wall and other world

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 10:48
What's up?What's up?Ah!"Finally found an opportunity to come on the sprites to pour at Lu Lin's bosom, in a crowded open blue Qi's arm, occupied in Lu Lin's arms.Blue Qi Er white little one eye, but looking at Lu Lin see.Lu Lin saw the attention of other people are attracted, he quietly said: "no, only vaguely remember something, strange, these two days I often think of some strange scenes, like a lot of people have been agreed."Lan Qier began to hear Lu Lin seems to remember her, happy I almost regardless of the image of the shouted, his victory, even if you do every day to accompany beside him, he first thought is not I?But months hear behind more wrong, especially when I hear Lu Lin agreement and a lot of people, hands clenched, he gave Lu Lin a fist, then angry away."How is she?Not so much strength?"Lu Lin Wu said with her eyes.The fairy smiled, then toot said: "brother you don't be afraid, I often dream, dream about some strange things, but then I will know you, ignore them, brother, tomorrow we go shopping, I saw a beautiful......."... this time Lu Lin they no longer is the usual slouch, not only adequate preparation, the ranks of the people are a variety of BUFF increases to the peak, because then they will have to face, is the ultimate BOSS peaceful pool underground city, the official information given only a short sentence "beauty and wisdom of terror!".With Lu Lin carefully down the last piece of stone, the whole transfer matrix at the eruption of the mysterious light, in all the lines are sliding ring, the entire space began shaking violently, transmission light more and more light, when the strong light makes people not when I opened my eyes, I feel a dizzy. To.Sloshing soon stopped, when the transmission light becomes weak, transfer matrix had no Lu Lin they figure."Pa!"Four stone suddenly the same time fragmentation, quickly into powder disappear in the air, transmission and return to the original incomplete."Thud!"A series of water sound, visual their Lu Lin returned to see, they came to a place all the water in the world.The clear water slowly flows, transparent water, can also see a piece composed of mysterious patterned ground, underground two layer of water is not deep, only up to Lu Lin's stomach, but in addition to stretch as far as eye can see the water, only the mysterious pattern on the ground.Peaceful pool underground two layer how Lu Lin he do not know, because even small, all shook his head no end."Be careful, you don't spread, but here the domain of BOSS, the danger of what is likely to happen."Lu Lin in the team cautions.Because do not know the direction,Men's Air Max ACG Sale, Lu Lin had to head towards a direction of travel, do not know how long, when a huge wall appeared in the front of the line, Lu Lin they found that he had to swim to the edge, because from the walls of the bottom can be seen in other space.As Lu Lin want to dive back, but found an invisible energy barrier in front of him, watched the countdown will disappear, Lu Lin had surfaced."Strange."Look around at the walls, sprites.Peaceful pool underground city two layer as a four four square square space, is too great, and the four walls of suspended in the water, wall and other world.Lu Lin they almost like a caged bird, but strange more than this, after a little advice, Lu Lin they soon found the walls are engraved on a huge pattern.Lu Lin looked up at the wall in front of a half-day, eyes turn suddenly said: "you say, this is like a dragon?You see, the moment is a volcano, a dragon is roaring in the volcano pictures?"Soon,nike air max sale uk, pan Lu Lin they put the other three walls are one one identification, found the walls are carved with a monster, and make Lu Lin's surprise, to see a familiar figure he was still on the side walls of which.It was a pair of carved a huge monster surfaced scenarios, and the monster's back, there is a beautiful coral bed, in coral bed clearly engraved with a lazy perfect figure,Canada Goose Women Tremblant Full Zip Hoody.Lu Lin think, these pictures must have some kind of meaning, but they can't understand the meaning.
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