carve on gunwale of a moving

March 18 [Mon], 2013, 18:04
Boss also remains 55% HP, third palm Emei fall.The same time, a figure in the fire dance crazy Sha under cover, once again rushed to the Boss around the field, dark orange s è light in the air to draw a long light, Boss all over the body with his repeated attacks, but also the creak, palm Emei quickly seize the time to restore the blood, blood, fill complement the blue, skills cooling cooling.However, zero body hidden mark, also not be cleared away!The whole people tremble with fear in one's boots looked at, may be down at him.This time not come too late, after just three seconds, Boss ignored vision occlusion, a carve on gunwale of a moving boat toward zero point one, decisively pull him down."3.5 seconds the hatred from the Sword Wudang hand away" terrified regiment."The estimate is all with state damage, key, knockdown of what."In order to zero pitifully low damage, want hard to grab the hatred is impossible, only by the enraged Boss effect."Well, however, how the ship down" scene, the joke is not generally cold zero figure has disappeared in the air, the water of time, his whole person was in a state of stealth.However, the Boss does not work,Nike Kobe 6 Outlet, the water immediately rushed up the five column, is unexpectedly to zero is surrounded by."The AI is sick",Oakley Frogskins Sale; "Boss this is the stark open graph!"Replicas of barracks Boss again released his most powerful skills shameless, facing zero stealth, a water column connected to a water column strongly chasing hard.Zero fast take-off, fly press again, straight up, not from any angle, from the Boss chase range shore Sword Wudang still output constantly, these few minutes they no one was dragged into the water, high output efficiency is not tiny but adventitious quantity.Soon, Boss blood pressure to 50%, it was a hand!The water column stopped spraying sh è, shore also nobody was dragged into the water.Near the channel immediately brush cheers."Too!We survive!!"All the flowers, all kinds of tears, row after row was played out.Admiralty Shaolin rushed up to pull the Boss, all output also regardless of what hate is not hatred, side to side power output while the Boss formation, and half of the blood did not play, but after a storm so much, what can stop them?The whole momentum rainbow, hate not immediately put this wreck a paw to crush!After 40%, 30%, 20% formation to adjust back, the whole team like crazy to vent out hand speed, various skills switch smoothly and very, like opened a gene lock, output such as rivers breaching of the dike pour out, like the roaring waves treatment without stop Admiralty Shaolin has been called slowly, they stared at the threat list, with staring at the alien like a face of panic.Half an hour passed Boss last 10% HP, it no longer fight mean on the ground, a bow, turned out to be think over, to escape into the water.Zero soon break out near the channel: "Admiralty Shaolin nearby stations, it stuck, can not let it fought for so long.", the last 10% of the blood, the total can't just take the Boss to give up?If you don't put it stopped at the shore, it would need the team launching fight fight, is not willing to see the situation!Admiralty Shaolin is not in place, I heard a thud, a crack to collapse, timely block in the waterfront where the handover."" Chen Bin suddenly look back, look to the blue and white."I didn't say, he does."Blue and white understand Chen Bin mean,Jordan RCVR Sale, then, he in the vicinity of the channel, "well done!Is this position, 2 teams, 4 teams two stick ", keep up with the" avalanche "cleft stick, is changing terrain skills.Hit out in the gully, who would go, even if the Boss is stopped by the gully, also won't go.The first crack and collapse, is a stick head, called the absurd.Have to say the crack landslide, too is time, so is the place!Boss just went to the water, the students absurd, decisively towards a boulder oblique, a crack landslide put out, just stop the Boss sewer line.This is not a general Boss!Then a huge body, how is a gully can stop?
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