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Ma Ying-jeou that screams as lots cut, immediately outside the wing the shading tip provoke, Ma Ying-jeou and quickly untied the back of the baggage, the inside is engraved with the the Jingzhou words of weapons, scattered on the ground, and then at the window jump several climb has fled to another house, look for a neutral, Sun Jian and Chen Wu two head buried up, and then use the Magic of the military card, disguised as the Sun Jian Ministry will carrying weapons Add to round up the team of assassins. face grief wWW, QUANben, cOM Sun Ce's looking at the head of its parent body, and then looked at the blood of weapons all over the floor covered with its parent, the sky and Li Xiao: Lu Su, Zhuge Jin et al looked at each other, that the the Ministry will Pseudopleuronectes Zu-mao, Niu Jing Wu Governance waving weapons shouted to the main public revenge, two sons of the right to Sun Jian, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang, the nv Shangxiang, This is also his father expedition, watched his father, decapitated, the grief yù never cried down to the ground. Ma Ying-jeou look sad mood was called into the wing, in order to make their own plans to further improve, Ma Ying-jeou need Sonsaku firmly believe that the assassination of Jingzhou, Liu Biao; However, to achieve this, Ma Ying-jeou must masquerade as the Ministry had witnessed the assassination of the process will be, so that it can be when facing Sun Ce tell assassinate the whole process. If there is no follow-up to this hand as capable, Sun Ce's policy makers and the Ministry will discuss not send someone to assassinate Sun Jian Liu Biao; stands to reason that no conflict between Sun Jian with Liu Biao, Liu Biao Why send someone to assassinate Sun Jian? This is a very difficult plausible leakage Ma Ying-jeou must be dressed witnessed the assassination of the process of the Guards. General Chen Wu heads cut off, a total of ten dressed my sergeant assassin. stranger asked a few points, Zhou Yu also asked no more questions, then stood side continue to observe; Lu Su and other policy makers are one by one stepped forward to ask for more details, Ma Ying-jeou has long been to lay the idea as answer up natural is impermeable to water. Magic of the military card is not fabricated an identity, but disguised as indeed the identity of the person like Ma Ying-jeou at this time the role of the Sun Jian Ministry will do its, but certainly not in the vicinity, and usually not so concerned; Therefore, policy makers have asked Ma Ying-jeou's identity and check, you can not find the drain and the so-called Liu Biao yù take the Huben, not know why, Sun Ce naturally know, Zhou Yu also know that, in fact Huben relationship with Sun whether based in Yangzhou and add important objects of world hegemony game. Ma Ying-jeou will know this thing, of course, not learned from Liu Biao, but learned from Huangjin navy chief commander Lu Meng; the Huangjin naval rise touched Jiangdong Navy's interests, the two sides played several games at sea defeat and ended in World War II, and ultimately to Jiangdong Navy,UGG Women's Lo Pro Denim, from the Han waters on the whole world Huangjin Navy. For and the Yellow Turbans navy to seize command of the sea, the Sun Jian under the system shipyard developed a new instrument, called After the success of necessary equipment to the on Jiangdong warships. Not long ago, you used to surprise a secret shipyard in Yangzhou, that shipyard happen to being installed The provoke war between Yangzhou Jingzhou, Huben cannon confidential naturally need them. Jingzhou and Yangzhou adjacent two states belong to the states over the water network, and has the sea, Jiangdong navy powerful the Jingzhou navy has been suppressed, the Jingzhou navy has been thought to wins system Jiangdong navy, sent to assassinate Sun Jian steal the Huben confidential matter naturally can reason through. Strange ah strange, all Jiangdong counselors think them strange, but strange, where they further observed that does not come out, ultimately helpless to comply with the request of Yangzhou, animal husbandry and successor Sun Ce, wrote an eloquent call to arms of thousands of words dozens of counts to enumerate Jingzhou, Liu Biao, boils down to Yangzhou Sun Ce Yizhou Liu Biao declared war. Liu Biao since one is lying also counts in the gun Throughout Yangzhou listed, Liu Biao think that he is also not a violation of these Jiangdong Manzi actually forged evidence against slander him; Liu Biao fact, Yangzhou or fear, because natural Koto naval presence once Jiangdong navy breakthrough the Jingzhou Navy defense, you can suppression and combating of Jingzhou river city, also the sea blockade Jingzhou, so Jingzhou economic, or logistical Transportation will suffer a blow. At this time, Liu Biao duties miss the Yellow Turbans navy, but unfortunately the Yangzhou seems also know Jingzhou to help the Yellow Turbans, sent a declaration of war some time ago, Zhou Yu to lobby the good and Ma Ying-jeou jiāo love; Zhou Yu did not encounter pony brother, but with the Yellow Turbans counselors play Chi chatted a lot. Play Zhicai agree with the water war between the two states of the Yellow Turbans Navy of noninterference Jing Yang, but will have to Yangzhou admit the Yellow Turbans attack Secretary State's legitimate otherwise the Huangjin will seek the support of Jingzhou; Yangzhou certainly will not bother about the life and death of the emperor,Sundance II UGG Boot, the Yellow Turbans that agrees not to interfere, Yangzhou naturally also agree the Huangjin attacks Division State legal. To get rid of the attitude of Yuzhou, and the state, Yangzhou and Jingzhou, Ma Ying-jeou will shift the focus of Yizhou Liangzhou the Yizhou can invade native,Wedding Collection UGG Boot, can be regarded as the principal enemy of Liangzhou; just Yizhou internal bifurcation which Liu Bei the guy relying Huang Shu's identity, coupled with virtue and the performance, actually won the support of most of the generals in Yizhou, Liu Zhang's Reign throne at stake. Yi-gun is the capital of Yizhou, this time Yizhou city bustling with Yellow Turban forces jiāo war again and again, but the war situation and not the infinite expansion of the the Yizhou local economy has not been a big loss; Yizhou city full of Bashu style Ma Ying-jeou the street between business passengers clouds using military card to change the identity of the Magic of mixed blinking eyes looking at such a busy street in which hearts sigh Liu Zhang management this guy is really good. Liangzhou rarely see such a lively, the Liangzhou the economy is in fact not very powerful, but also been the effects of drought, but for the rear area of ​​Liaodong Liangzhou certainly hungry corpse corpses again and again; Jia Xu is not an economic players, Pang Tong same is not the only drama Zhicai This guy is a military and political players, which is as capable as trick Zhi-Cai transferred to liangzhou's intentions. Liangzhou economy can not always rely on the the Liaodong assistance, must be self-developed, otherwise it will slow down the momentum of the Yellow Turban development; Fearless Army, the white wave Army and Xiliang cavalry have not been able to military expansion, keeping 50,000 troops per military reason is Liangzhou The economy can not afford it, and the attack on the State Secretary halfway retreat, world various princes attitude unknown reasons, Liangzhou by the disaster, unable to support loudly larger war,UGG Women's Patent Paisley. Has been, Ma Ying-jeou have not to pay attention to the economic aspects of things, because nature is out, he often run late when Liangzhou actually have not made a drop of rain, the counties have reported, Ma Ying-jeou to know to do a lord, military to pay attention to people's livelihood, but also concerned about the same. However, Ma Ying-jeou is wholeheartedly engage Huang Liu Bei to Shu, Liangzhou affected by the drought of the things, can only temporarily jiāo to play Chi before they go to solve; want to solve the drought problem, in this day and age can only pray for rain The festival, Ma Ying-jeou of course, did not dare to play God stick, otherwise the name of the first since a Fearless ruined. A five-story building near the town hall of Yizhou City, is the so-called Liu Xuande occupancy lively duties. Yizhou Total Hanzhong, Berkshire, Guanghan, Shujun, bullock ewe river in Vietnam Juan, Yizhou, Yongchang, Guanghan vassal, Shujun vassal, Qianwei vassal state, called the nine county three countries; those vassal state are not civilized minority ethnic neighborhood, the of Yizhou most developed Yi-gun, Hanzhong County, Berkshire, Shujun and Guanghan County, Yi-gun that later Chengdu County. Ma Ying-jeou conspire understanding, which makes the method is Ma Ying-jeou has been watching, and, behold, Ma Ying-jeou very tense, fear of law is seen through, and quickly find the opportunity to slip into the lively crowd could not help staring. Magic of the military card several times, Ma Ying-jeou has been to understand this military card, turned into the enemy's Ministry must be kind to participate in higher meeting but inconspicuous generals; Therefore, Ma Ying-jeou very stately walked Yizhou City Reign the Fu Wai request see Liu Zhang Liu Yizhou. mén room inside did not take long, came out cited Ma Ying-jeou is into the mok House, Ma Ying-jeou to be just crossed the one to see is home to take the central chair Liu Zhang, immediately burst out crying, Daoba Liu Zhang cry somehow; Liu Zhang Ma Ying-jeou came forward yù propped forget Ma Ying-jeou What is your name, move the mouth before speaking, you hear Ma Ying-jeou crying edge howl edge,, the cry of the content, so the the Liu Zhang face sè constantly changing. hand over those given to Liu Bei, my lord, and the old lord of the past several decades, on such Fuzhiliushui, wow ooo, ooo. Ma Ying-jeou up on a chair and sat down, at the same time, Liu Zhang finally remember this crying mess in front of the Ministry will be called what. [..] .. <

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