORDER magic nucleus, As for the the advanced magic crystal cannon, it the fifth-order magic nuclear empowerment. The primary magic crystal cannon maximum range of three kilometers, the the advanced magic crystal cannon maximum range is eight kilometers magic crystal cannon range reach of terror over twenty kilometers. As the most powerful offensive and defensive weapons, the existence of magic crystal cannon will undoubtedly be welcomed by the size of the country throughout the the Tianyuan mainland on all, including junior and mid-level magic crystal cannon is relatively common, and any number of important cities have equipment, and senior magic the crystal cannon is very rare, generally only equipped in every country's border fortress, and the number is not, after all, with the fifth-order magic nuclear empowerment and expendable launchers alone this harsh requirements, it is not common The country can bear up, so, unless it is a last resort, otherwise no country dare to arbitrarily utilized advanced magic crystal cannon. Advanced magic crystal cannon fired a gun out, that means is a lot of money per. With Intermediate magic crystal cannon empowerment, an extremely large and violent energy from unstable position where magic crystal cannon came, the impression is that this energy as if at any time should explode, if not certain courage, I am afraid there is not close to being energized magic crystal cannon. In fact, the in Tianyuan continent, has also undergone a lot of magic crystal cannon energy out of control as well as the powerful explosion has exceeded the magic crystal cannon could bear things occur in the process of empowerment, however, the magic crystal cannon super attack force all countries would rather still have to spend it braved the risk. About a dozen time breathing, the intermediate magic crystal cannon empowerment finally finished with the force Santo gave an order, the device on the walls four magic crystal cannon simultaneously fired. final severely boom in several of Warcraft intensive eight kilometers. already minced meat to the bombing of the sky, away toward the flying everywhere. The power of the intermediate magic crystal cannon, can instantly make the third-order Warcraft into a stump even the fourth-order Warcraft intermediate magic crystal cannon bombardment also sustained heavy losses, has been directly hit, even if it is as strong as the fourth-order Warcraft the bombing will instantly into a pile of minced meat, I am afraid, only powerful fifth-order Warcraft ignore the the intermediate magic crystal cannon power. Four Intermediate magic crystal cannon four cannons fat, take away the life of a the bulls 30 third-order of Warcraft, which injured more. Sudden changes of Warcraft army suddenly rose up, a disturbing situ by stepping limbs, mouth uttered a deep growl from time to time. ear, like a thunder-like exploding. Road beast roar, a group of Warcraft also seems to received commands wildly, have issued a roar, fat foot toward Wacker city walls bolted past. Thousands of head of Warcraft fat foot bolted, caused great momentum, so a lot of people face the wall a little pale up, even if it is standing on top of the city walls, and can clearly feel the whole ground heard that kind of a slight concussion. Suddenly, I saw the walls of the corner at the sudden appearance of about a foot square hole becomes longer, the hole dense, at first sight, as many as several hundred. Shortly thereafter, a root has adult fist thickness, shining the pressing Hanmang huge arrows came from the hole, the tip of this arrows completely done by the hard steel casting, Yaatsume is also a hard sufficient to cast from comparable steel iron wood. Such as arrows each root are more than two meters long, the weight of a hundred kilos of terror, must with super crossbow to shoot out,UGGs Montclair Boots, can be easily ripped through the body of the third-order of Warcraft, even if met defense force strong Third Order of Warcraft, can give cause great harm. When thousands of Warcraft nearly Wacker three kilometers force Santo again ordered: .. With a bunch of dense and dull the sound of guns mounted on the walls of dozens of magic crystal cannon simultaneously launched, I saw a large energy corporations across the sky contains a strong energy fluctuations, fell the most densely Warcraft crashing exploding diffuse the smoke suddenly flooded the traces of a large Warcraft. After a few breaths,UGGs Boots Mini, the the primary magic crystal cannon again empowerment is completed, With a dull sound, saw a strong energy went to an explosion in the Warcraft group, then there are a few little body Warcraft bombed far to fly out, inclusion in which there is little blood, body parts as well as some of Warcraft minced meat. Sunglasses after the artillery bombardment after several rounds of this group of Warcraft distance Wacker walled city is also just 50 meters distance.
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