the simple two people communicate

March 16 [Sat], 2013, 10:26
There is such a thing, Mu Guoxing mood is very bad, he does not think, in his original work in Guangnan Province, since that is a very clear local officials, even dare to do.The way back to Mu Guoxing not to utter a single word, he was thinking, why this should happen, what is the official mind, or system problems.Dou Yangyi and Wu Xuelong mood worse,Air Jordan 2012 Sale, thought the old leadership down accompanied inspection, to be able to have a good result, but I didn't think it would be the case, the simple two people communicate, had accompanied the inspection of the Secretary of municipal Party committee of Bu Xi river near the mountain called to the provincial capital.No courtesy, sinus Yangyi come to Bu Xijiang to his face to a lecture: "the comrades, what is the matter with you, in your eyes that you did not perceive?This Pine County appears very seriously, whether other places also have the same problem,Jordan RCVR Sale?"Bu Xijiang frighten a also dare not say, he now in addition to admit mistakes, what can I say?Watch over the next two months to peace has receded, but did not expect such a big thing, really think.Secretary of the governor finished, and then approved a pass, if at the moment the underground crevice, Bu Xijiang really want to dive in head first, ears listening to the provincial Party Secretary and governor's criticism, heart also put Tao Dabao hates to the extreme.Easy to wait until the provincial Party Secretary and governor not angry, Nishi Jiangcai said: "the Secretary of municipal Party committee, governor, near the mountain city hall is the responsibility in this matter, we must seriously convey back the leader's instructions, immediately send an investigation team to investigate the deduction, students group of food subsidies, seriously deal with the relevant parties.""You don't give me in order to gloss it over here, on the road I've heard director told, Pine County deduction of students living subsidies, is to exceed the standard construction of county Party committee and county government building, heard you on this matter is supportive, what's done cannot be undone, you feel to is it right? Retired, no?I tell you, the party but whatever you retire, you go back and stop the Pine County Party Secretary and the county magistrate work immediately, the provincial Party committee will send an investigation group to investigate this matter in person.To you, I feel a bit uneasy now."These are the words of Dou Yangyi speak but enough serious, general secretary of the provincial Party committee, Secretary of the municipal Party committee or to leave three points of face, Dou Yangyi today is to deliver so big fire, is also being angry, originally wanted to borrow the number seven heads to inspect and give him the chance to leave a good impression, the future have the opportunity to go further,Air Jordan 6 Sale, I didn't think it would be like this.This is in official circles, since it was a threat to their career interests, or by the above criticism, officials are always looking for opportunities to take that tone of voice, Dou Yangyi today this practice is understandable.This is not to say that the small county Party Secretary and the county magistrate, is Bu Xijiang the near mountain city municipal Party committee secretary, if today is he making a big mistake, Dou Yangyi definitely will not hesitate to take his official hat, this is the absolute authority of leadership.The day before the departure of Guangnan Province in the evening, Mu Guoxing and Dou Yangyi and Wu Xuelong invited him to stay in Huajiang resort, here's Mu Guoxing and the two of them had an open up a fresh outlook."This time I come to Guangnan, the harvest is not small, stabilizing the situation in Southeast Asia, get rid of the cancer in Golden Triangle, on the one hand, the Guangnan provincial government has done a lot of work, but I still very satisfied."
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