called cold gifted her a Best New Artist winner of last year's

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In this article into 103 chapters of God, if you like into a God 103 chapters to 103 chapters collection into God! Zhang Jialiang said: 80 after the woman left, six days to get handsome boyfriend, feelings weave, read the final fruition of the whole party. these days down, I contacted several screenwriter, whether the mainland or Taiwan or Hong Kong have, which we Mainland screenplay written by a screenwriter, I think is more suitable. biased, after all, something too real audience already know, shoot as history, the audience would not be too interested in this script not described Xiang Yu told Liu Bang but Liu Bang Shoudexia, off a nameless soldier becomes the hero of the story. actor? Zhang Yimou? it really is a great director, you arrange these things can be, do not ask me. actor aspects? Male and female are you going to Whom? image of Donnie Yen, several plays As for the female lead, I intend to find us the Mainland a new actor, called cold gifted her a Best New Artist winner of last year's Golden Rooster Award, just I got a message, Cold excellent Yanjing came yesterday, so I in the name of our company seemingly very happy to look her here tonight meet and talk about the things we are looking for her to star in the female lead with her economic, her economic man, also said that tonight will be the scene. the child wind thought for a moment those movie things he does not understand, said: , regardless of her or her economic requested by you decide, do not ask my opinion, I'm just a bystander. Zhang Jialiang natural Ming Bai Chuzai wind do not want to expose the identity, said: I know how to do the door of the box, this time the waiter pushed off, I saw one wearing a casual less * women, with one wearing a white skirt, wearing a pair of sunglasses and girls go from the outside in. This little * women is very common Men North Face Boots Cheap, nothing to see, it touches maiden on single-take her wearing glasses, others look to know that she is a star, led them in. The waiter saw the girl glances are more but because of the working relationship, the waiter is not a lot to ask. Miss * women behind other book club watching: the Feng Qing Wen poems originally, things like this did not need to Zhang Jialiang to the president to run for, after all this is the first plan dynasty Group to enter the film and television industry UGGs Twisted Cable Cheap, Zhang Jialiang do not want to any accidents occur, and even more do not want to let Chu wind felt useless, so he personally met with the cold excellent. Cold better economic face of Zhang Jialiang very polite, said: the most important word, If I do not come and dwell with Miss Ma Miss with cold, it was the company did not mind the movie out. domestic strength, we are assured Otherwise, our small excellent not promised to come. plan it UGGs Plumdale. , nature are Zhang Jialiang men. Chu wind heart laughing, this cold excellent also quite like a man within items, evidently she just timid., so first some of their own problems to make it clear. Zhang Jialiang said: What are the requirements to mention Miss itself is to know your own strength, starred in the female lead for me there is a lot of pressure, so I hope that in the process of shooting UGG Australia Adirondack Tall, the economic has been with me, pretty novel: While the young flower the latest chapter. just a little guy becomes a big hero of the movie, so most still in the war. to temporarily set down. Zhang Jialiang very clever watched a Chu wind, originally Chu wind on this cold excellent not satisfied, because she's too timid, it is difficult to perform the kind of atmosphere role. However, when Chu wind listening to the requirements of the Cold excellent change attention. In the eyes of the world, the entertainment is never clean place since Pornographic incident a few years ago, after the people of this mentality is even more intense, the most body female artist in the entertainment industry, in order to climb are can sacrifice everything, this cold excellent since dare Zhang Jialiang make such a request, we see that she is not like other female artist, otherwise, she was a newcomer will be able to star in the female lead artist of many teenage girls dream think about things Yeah, how could this not the signing raised boss unhappy requirements. Chu wind nodded slightly, at the moment, Hung Yi also has a contract taken out, and handed over to Zhang Jialiang. Miss , so the cold excellent bit surprised, and asked: investment in the first movie in the paycheck naturally higher than other investment twice, not just you UGGs Boots Bailey Bomber, is the same treatment as other actors with the guide member, all staff, thirty of my life three girls all-read. point, who would not trust them. Can be When Cold excellent contract, suddenly, the door of the box to push off, but now the first to come in but not a waiter Women North Face Apex Bionic, but the two young men, age less than 30. Small excellent, that you are here, causing me good Zhaoya. Yeah, Chu sub wind recognize this person, no, it should be said that met her last Xiao Jing blind. However, the Shen son is not the people of Shanghai, with Xiao Jing blind for so many days later, he is still how Yanjing? our company may make a big loss. Shen son, at least with these people bullshit you put people away, I'll deal with the rest of the things youth come together with Chen Lang is very arrogant, long is also a Qianbian the look. Hung Yi This Xiadi a forward, pointing duo Shen Lang said: East to help leading boss act here, you actually dare to rob people, killed not ye find law. , otherwise, the son you never disappear from Yanjing, big tone kid, you know you're talking to it? people do, but so what, son home Qinglian, but the largest entertainment companies in East China, you actually dare he get people dare to speak with the son so today, take a look at Yanjing in the end who is the site. you, now I officially tell you, which we signed a contract with Dynasty Group, if you have any comments, go against us on behalf of the small advantages. , you can ignore the existence of I Ching Lin I tell you today about, you can not signed right now with my back to Shanghai, or peril. , to find someone to repair them but was Zhang Jialiang to stop living, but now talking about the regular business, if you move out to the underworld, not directly to the cold superior to frighten you. Zhang Jialiang speak can not wait, sitting on the sand Chu wind laughed: The sidelined copies. Chen Lang and his friends look to this teenager to speak, Chen Lang's face suddenly became pale and said: Beijing is very dangerous, if you dare to forcibly grab people, this face, but will than the last throw of the greater. !

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